You Can’t Spend Less & Get Better: Canik SFX TP9 [Full Update]


Definitely one of the best combat pistol series for the money, the Canik TP9 has only got better over time. In this TNP review-all video, we consider the TP9 SA, TP9SF Elite, TP9 SF, and competition ready TNP9 SFX. In lots of shooting, the TP9s have all proven to be reliable, accurate, fun to shoot, lightweight, ergonomic, durable, and good looking. It is my top recommendation for those looking to save a few bucks and give NOTHING up.

Nutnfancy Likability Scale for all TP9s: 5 out of 5

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I’m gonna start this update off with a Mini rant you ready Lot of team peers love when I do this Because they feel the same way if you Don’t want to hear it I’ll give you a Thumbs up meaning we’re starting to talk About the guns on the table ready why Are so many guys always bitching on line They’re always complaining and I’m Talking about gun guys right now that Nothing satisfies them they’ll find this Fault with a gun this fault with a Company this fault with a price ba bla Bla bla bla they hate it a lot of Negativity out there under under my Videos in the comments section basically Everywhere on the internet you’ll find It gun guys I call them sog DS new term by the way Sedentary online gun debaters sedentary Online gun debaters most of them don’t Get out to shoot that much if at all but They will rant they’ll get in fights With people in forums and comments Section they’ll tell them how stupid They are for liking a gun that they Don’t like for their own weird Preferences usually oh my gosh makes me Want to move up to Alaska I’m Jack from The internet and be done with it yeah Here’s why I feel that way no I’m not Done with a rant yet no thumbs up yet Because we live in an amazing era for Combat handguns the prices are lower

Than they’ve ever been the models are More expansive and more awesome than They’ve ever been Dang-son if you can’t be happy now What’s your prob Seriously almost all the combat worthy Handguns that I bring to the table are Really really good they might have some Quirks here and there but as a reviewer I take the whole picture into Consideration just like with this series There’s a couple quirks here and there Every guns that way but no they’ll get Hung up on this little little little Thing and then go out and convince the World to anybody choose it you’re an Idiot And on go the online Oh my gosh what guy spend their time on I don’t get it I wish I could take him back to that Gravel pit in Virginia 1975 when creed Walton and I were shooting what was then A very exciting Smith & Wesson Model 59 Double stack 9mm one of the first wonder Nines and so as we shot it we were Related even though it jammed about Every fifth round and it was like that Way up to the 80s until the m9 the Tauruses and thus it came along a 2k p7 M13 and then things started improving And then it just accelerated until we Are where we are today So many that got so many great guys rant

Complete look for the thumb there you go Okay like these guns the canik tp9 Series for the money You pay for them oh dude they’re off the Chart values and they are GTW worthy I Don’t know what that means you need to Watch more of my videos I’ve been Talking about it for 10 years They’re awesome time to do an update That’s how awesome they are we go meet Guys they go hey man only got this much Money what gun you recommend I was like Do you watch the channel do you get my Playlist I have that playlist yeah kinda What do you really think I’m like what I Really think is what I say in the video I know I’ll have two opinions I don’t poke the guy’s actually say well What you know what do you really think I Like you kidding me like what do you Think the whole channels built on Integrity honesty data and my own Preferences that’s what you could watch My video bro what I tell them go by Canik tp9 dude 350 321 it’s on sale at Gunnies the great American gun store Link below yeah dudes a gun ease has Sales on canik tp9 SF’s this one right Here I think for 320 I just tweeted his Flyer subscribe to my Twitter page by The way because that’s why I mean dude For 320 I love Glocks you know I’m a big Glock guy but you know 5 550 maybe Higher for a g34 this is a 3rd gen

Coated by myself yeah dude can exert and I’ve got four for this update I think I Did pretty good grabbing them TP 9sf tp9 Sa t p9 s FX competition ready that will Anchor this update review by the way Because we haven’t really looked at that One I don’t have a TP 9 SF elite compact But I can roll in some photos or Something from Kanaks website then we’ve Got the old school slide marked Kanak 55 TP 9 original not the v2 I don’t think This would be – and I did retrofit the Rear sight and this is what I did my Original review on in May 2014 yes still In our system not getting rid of it love It it’s kind of cool now with a Kanak 55 Collectible perhaps on the table cool Stickers I could do this all day I could rant all day actually ok shark Stickers I don’t know if we have that Anymore the wash for the reviewed is a Lad solar atomic all my gosh is this a Cool watch for the money look at that Face so I don’t know if you heard me Solar atomic it’s like 99 bucks forget I Bought an Amazon you’ll see the link I’ll do a review separately tp9 though 2017 they are made still – ISO 9001 Quality standards it shows it shows in Every aspect when you look at the gun How the finish is applied how they’re Put together the fit and finish and more Importantly how they shoot and how they Last how they last you know have there

Been failures of canik tp9 probably There’s failures of everything but by Large you’ll find that most guys are Extremely happy with errors extremely Happy it’s basically a Walther p99 dude And comment the other day says hey You’re going to review the Walther p99 I Think tasks will do it myself and I was Like yeah I’ll get around to it but you Have seen my tp9 series right this is Like the third or fourth video I’ve done On the series its basically a p99 Basically slight differences but Basically a p99 Which i think is a great gun as is the Walther PPQ both standard and in this Case long slide this one Sarah coated And Patriot brown super sick we may Bounce that one here and we talked about Magazines love these guns and I wish I Did have a TP 9sf but what else not a Big deal features I’m gonna start off With the fsx competition-ready and this Is sarah coded the slide portion and Tungsten gray what do you think it’s Pretty cool right I’m gonna say it now the price for this Competition ready gun with all the Accessories I’m gonna go over right now Is five hundred dollars give or take It’s pretty close for a competition Ready so compare that against what you Would have to do to go out and customize A gun to this level the stuff we’ll talk

About I think it’s a wild deal wild man Ventilated slide at the top that’s the Light mass so it can cycle reliably with The not under power but not over powered Either 9mm Glock 34 does the same way They just have a big old slot cut out at The top heads up you can actually jam to G34 get rocks in there did it in the Sledge hammer drill drop this have a Little rock there gun jams just be aware I’m sure the tp9 fsx would be the same Way anything that’s open you get some Debris just enough pebbles to get in There to stop stop the cycling it’d be Rare but if you’re gonna put this into a Serious ggwp oh you the advice the Advice serrations on the top of the SFX To minimize glare remember the pou on This the intent of the SFX is Competition I also think it would make a Great tactical team pistol because has a Longer barrel 5.2 inches and that gives It a little bit more velocity a little Bit longer sight radius I love it let’s Compare it against the g34 shell way Since it’s here about the same a little Bit longer sight radius a little bit Longer barrel anything SFX oh my gosh what a great gun great Sights on this worn with a fiber optic Insert you can change the colors on the Front has a whole site pack in the case I’m going to show you the case as we get On to would I buy it and all the

Accessories that come with it but the Worn sights are excellent they’re black Max standout is the intent of the front Sight blade that canik tp9 SF also has a Warrant but these are white subtle you Know white front same rear sight blade Just full for windage not elevation now You could say well as a competition Pistol you know that should be Adjustable here but they do I think they Have different height sights for the Front so you can still zero your SFX Pretty well for whatever power load that You might be competing with one of the Criticisms I had not this one but the Original Kanak 55 is the rear sight then Very Walther p99 ish but I thought it Was pretty much garbage it kind of fell Out of its dovetail eventually it went Adjusts and so I just bought this Aftermarket pair slapped it on I think These are met p99 sights and I like them A lot and notice they change the front Sight so it was pin in this original tp9 Version now it’s dovetailed that one’s Penitent here’s a dovetail right there Again we’re seeing product improvement Along the way and it’s kind of an Interesting history we’re looking at Because this had a pretty stiff trigger And that let’s talk about that now it’s Kind of a double action only trigger I Criticized it then I was like well That’s not great it’s you know it’s not

A double action only but it was stiff You know and I criticized rear sight but Not in all other respects it was good Hey what do you know the big picture There it is again just what I said in my Rant look at the big picture doesn’t Have quirks yeah has quirks but overall All the things I said about in 2014 That’s a pretty good deal it’s so good That I’m never going to get rid of it What would I do get 200 bucks out of it Keep it not worth getting rid of it’s Awesome and some guys got super excited Speaking of online unhappiness always About the D talking Talking at the top of the slide on the Original and on the SA here we go They’re like oh my gosh I would never Trust my life to a gun that has this on The top rocks dude I just don’t think It’s a problem and I’ve shot this a lot It’s never been a problem yeah but you Can you might swap and accidentally Decock it no it’s not gonna happen You’re not gonna find any real person That’s actually done that look out how Much you have to depress the tp9 sa and The original top button to D [ __ ] it That’s pretty deep I don’t care if it’s Up it’s not open to debris so you debris Isn’t coming in there Wide it can’t have put that on I don’t Know no it’s just different whatever I I Don’t have a problem with it at all

I love the TP 9sf by the way again he Did that in field test on this and we Love the trigger let’s put this one and I’m gonna show you the sfx trigger on This total line update so we’re Considering a lot of things with a Kanak Line this will kind of be a reference Video to send people to if they’re Thinking about the gun Watch my update video because i’m Covering pretty much up to this point Most versions just a SF elite we don’t Have five seven on the SF it feels even Lighter this one is amazing the TP 9sf Figitus and again we have a very Glock Looking presentation trigger blade on The front a little bit of serrations Going on larger trigger guard and all The SS then a Glock I like that hey Glock I think I love you guys but damn Do an update already I mean the Competition’s fierce just make some Changes enlarge the trigger guard change It do some things that these guys have Done like an interchangeable height Magazine a release we’ll look at that in A second I know that Glock 17 M is Coming out it doesn’t look that Different to me yeah I don’t know mini Rant also included free of charge Oh yeah the trigger on the TP 9sf that’s Funny too cuz god guys think that I’m Such a homer for Glocks did I’ll Criticize anybody to improve the product

Overall I’ll look at the big picture 4:13 on that one and if the big picture All the parts add up totally recommended Glocks are that way Clocks aren’t perfect either they got Some weird things but overall they’re Awesome Just like the tp9 let’s see if I get a Better pool there we go four five Interestingly the canik tp9 SF this Really cool brown coated this is Seracote it pulls very nicely we were Shooting me back to back Giardina myself Out in the desert so we’d shoot that Self we shoot the SFX I said I was like I love that FS SFX trigger but dang I’m Happy with SF look at that 412 with no Trickery I mean that’s dudes a trigger On these guns even not the original 55 Not so much but these three I mean They’re on par almost on par with a Walther PPQ I think the Walther pp truth Q is one of my all-time favorite Triggers just hands down the vp9 is very Similar for a polymer pistol like They’re just superb features on the SFX Going back to this one since this is the Starchild big external extractor Serrations front and aft on that one not Present on the SF the SAR the original So if you like using them you can I Never do All of them have standard 1913 picatinny Rails I have a tlr3 on this one and I

Have my very preferred and recommended Tlr-1 hl1 actually had it on this one I Think and I took it off but anyways the Links below I just buy these in Amazon This is kind of my go-to pistol weapon Light naturally CQB tactical carbine Weapon light as well this sucker right Here and it’s in a fde of sorts super Freaking bright tough-as-nails and it’s Light very light I still love the Streamlight tlr-2 three there they’re Excellent as well they’re cost-effective Huh mini light review in there but it’ll Fit right here and the nice thing about This 5.2 inch barrel it’s a long slide Presentation more velocities longer Slots light radius slight sight radius And then also our light is not Protruding beyond the barrel like this One So what I’ll have is carbon buildup here Over time so you shoot like up on around So you’ll have to scrape your lens off If you still want max brightness a Criticism I would perhaps level it Representing my lefties in the audience Is that I don’t know if it’s the best Ambidextrous gun that canik tp9 s oh Whatever pick it because we don’t have a Slide release on this slide we can Reverse the magazine catch this side There you go so just be advised you know If that’s a big deal to you it might be A showstopper if you’re a lefty now

Jardine’s a lefty he shot it and he Loved it he adapts to him though he does I don’t hear him complaining he’s like Yeah that’s cool I’ll love it very cool Very Walther ish slide milling and what I’m saying so is a P P Q I mean so it’s Just tapered it’s not blocky like a Glock it’s just really nice by the way Notice that P P Q on the top also has That slide serrations sometime this lacs Actually a loaded chamber indicator Because you have an optics ready Platform here and you have different Place to fit different sights right here Let me say this super quick I don’t Really use optics all my pistols because I’m not competing but some guys do Because they are competing and they Practice with it they get their muscle Memory down their presentations down it Makes a lot of sense for me carrying it In a holster with a red dot sight I just Haven’t done it I mean I’ve done it but I just don’t like it because I can get On the irons a lot quicker it’s more Simple I’m not relying on a battery and There you go I don’t do it but I get it If guys do I say that because I think There’s a trend nowadays with optics Ready pistols guys like oh I got to put A red dot on it for concealed carry no You don’t for dinking around range okay It’s cool for competing okay cool go to War no I wouldn’t do it that’s just me

It’s me and because you have an optics Plate here you don’t have room for this Loaded chamber indicator so we have Around in this will stick up a little Bit it’ll be visual and tactile and also We’ll have a little slot cut in the top Hood of the barrel see that so we’ll Accept this and then the SFX It’s gonna be solid because it’s lacking Right here see it’s solid OOP does that Mean that the barrel is less strong no What’s that take off oh my gosh I would Never trust my life to a canik tp9 SM oh Gosh here we go the fantasy of the Online world one of triggers awesome we Talked about that trigger guard I like the squared part of the trigger Guard the traction on the tp9 sfx is Good it’s also good on the SF it’s very Similar and make sure it’s not identical It’s a pretty much identical Interchangeable backstraps here if you Care I just leave the standard one in It’s a long pistol grip on the SFX make Sure yeah same as on the SF but what Makes it longer is this +2 baseplate on The magazine which is an impressive Freakin twenty rounds how you doing Twenty so 18 with a +2 baseplate that Does make a very long presentation just Like the cz po9 when I reviewed that and I said as I Hale of the firepower of the Po9 but you know you got might want to Have big hands I have large size hands

So for me it’s not an issue and remember This gun is really meant pou as a Competition pistol but is a good war gun More rounds is better right yeah more Rounds better so 20s good how durable is This baseplate slamming it on concrete Drops and competitions I did not test That with SFX it’s a loaner from Gunny So I don’t know if the magazine’s the Same as this one by the way there’s an 18 round or without the +2 base plate And the Kanak 55 the original tp9 notice It has the cutout on the polymer frame So they’re not interchangeable the slots Are the same but because you have Different appearances you’re gonna have To use a different Mack this is actually Interchangeable with this Walter P p2 we Found out so we put this one in while We’re shooting it into the Walther PPQ Network fine you can’t go the other way Though because the Walther PPQ mag is Only 15 rounds so putting it in here it Won’t reach the magazine But the slots are milled close enough Another might be some other interchanges That you’ll see gee whiz I always just Try to run the the magazines for the gun Itself or if there’s a exact copy I’ll Do it that way as well and I’ve talked About that in the tabletop reviews of Individual guns in hand the canik tp9 s Feel great there is a little bit extra Slide mass above the web of your hand it

Kind of reminds me of the Springfield XD XD M series same can be said for that Gun I still love them I still shoot well With them as does everybody else The canik tp9 SF sfx heck all these Versions are the same so it’s not super Low bore at axis but it’s close enough I Don’t mind it magazine catch on the sfx Has a different heights you can put on It three different ones i think i have The middle one on I can’t forget if I Put the highest or in the middle one on There’s a little tiny Torx screw in There that you screw that pad on with Gives you more height and reach for your Magazine catch very cool notice here There’s no stippling on any of the guns So this is bear bear bear so you’re not Gonna wear your thumb as you come and Grip the gun totally awesome There’s your slide release here it is a Little bit different than I would prefer There’s one of those little quirks I Mean Here I am giving a little quirk for Me personally I like it to be smooth and Non stepped right here kind of like this Factory Glock 34 one see just a little Step enough to release it and yeah I use Slide releases all the time I’ve always Said that TMP okay you need to slingshot It you know I don’t I don’t just because That’s a flavor of the month or year or What decade I I’ll slingshot once a lot Of it fly release it works great that’s

Another one this course guys will go on Freakin 15 pages talking about how dumb Someone is it uses a slide catch that’s A perfect example right there oh my gosh You’re going to get killed one day Because shut up oh so what I’m talking About Anyways that’s that And take down a super quick super easy No surprise at all it’s just and there’s Some cut some guns that I’ve bought to The brought to the table lately their Takedown is kind of different you know The Walter CCP is one of them super easy Takedown the main reason I’m doing this Is not so much to even look inside the Slide it’s pretty standard no surprise There at all but to show you the slide Rails very Glock ish you know they’re They’re small but they’re hardened steel Inserts this looks basically like a p99 By the way once again it is basically a P99 A very good thing I’m gonna put back Together it was just like that Done field-strip let’s talk about the Weights of the canik tp9 this one the Sfx is 30 ounces these two and actually That one to about 28 and a half ounces Yeah it is slightly more than a Glock I’m still talking about that does it Really matter though let’s look at the SFX I think 30 ounces for a competition Pistol is extremely light guys in

Competition a lot of times like a 40 Ounce Plus handgun to settle it down for Follow-up shots 30 ounces is light but If I’m hiking a long way with a full Combat load out would I choose the canik Tp9 sfx is my primary go to war handgun No I’d probably choose a ppq the snipers Pissed off there’s a long slide right There again g34 twenty six and a half Ounces so it’s a three and a half ounce Different you know that’s something you Got to watch the ounces you don’t you’re Gonna get tired start pitching weight Talked about it so much Enough set but dude I give it a pass it For me it’s a very slight quirk very Slight I mean I gave it pass to the Smith & Wesson M&P 40 ma – that one’s Even heavier in this I think it’s like 31 or 31 ounces 30.5 I love that gun Because it delivered so much in the Formula great traction I’m talking to Mod to accuracy follow-up shots much Improved trigger Luke Great just great see there’s that big Picture again you look at the big Picture and I’ll take the little quirks Would I be more excited if this was 26 And 1/2 ounces yeah I would because I Look at it just me as a GTW pistol not So much for competition incidentally When we shot the SFX against the SF and Then previously I shot the sa I shot Just as good with the SF as I did this

One you might think because this has Such a sweet trigger on it and it does I Don’t know if I showed you reset reset Is very quick in the SFX right there Look at that basically four four and a Half pound trigger and should reset here Since it’s all inclusive probably Feature-length update on the tp9 that Same did its same my scores were the Same that’s where I’m getting to I mean I was hit just as good with this as I Was that we’re kind of surprised like And journey and asked me is like which One you like better at the time I was Like I kind of like des F better I said That you may hear it on cameras like I Like that stuff and then we went out on Another outing and then I was I shot That some more and I warmed up to the Style and the feel of the SFX and I Liked it even more so now I’m like neck And neck you know and I’m just talking Like a recreational pou I don’t know if You noticed this by the way you got a Cocking indicator here in the back Tactile and visual excellent and you can See our serial number reviewed right Here for the project in case you buy it I’m I’m honestly wanting to buy this we Just don’t have any more ad money dumped Out of money So it’s probably going to go back to Gunnies gun store link in the bottom Again get it you’ll have a certificate

Highly recommended ooh it’s so freaking Excellent 30 millimeters wide on all the SF’s I’m sorry all the TP nines So here’s si again with that confounded Decocking button at the top not really Confounded and this one came a decent Sights we never had to replace the Sights on this one these are the stock Sights I don’t think these are worn they’re the Ones they were using at the time Which and again the front pinned there’s A mag release on the SF si it’s perfect Really is excellent I just put this Higher one on to experiment with it how Many problems everything else is same High undercut big trigger guard squared Face so you can hook your finger around If you want still do it love it Totally totally excellent I love the non Articulated trigger yeah I can flex with Something like you know the MPs but Given a choice I’d rather have something A stable trigger with a trigger shoe in The middle of it with a polymer gun I Like that How does it shoot that was features Review I may forgot some stuff but it’s Close enough how about it shoots awesome The TP 9 series accuracy let’s take a Look shall we going quick as I can TP 9 SF this exact gun right here this is 10 Yards not 5 not 8 10 yards standing You’ll see the proof footage somewhere

Along the way right here right here Right here great groups right here right Here Very happy with that sometimes I shoot Better stand and then I do freakin Sitting down alright that’s why I always Stand up I don’t know what happens this Is shooting a little bit high I made Some notes myself this one here and Again this wasn’t doesn’t have Interchangeable sights it doesn’t have a You know adjustable rear so I’m kind of Dealing with it there are sight sets Available for the tp9 exclusively you Can do that and look it up you’ll see a Bunch of sites form now I wouldn’t say a Bunch but it’s getting better because They’re so popular a little bit high Here good grip here awesome group right There I say up arrow on the trigger Excellent accuracy basically a one-hole Group right here on the CP 9 I’m sorry I Thought it was this one it’s the SFX This one’s shooting hi forgot the X Sarah great group they’re a great group There and this one does have a Capability to regulate the sights oh Never mind this one shooting close Around the first one SF is why I showed You and then we’ll end with the SFX this One still shooting hi I didn’t try to Put any different front sights on there Just for time rest is superb love it the SFX 8 yards in 25 yards 8

I’m looking at federal 124 grain HST + Peas I think these are golden Sabres These ones right here 124 grain + P gold Sabres HST look at this dude out of this Gun look at that doesn’t get any better That’s standing and I was like well Let’s go let’s push it out 25 yards and That’s what I did at 25 yards you’ll see The footage I think if I can find it I Was aiming here though see how it’s a Little bit high I need to regulate the Side that’s accuracy we’ll call it as Good as anything I’ve ever brought to The table how’s that it’s freaking Awesome it’s that good that good by the Way super high value casio hanging out Is deserving on the table super cool Gear this like 16 box I went scuba Diving these things the other day and They’re awesome link in the bottom $16 Comes in all these cool colors I’m gonna Do our own video on it that’s how much I Love it Yeah I do high value stuff and I do Somewhat more expensive watches I go all Across the board Reliability tp9 how about awesome we’ve Never seen any jams not a stoppage I Can’t remember any out of all the Thousands of rounds that we’ve pushed to The TP nines none It’s like Glock reliable I said that in 14 I was like this is things like a Clock it’ll take time to prove it well

Here we are like three years later we Have we’ve had some time and sure enough It’s like a Glock competitor for less a Little bit heavier a little bit slightly The air goes are phenomenal smooth the TP nice shoot smooth they’re fun to Shoot their recreational they’re just Excellent And then finally would I buy it well Dudes here’s your answer this is our gun That’s our gun that’s our gun this is on Loan yeah I buy it they’re part of my Weapon systems TP nines are serving and All types of systems in fact the rounds On the table came out of the magazines From these two guns Ones in the truck out in the desert Guess what gun goes along tp9 sa it’s Always loaded this tlr3 is on it Oh is There my Park the truck I’ll take it out When we got on the desert it’s there Along with an eight SGL 21 fold the stock with three thirty Round max it’s where I roll out in the Desert dudes always got a combat pistol Always got a good tactical carbine of Some sort so yeah I’d buy it remember The value we talked about on the sfx Competition already may be a great team Gun with a longer sight radius higher Velocity five hundred dollars five Hundred my LS might be a little bit more But this is what you get so you’re going To get to twenty rounds not eighteen

Round mags but wait there’s more it’s a Commercial back strap there’s your optic Mounting plates four different optics There’s your sights along with a tool And also has the base plate tool and Then a two back strap loading tool and a Fairly decent paddle magazine with a Cleaning brush and also you get the man Which went bye-bye somewhere I dig that Holster I think it’s fine but since then Links in the bottom I bought these in Amazon and I’m sorry dude I don’t Remember who’s making this holster it Seems like every time I roll the holster On he’s a team Pierre he’s AI dude you Showed my holster sorry dude but I’ll Put the name of it either I’ll annotate Or put in the in the information below I Like this whole city Kydex for a TP 9 OD Black American flag we rock this and it Worked well very well that’s a nice Holster and it was inexpensive that’s Great fit on that look I’m almost liking These outside the waistband holsters Better even for concealed carry which You can do with your can externa the Lightest or slimmest guns around a lot Of guys do it with G Seventeen’s About the same size about the same Weight because I like the belt loops They’re just easy to get on sometimes Those paddles are such a pain to take on And off here’s another one and you can See the stamp in here we bought this one

Am in amazon so it’s a composite holster And it’s an outside the waistband carry Of course you need a jacket or long Shirt to conceal it or if you’re not Concealing it’s a great holster so a Forward FBI can’t whether I rock this One and I liked it so I’m not selling This one either so it’s cool and it it Was inexpensive A couple holster options and one reason I’m showing you these is to show you That the gun is popularized and so it’s Gained traction so you have guys making Accessories for them because there’s More of them out there you know so what I’ve always said ever since I started TMP if a guns to succeed if you buy a Gun that does not gain traction in my Marketplace dude it sucks because you Can’t get extra sight sets you can’t Maybe do a trigger mod you can’t find Holsters it sucks and there’s another Gun coming up for review that I’m going To talk about which I love the gun but I Don’t know if it’s ever going to find The market traction that the canik tp9 Series has found there you go so what I Buy it yes highly recommend especially Like the SF look at this coloration dude Brown satin finish it’s almost as good As our sarah coding job on this Walther PPQ long slide this one is in Patriot Brown I think they call this F de these Ones are Sur coated in deserts and this

Si is I love that color too well I said That in 14 how cool is it that you’re Getting a gun for $320 that’s Sarah Coated in a colour of your choice They’ve had them in green yeah so now I’m gonna end kind end with this some Guys where did that dudes call me oh my Gosh oh jeez I don’t know if I can find It Some guys get excited that the gun is Made in Turkey oh my gosh I would never Buy Turkish product you know and then They start going on some political rant You know I don’t do that now you know I I don’t try and impose my politics on The gun review process if I did guess What I’m not going to be reviewing a lot Of guns or if I do if I hate the company They did this they did that and I’m Immature about it and I hold a grudge I wouldn’t review there’s a lot of Things I would not review I’m just an Adult you know I try to act like an Adult and I concentrated on the products And I you know someone’s pissed me off Okay cool welcome to life it’s just the Way it goes I just keep on being an Adult and being big picture in the Reviewing process but some guys will say All that Turkey is a origin of you know The country of origin I would never buy Kanak Found a guy’s response to such a dude And I won’t read the dudes response for

Time but he was like railing on Turkey And this political thing raisin reeling On everything and the dude responded his Name was IDI and he goes you buy a Product for its quality or simply Because you want it not because you’re a These are his words a political little [ __ ] go sell everything you own made in China donate that classic collectible Russian 8k to your nearest intelligent Neighbor the list goes on and on you are A [ __ ] That’s that guy’s response and no I Didn’t make that up it’s right here he Said the words right out of my mouth I Mean it’s what I said the beginning guys Go I’m not gonna do this relax dude and You know five years from now it’ll be Different I’ll tell you this I flew to Turkey and they’ve for years were great Allies it’s the only place we could Launch from are they perfect no they’re Not they do things with no I don’t wanna Get into I don’t want to say it they do Things that anger me as well I don’t Like it now I don’t like Iran’s over There but big picture look what they did Big picture that’s it that’s it oh by The way if I see a bunch of political Rants I’ll just shut down comments I’m Telling you that right now I’m in year 11 of this thing we ain’t gonna put up With it so concentrate on the gun I Don’t see no political comments do your

Own video to go on your own YouTube Channel make your own statement against Turkey or whatever the hell you want to Do I ain’t doing it here and thanks for Watching do is I you probably by the way Did not find this video in at Sentry’s Website they will not list nutnfancy Videos even though I’ve sold for them Guns you’ll find a who’s who of gun Tubers we ain’t not gonna find me they Will not put my video down there you Know I can’t be relied upon to give a Home or review am I saying the other Guys do I’m just saying the way I do it I won’t sometimes I don’t like what they Do but I sure like that they’re doing This and I think they’re a great company They are big picture they’re great that They’re doing the tp9 they keep bringing All these flavors and all these cool Guns for such a low price good honest See a man a big thumbs up So happy they’re doing it highly Recommend it it’s five out of five five Out of five whatever flavor you get and Again I wished I had the TP 9sf elite The block 19 sized one but you’ve seen It in photographs or whatever webpage It’s also awesome highly recommended These are HOF pistols see you later We don’t write Shoots hi Five yards standing [Music]

Check this crap out man geez [Music] [Music] Chase one hole [Music] 25 yards My guy has a nice trigger Lane I thought A trigger is really really nice and the Sights are great and the bright sunlight They run out boy they are they are nice Ash we’re going to do is you’re going to Go to to that main plate and swivel left And hit your left plate over on here Okay I got you – then one right thing I’m going a little right on that one Doubles only back over here right here Doubles [Music] Triples well ready diggin it I like this Gun a lot I like this gun a lot this is Really nice I love the trigger between the two I Think you’re right They really do feel the same in hand you Can see the the grips just about the Same yep Well brilli I feel identical get a Really great bite I mean you can really Grab into the frame and it really sinks Down on your hand but between the two This has this definitely has a better Trigger and you said this is a Competition gun so we would expect it But it is really really nice I think

That trigger really comes into its own And is worth it and makes a difference For a guy who practices with this gun All the time Shoots to reset really knows the trigger And he’s just really becoming familiar And I think for a guy like that this is Probably the better choice I think for a Lot of dudes this will be just fine sure Justice the standard combat tp9 SF / This trigger is not bad it’s not bad at All but you just if you’re comparing the Two especially like we’re doing here Shooting side-by-side there was a Definite definite difference in this Competition version of the t project That very nice

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