Walther PPQ M2 Long Slide: Hall of Fame GTW Pistol

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The PPQ is still getting better: the long slide version was tested here to be every bit as reliable, accurate, fun, and lightweight as the original ”sniper’s pistol.” This 5 inch barrel longer slide version of the Walther PPQ is even better. In this short update review you’ll see it in action in the snow against steel and paper and other proof video is shown to support this conclusion. This is one of the best combat handguns made anywhere.

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Us as we’ve always have been financially Independent I’m here in the project oh By the way this is going to be a fun gun Review every pistol I’m going to throw On the table I absolutely love they’re All combat good war ready primary Handguns as I sometimes have called them Now we’re talking about me being Independent the whole project and such Some of that is I buck what are Sometimes called tactical trends that This is the way you absolutely have to Do something to be cool there’s all Kinds of examples of how I do that for Instance I shoot with my On a trigger guard that’s not a tactical Trend it’s considered ridiculous and yet I can you know hit a plate at 100 yards Doing that if I want to but it’s not a Trend and it’s not not proved another Thing is is that there’s a lot of guys In I guess I should say the industry That really like the small compact Primary combat handgun a good example of This is the Glock 19 which by the way i Love i’ve raved about it it’s super high On my likability scale highly Recommended one of the very first Semi-automatic combat handguns i ever Purchased 1989 talked about it go watch My review update review a couple years Ago on the Glock 19 However if given a choice and no knowing That I’m going to wear a side holster

Maybe it’s a an L ve mounted Chest-mounted holster but it’s going to Be kind of what I’ve always called a Primary combat handgun usually I will Not opt for that smaller form factor What I go for and what I love and what Gets me excited because my lot of Reasons are the longer slide versions Like my Glock 34 which is one of my All-time GTW favorite pistols the g34 It’s just excellent in so many ways it’s Light super accurate super reliable Affordable all kinds of configurations You can put on it geez I just love this Gun and it makes a lot of sense having It here as a competitive option because I’m going to show you this Walther here In a second and maybe we’ll bounce back And forth so I love the g19 but if I Have a really high propensity of going To my handgun maybe it’s my only weapon That I have and I’m talking firearm Version then the g34 Is probably going to go along for the Ride for very little extra weight I get A longer slide I get more velocity I get A longer sight radius which is easier For me to shoot to hit at longer ranges Maybe faster shot recovery with the g34 Versus the others And other guises experience could be Totally different that’s me I bought the trends I’m independent That’s why I’m so stoked on this pistol

And I have reviewed a couple Walthers Lately and there are a couple of their Designs which just gets so many things Right value and reliability design Ergonomics everything and that’s why I Have to break out into its own review The Walther PPQ m2 five-inch version Available in nine millimeter and 40 this Is the nine preferred this is as good is That it is it really is and we’re Talking about philosophy of use right Primary combat handgun meaning I’m not Really trying to carry this thing Concealed its visible its open carry Fast access something I have like I said On the mounting options I’ve already Mentioned the m25 inch version of the Ppq excites me in the same way the g34 Does over a 19 or maybe a smaller extent The 17 the 17 and the 34 very close to My perception about for me that’s a Primary combat handgun which I owned I Go for they shoot very similarly for me But the longer slide ppq it really Settles the gun down it’s it’s like that It imbues me with more confidence to hit Faster and at longer ranges now keep in Mind I’m a big fan and one of the first Just totally enthusiastic proponents of The ppq series I call it it called it a Sniper’s pistol sold a whole truckload For Walther I know because I’ve talked To you guys and you said yeah but the Ppq off your review I absolutely love it

It’s on my all-time favorite pistols I Think this might be worthy of your look To add to your ppq collection collection Now I have a ppq m1 or the non Push-button safety version this is of Course the m2 and that would be a Primary difference if you are an owner Of the original So downside to that is I had to go buy a Whole different set of magazines for This wah wah I know not great but They’re not super expensive maybe we’ll Make mention of that but it to me Rises to the same level as a g34 for a g TW pistol home defense gun superb There’s a lot of pistols I roll in front Of this camera and I go have not my First choice for home defense usually It’s because they don’t have a night Sight version and they don’t have an Accessory rail where I can identify my Target which is super super critical Right this has it all and not only that You can put on a combined illumination Laser module and it wanting stick past The barrel for the pbq 5 inch version The other stuff I think you get in Philosophy of use I was really debating In this video by the way I’ve just Ripping through it and go how much do I Review I’ve already reviewed the ppq so Much usually with this I will kind of Make it self-contained for you guys I Think you know that size weight balance

And feel of this and we have the G 34 on The table so in comparison I’ll start Off with a negative this is a little bit Thicker than that 1.3 people 5 inches And I think one point one eight inches For that I’m not sure I’m telling you’re Right because sometimes I’m going off Memory and memory doesn’t serve Glocks Are 1.18 yeah so 30 millimeter 1.1 8 Inches that’s the 17 same width is that Now is that super important as a Holstered handgun hmm it is something It’s something worth taking an account But I don’t know if it’s super important Super important super important is Weight though and it’s pretty much the Same weight is that pistol maybe in a Little bit lighter the long slide Version of the ppq is 26 ounces Basically the same as a huge 5 inch Barrel basically same as that with that In mind let’s take a quick fly By of the walther ppq m2 five-inch Version just for prosperity for self Containment as you can imagine it’s very Similar to the 4-inch barrel to pistol Of course except for this have some Milling of the longer slide so it has a Reduced mass for reliability this is After all just a nine-millimeter still Has that super cool good looking Functional tapered slide grasping Grooves fore and aft I never use these Up front maybe you press check up here I

Don’t I always come back here but if you Want it’s there super high-quality Barrel talked about the accessory rail Already squared off trigger hey that Looks familiar like it and you can see It’s actually more roomy than the Glock Trigger guard see that with gloves that Is a player one of the criticisms I’ve Always said about Glock is my finger Does drag on the inside bottom of the Trigger guard you know is it a big deal For me no but it happens This one is roomier undercut trigger Guard here so you get a nice high grip On it again the zm2 Push-button version and I think that is Swappable for you left these speaking of Which so is the slide release can swap It left or right it’s a gray and B Pistol the m2 ppq m2 especially the Five-inch I just love this gun serrated Top of the slide is that needed yeah not Really I’ve never complained about Shooting Glocks and going you know I’m Getting Sun coming off I can’t see where I’m shooting it’s never happened all Types of site options for the Walther PPQ series and I think they will run p99 Sights as well could be off on that I Think they do fit it is after all I take Off on that gun in some ways uh these Sights are good though they’re metal Standard three variety they are Adjustable for windage I have seen

Problems with this on PP cues where this Just does not interface well with the Screw and the whole rear sight assembly Has an issue that’s kind of endemic to Ooh the whole p99 series I’ve seen that With the tp9 as well the canik tp9 That’s easily remedied by just putting On aftermarket sights maybe some maps or Something like that I don’t know I’ve hand all the different Makers which make the night sights if That’s what you want take down super Simple like we talked about years ago I’m not going to show it here tenifer Coated slide awesome great stippling Interchangeable backstraps here and Speaking of the grip once again it is One of my all-time favorite grips guess Even better than the Glock I like this grip better doesn’t mean I Can’t shoot this well doesn’t mean I’m Annoyed by it but you know in an Academic setting like this where I’m Comparing and contrasting this one is Better for me I like the angle better Like how it fills the hand better that’s What you said and you can interchange Your back straps I always leave the Medium-size back strap on all the Pistols really super low bore axis Follow-up shops come quick they’re fun And fast and that will take us to the Trigger which has always been absolutely Phenomenal on PB cues one of my favorite

Favorite things and you notice no Magazine disconnect safety just as Before we’re in a poll actually this Trigger and maybe the g34 and maybe Another special guest competitive Competitive option what do you think This will pull that by the way the ppq Oh 414 we’ll call it 413 super quick Reset trigger is a short I was at four Point four inches of trigger pull and Then your reset is like a tenth of an Inch right there talked a lot about Reset I won’t do it here but if you love Short reset pistols dude this is it this Is it Speaking of which to have a competitive Version of it this of course isn’t it It’s one that is optics capable so it Has a milled out slide I think it has an Even better trigger and that’s called The q5 match of the Walther PPQ q5 match And that is also a five inch barrel Pistol 15 rounder And weighing about 26 ounces so it’s Basically the same gun milled out Different trigger really meant for the Competitor I guess ok features review I Think that’s most of the stuff that you Guys will care about firepower is OK in A standard magazine it’s 15 rounds and I Think this is this is a Walther brand Magazine I have to label as m2 so I Don’t confuse it with the other one I Think this is a 17 rounder you can see

It extends out longer is that a big deal I don’t know for everything else you get With a ppq formula now I can deal with It oh yeah subs gonna pull the trigger Here comes a Glock 34 I can’t remember If I put a 3 and 1/2 pound connector in This or not I don’t think this one does I think is completely stock what 4 Pounds 8 ounces I was not expecting that Of the g34 and I did promise a special Guest here he comes The XDM 5 2 5 Oh daddy like him some 5 To 5 as well I I really love this gun It’s heavier than them both of these Guns it really is and I reviewed this One years ago I love the 5 to 5 a lot of cool things About it doesn’t have a higher bore axis It’s going to be a couple ounces heavier Has the in block grip on it which I like It has a grip safety which I’ve never Liked excellent sights Man what a clean sight picture it’s Super accurate tons of firepower I think What is this a 19 round magazine as it Comes from the factory and you get three So that’s pretty excellent the Disadvantage of course is s-awc it’s Going to be a little bit thicker Definitely a lot heavier than m2 p BQ Five-inch let’s look at the site Radiuses why we’re here Pretty close dude pretty close to the Same and want to talk about trigger pull

Here the trick is you always have to Remember to pull this freaking back Strap face the back strap was so awesome How come all guns don’t have it 6:13 and that doesn’t surprise me a bit That’s about what I think but the XDM Still is a Hall of Fame go to war pistol For me all three of these really they’re So similar as far as their capabilities For me as a shooter go very similar yes There’s differences in firepower these Are better than that unless you go with The extended magazine but are we really Splitting hairs kind of they all have The same position of magazine release Their site radiuses are bigger you’re Going to get more velocity and better Performance out of I wouldn’t say all But most cartridges for the nine Amendment least I say that because so Many now are so advanced and they have Faster burning powders they’re much less Dependent on barrel lengths than they Used to be like in the 90s for instance Used to be a big deal I think all three of these guns are Going to be similarly accurate that is To be that is to say outstanding and Accuracy super quick let’s take a look At the end to while here this is 17 Yards standing the very first shots Shooting American Eagle this is in February in the snow out of that gun Yeah I was happy that’s standing this is

Eight yards standing American Eagle one Hole one hole one hole one hole not one Hole not one hole seven yards standing At night in the desert Probably that same day nice group nice Group one hole one hole one hole not one Hole American Eagle this gun right here These are pairs this is some goofy Target it will probably give you Headache if you look at it too long so I’m shooting double taps fast so there’s You can see what I did here I’ll show You footage of this somewhere along the Way this is more in double taps that’s Four rounds back out enough arrow I got a down arrow good now this oh That’s ten yards Oh Ten-yard standing so that’s challenging Did you double taps on the target this Small they’re basically the size some of These of playing cards it’s deli both These guns can do the same thing they’re Streaming accurate here I’m just doing Singles at 7 yards this is shooting Federal 1 1 1 1 most of these are close To dead center showing how accurate and Ergonomic actually it is to shoot this Gun I show you this one already I if I Didn’t I’ll show G again OOP actually They’re four of the ppq 5 inch version M2 variety stellar in other words I’ll Give the highest level I can give it the Ones where I wasn’t sheet one whole were My fault I’m sure I screwed up something

In my marksmanship fundamentals How about accessories and we’re going to Focus in on this and we’ll come back as We in the video talk about competitive Options what would I put on my ppq I’ve Talked about that before but in this Long side version nothing how’s that for An answer I would not put anything on it I would just get more magazines I’d run The sights as they are if I really need A night sights I’d do it maybe I do a Illumination module of some sort Definitely needs no trigger work it Needs no modifications as I see it maybe If you want to colorize it you could you Know Sara Cota or something rock on That’s what you want to buy I don’t see Any as far as customizability and Accessories for all three of these Pistols I think the Glocks still wins You have so many accessories for it Trigger modification sights slide mods Magazines even mag pulls making Magazines form now all types of holsters Same with XDM the XDM is a predominant Design very popular design like I said Every pistol on this table is really Neck-and-neck in terms of its Capabilities and its GTW Nissa its GTW Ness How about value how about it’s totally Worth it totally worth it would I choose A ppq m2 five-inch version over any of These pistols I really can’t answer that

Because I’m not going to play favorites I’m going to say they’re all equal the Only thing I’ll say about the XDM is That it is heavier and if I’m going to Be going somewhere Hiking carrying other gear this one will Lose out for me it just will and not Will it has so when I do like an opera Disguise or something the g34 of the 17 Goes or sniper’s pistol as I call it the Ppq version of it and I would I wouldn’t Hesitate a bit making it the long slide Version because it weighs pretty much The same as the other one what was it 26 Ounces verses 24 and a half ounces going With the long slide version of that all Three of the pistols are amazing track Record and reliability this will be Super quick how about perfect of all my Ppq pistols including this one perfect No jams no issues no stovepipes no light Primer strikes just perfect man what a Great great gun are there any others on The table I’m not considering how about The canik tp9 sfx that is a competitive Version of it it is 30 ounces so it’s Going to be kind of the kind of the Weight of the XDM as a ventilated top 6.2 inch barrel The canik tp9 sfx it is a competition Focus pistol as of yet I don’t see H&K Vp9 doing a long slide version I do Think they sell I’m just not really sure How super popular they are for me I

Still like the long slide option and a Go to war handgun Again that means my primary gun is not a Tactical carbine not a rifle not a Shotgun it’s going to be the pistol so For me I’m going to do everything I can To increase the capabilities of said Pistol said handgun longer sight radius Slightly increased velocity faster Follow-up shots for me That means one of these three pistols Will come along for the ride and Definitely the Walther PPQ m2 five-inch Version is in the mix totally love it Highly recommended net You


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