Walther PDP: Your Step Dad Has Arrived and He’s Awesome

We have lost the PPQ, it’s been discontinued by Walther. We’ll start off with a satirical prayer of remembrance for that gun.
What we get in its place is the new PDP. Now the PPQ endeared itself to many, especially with me and my audience. The PDP has some big shoes to fill and expectations are high.
Sometimes we’ll hate the replacement ”just because” it’s replaced what we loved and it’s new. Maybe here you should give this newcomer a chance. Like you I was skeptical. Covered here with be the replacement philosophy as I see it and will pontificate for you the PDP features.
You’ll see lots of shooting done with the PDP and memories of the PPQ here in this popcorn length Nutnfancy GRV. Mrs Nutnfancy and Jardine were the helping crew in shooting it! Features are impressive and in hand I think you’d agree. You’ll see its impressive accuracy, reliability, construction, takedown, and ergos covered in my style.
Just a couple of competitive options are shown because with the inserted in-field shooting videos, the review will be long enough. But in the end you’ll probably be saying ”it’s not my Dad but you know what, he’s a good dude”…the PDP.

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Our dearly departed walther ppq I will miss you You were such a good friend A loyal friend a loyal combat worthy Companion I took you on so many excursions You were so ready for the fight So quick to fire So accurate so fast And that trigger Damn that Trigger Yes lightweight easy to carry great Looking ergonomic We’re gonna miss you all through ppq I might even have a tear rolling down my Cheek as i say say this fake prayer to You But you’re gone from the marketplace You’ve been discontinued and there is Much sadness throughout the land that no Longer will we have your Companionship in new production form And And no longer will we have your small Combat pistol form You’ll always be in our hearts Always and in our minds And on Our tabletops Nothing fancy Round of applause for the ppq Yes a prayer of remembrance for the Dearly departed beloved ppq at least

Here At least in the project dudes This is a beloved pistol by team peers By my followers I jumped on the ppq bandwagon early i Might have been one of his first Advocates As soon as i shot this thing i was like Damn son this thing is awesome i need to Get the word out I call it the sniper the sniper’s pistol Something you a sniper would carry and i Wasn’t messing around with that Maybe in a mag pouch maybe in a drop Down holster maybe in horizontal carry Because it’s so compact so easy to carry So reliable so accurate Sniper’s pistol i’ll keep that name Intact the ppq sniper’s pistol Yeah it’s sad no longer offered But i’ll say this to guys who are Lamenting its disappearance at least for Now from the marketplace Where you been You should have one two three ppqs you Should We all should i mean it is a combat Standard lightweight it’s a trigger Standard i mean It’s really the first trigger i brought To tabletop that i was going this gets Everything right reset press the pull Weight just perfect it’s renowned for How excellent it is it’s a reference

Standard the wall through ppq Now walther has done a lot well i Wouldn’t say a lot but a few really Great combat handgun designs the p99 is One of them Uh this tp9 series by canik has Springboarded off of that Ppq My favorite i mean at least to this Point and now we’re going to talk about Its replacement The walther pdp here comes the nut and Fancy tabletop review I estimate i don’t know 33 minutes i Could be wrong though 33 minutes if You’re looking for a short review this Ain’t it You know the score go to the Manufacturer’s website which by the way Is pretty good Their website’s awesome they have some Short videos explains everything you Need to know about the pdp Great website so if you’re in a hurry That’s where you should go Definitely here we’re gonna get Philosophy we’re gonna get systems Integration we’re gonna get comparisons Against the ppq And some competitive options I might say a few good things maybe a Lot of good things about the pdp and Maybe a couple bad things that’s what You get i didn’t get this gun from

Guess where that’s right direct from Walther Hey i love walter i have no problems With them but i usually distance myself From all the manufacturers these days Usually I got it from you know who gunny’s the Great american gun store round of Applause Pdp Gunny’s wyatt at gunny specifically he’s Very helpful at allowing me to borrow These guns if i really really really Like it i’ll buy it as a cast member and You’ll see it on the tabletop just like I did with this gun So this was a loaner i believe this is a Loaner i can’t remember i may have Bought this just outright back then i Had to buy it outright because i didn’t Really have associated gun stores But independent voice not fancy project It is made possible by my donors Along the bottom of this video you’ll See my patreon banner if you feel so Compelled please join up about the price Of a hamburger You can be a tnp patreon member more Videos over there it’s a great group of People great group of people Smaller community i answer messages as Best i can there i always fight burnout So i jump into messages as frequently as I can but with you know pre-production

Production post-production it’s a lot Think about it join up thanks so much Patreon members of tmp The pdp The pdp wow So i’m going to talk a little bit about Psychology here comes some of the Airtime we’re not just talking about the Gun itself Psychologically us humans have a Propensity to do the following We have something that we really really Love it gets replaced or taken away out Of our lives Okay it’s replaced with something else Wall through pdp in this instance I think it’s a human tendency to Automatically dislike the replacement Yeah i i see a lot of heads nodding up And down in the audience yeah it’s just A human tendency whether it’s a family Member like your mom’s dating some guy That replaced your dad Chances are you’re gonna At least first hate that guy Oh maybe not hate them but you’re just Not going to dig it you like your dad or Maybe you don’t but in most cases that’s The way it works What i’m here to say is give it a chance Open your mind open your mind To the possibilities of greatness Is it the same as a ppq no it’s very Different

For one it’s bulkier like this sucker Was felt I talked about it’s like this is a Compact combat handgun it’s on the order Of a little bit longer than a glock 19 But about that that same size Yeah this thing is awesome this one’s a Little bit bulkier not much it looks More bulky than it really is Has a completely different appearance Walther chose not to i guess do Something else with the ppq this is my First generation Yeah eat your heart out eat your heart Out so cool with the old style magazine Release threaded barrel oh what a great Gun very collectible now And they changed it to a push button Magazine release in the m2s They chose i guess not to do something Else with the ppq maybe just retire it Permanently maybe forever who knows i Didn’t talk to him but It’s gone and now we have something Different that doesn’t look anything Like our dad See this is a different dad this is a Dude it’s like wow mom who’d you bring Home who is that what is that well it’s Pdp honey Yeah i don’t know if i like the looks of That thing but at least initially you May say that At first blush when i looked at this i

Was thinking damn watch i was thinking That kind of reminds me of Guess what a a beretta apx Which is a very competent combat handgun Jardine and i tested the apx in the day It’s a good handgun it didn’t really Enamel itself to us like we weren’t in Love with the breta apx Which by the way i went on their website Today that sucker msrps for only 400. That means you could probably buy it Street for 300. the apx and it’s a good Handgun it is definitely good enough to Own A little bit heavier than this 29 ounces 29 But The the slide serrations remember the Apx has those raised Slides rations These are not really raised and let’s Just talk about these right now What they do is they have this milled Portion of the slide and it’s kind of Squarish and that’s where they’re Milling very deep Forward and back sliceration so Great purchase right good traction with A wall through pdp Different looking kind of futuristic Kind of a futuristic Look way different than the ppq these Are very shallow very traditional and i Love these by the way no problems i

Really like the walther logo and the Front ones that was awesome Different different approach How do i like these slicerations Uh Well i’m going to talk about it first And second cool and and i’m covering This now because it’s a thousand pound Gorilla in the room how it looks I think first cool they are totally Awesome i really like it second cool i’m A little bit more meh you know i’m just Like oh you know i second cool uh i kind Of said that about the apx you know big Honking slight rations i wasn’t so sure I was like ah whatever but first cool The traction they provide you betcha I didn’t really draw this from holsters Don’t know if it’s gonna do a cheese Grater effect on it don’t know I don’t could But they call these by the way they have A name for everything it’s so funny So they’ve they’ve really gone to town With their marketing on the pdp And uh super terrain serrations is what They call these Yeah Now this overall width right here is a Little bit wider i measured it just Tonight at 1.09 inches the overall width Is a little bit chunky at 1.33 inches Let’s say that right off the bat so it Is not a ppq

It is not one of the thinner Glocks out there well glocks uh combat Pistols That being said it looks bulkier than it Is and the reason it does is because of The serrations It really isn’t that bulky but it looks Bulkier so it’s a visual thing just so You know covering that right now so Overall i like the looks the serrations Were initial put off for me Didn’t look like my dad okay i had to Open my mind Yeah he brought me presents and i was Like oh this guy’s not so bad I’ll show you the pr presence that the Pdp brought me and you’re going to be Very interested by the way you might Like him more than your dad than your Ppq okay let’s not go that far i’m Getting carried away i’m going to Throttle back on that okay maybe you Won’t like it as much as your ppq and by The way did i mention you should have One already too late now All right philosophy of use here’s the First one I just did An updated review on the walther ppk S Really fun review it’s already uploaded I’m just waiting for its flow in in the Program in the show Again patreon guys and gals will see it

First In that video i said this should have Been the new james bond pistol thank you Thank you get rid of the ppk i’m not Going to go on a big rant here i did it In the ppk and the Pp reviews not going to do it here you Get the picture this is a combat handgun Give it to james bond the ppk can be his Backup piece thank you But it ain’t that’s the first philosophy Of use And walther should have tied into the Studio And said hey we’ll pay you such and such Dollars let’s put the p d p so many bees Uh in james bond’s hands and let’s just Go to town they didn’t do that with a New james bond movie that would have Been a perfect Perfect opportunity What’d you say what’s that knife at the Top oh you guys don’t miss anything do You speaking of james bond this is a nut And fancy special edition victor knox G10 Cadet And this is james bond 007. That’s right so we laser engraved Here so it doesn’t wear off and this is Look Double 07 out of 600 oh my gosh it’s got A tmp logo on it

Milled in Now these are going to release Relatively soon i don’t know how this Video flows they may the video may have Been announced already by the time you See this grp i don’t know anyway that’s What that is that’s cool by the way James bond should wear one of those and Put that in the pocket and show it on Camera next philosophy of use will be Combat handgun standard I’m going to leave it at that combat Handgun standard that is home defense Vehicle done Done Gun without rule of law Lbe gun Let me slow it up just a little bit Right here lbe gun is it is Recommended in that pou as this gun I would say no Because this is a slimmer gun More compact It goes into a magazine pouch and i’m Talking like a rifle mag like an m4 Pouch Pretty easily and i demonstrated that This one a little bit too bulky so i Would probably say no Just get a holster for it again you Could do drop down On the waistband Outside waistband is what i’m talking About maybe horizontal carry and i did

Not look into the holsters and what’s Compatible to it yet but there’ll be a Lot of information soon enough on that So you just look it up Other than that combat handgun standard I’m gonna leave it at that Features this is where it gets Interesting so i spent time on The serrations right i like it if i were To rank the serrations overall on this Gun And again as always with my audience With you guys I’m totally honest i would probably give Them 2.5 out of 5. that’s about how excited i Am on these serrations i’m just like I explained it already don’t have to go Into it again Visually okay i get it uh Yeah i’ll leave it at that Let’s look at the rest of the pistol Though Now this is interesting here so this is A pistol that from its outset Was designed to accommodate a red dot And so they really sink the red dot into The slide the pdp That’s the first thing that makes it as They call call it red dot ready or Something they have another marketing Term from that i can’t freaking keep Track of all their marketing terms So it really goes low

And Stupidly i did not mount a red dot on For my testing let me explain why More cost more complexity more time Especially time because you don’t get Optic plates like you do with some other Guns like glock for instance The mos models you actually contact Walther on their website once you buy Your pdp tell them which red dot optic You’re going with maybe it’s a trig sro Aimpoint acro Holosun 507c Whatever Delta point Then they will send you the base if it’s Your optic remove that screw it on You’re in biz There you go Now what i really wish i could address And i didn’t is I Hear these sights that come on it which Are glock compatible i got to put the Pistol down for another round of Applause Glock compatible sides holy crap hey i Can’t say that about the ppq these are Aftermarket sites and i had to go Searching for these i think they’re p99 Sites Damn they were hard to find I hated the sights that came on it There’s too much air i said as much in

The tabletop see it had some quirks too Totally it wasn’t completely perfect Neither is your dad So your red dot will go really deep in The slide and you might be lucky enough To have it co-witness in the bottom Third of your optic With standard height sights maybe these Ones i these ones look awfully short so I’m not too sure but maybe you get lucky And you have that and you don’t have to Put Suppressor height sights on it That’s kind of cool so i actually like Their approach i have a problem they Don’t send you a bunch of optic Mounting plates which will probably get Thrown in the garbage or stored and Never used The site itself is a three dot variety i Love that We’re not seeing just a blacked out rear Sight which is very popular and in vogue Now And i do rant against that a little bit I do No we get a glock adjustable site so This is just like a glock sight so it’s Adjustable for windage and elevation Which i think is fantastic So cool that you have that on a combat Handgun that is very rare Very rare that you have a fully Adjustable sight mostly it’s just

Windage adjustable here’s a p10c i rest My case So that’s that’s a steel side but Windage adjustable there’s no elevation On that So that’s really cool polymer front Sight What i suspect is that when you get your Pdp you’ll probably replace the sights Because for whatever reason you guys Still don’t like polymer sides Where’s my damn cone That’s because i hear they wear out Nothing fancy Okay Just a mini rant here they won’t wear Out when you’re only shooting 125 rounds A year which you guys if you’re lucky Are shooting There’s some realness for you have you Checked the price and availability of 9mm It’s rough still it’s rough will it Improve It’s been this way a long time i don’t Know i don’t know so my point is yeah if You’re competing with a gun you’re doing Thousands of presentations i think steel Sites would be a very smart upgrade but If you’re going to put in a without rule Of law home defense pou vehicle pou Maybe use it as an out a back country Gun i don’t worry about it i wouldn’t Waste my money these are fine

They’re not tritium they’re white dot And that’s all i care about Make sure i’m not lying to you Nope non tritium i say that because Sometimes i don’t notice it i was like Oh there’s a little tritium capsule in There Okay i mentioned the blockiness of the Site it is a Slide is what i should have said Now remember this one gun i reviewed it Was thicker than this gun and i Absolutely love it The steyr m9a1 right L9a1 those are great guns i still have My m9a1 i should have brought it to Table It’s in an active system it’s thicker Than this I love that gun so i’m bringing that out Because if a gun delivers on a lot of Other Fronts with its feature set Maybe you know being the thinnest i can Not being the thinnest i can forgive Great slide stop they’re calling this i Always call it a slide release it is Fantastic i mean it’s long it’s Unobtrusive That’s what she said And ambidextrous as you can tell Looking on this side And then the magazine release is in American fashion so it’s a push button

So we’re not going through this anymore I think most people would prefer that And honestly i would too i just said on That paddle mag release is like yeah i Can adapt readily it’s not a big deal I’ll stick with that great magazine Release it is reversible to the other Side if you so desire And now we go to a great great feature Of the pdp I can’t believe i want to say this but i Am going to say this because i brought So many great handguns to table like This p10c which has a great grip Actually the shape is fantastic the Stippling the raised dots on it pretty Good This one dominates it Again here comes their marketing lingo They call it the performance duty Texture It’s tetrahedrons If you were to look at it closely it’s Like raised peaks of mountains on there Oh do i love it And how we’ve progressed from being a Bunch of [ __ ] In the gun industry remember when the Glock rtf came out it was like oh my Gosh that’s hurting my hand i can’t take It as i’m bleeding mommy Yeah rtf guys i always loved the rt i Was like that’s freaking awesome And then you see guys stipple their

Handgun and they do basically an rtf Finish something really aggressive Something that locks in your hand Something if your hand gets wet With sweat water oil blood you still Have traction This this is what i was gonna say this Is the best grip i’ve brought to table Yet Did you hear that the wall through pdp Is the best grip i’ve brought to table And notice they’ve included this Traction another one of my mini rants All the way up here So normally they use leave it smooth Here’s a p10 f and i’m sorry i keep Bringing this gun but it’s a good Example This one i’m talking about they didn’t Put traction up here Like are we so delicate we can’t put a Couple dots up here so we can have some Traction there with our thumb well That’s kind of an important place in it I want my thumb wandering Some guys like no i don’t like that well Don’t buy pdp because it’s right there Dude I love it it’s fully wrapped around You got three interchangeable back Straps with your pdp Easy to swap out They’re extended on the bottom here so You won’t pinch your hand fat with the

Mag changes It’s very easy to push out the pin Effect a back strap change with your pdp Easy to do Man i love this grip i love it it is so Excellent there’s a lanyard attachment Point i think i didn’t try it Look at that they even have what is it 25 lines per inch regular check ring on The polymer frame on the pdp So this is why i’m saying what i’m Saying best grip yet it is fully Tractioned man oh man does that lock in I have gloves now but shooting with Gloves without gloves you’re going to Love the grip if you’re not a wussy And i Well done notice there’s a couple swells Here on the side profile not finger Grooves just kind of it’s kind of like a Rolling wave on the ocean There you go very comfortable grip i Love the grip angle it’s undercut right Here and i love the squared glock-like Trigger guard Well done walther once again Well done This is like lifted from a glock which Means to say it’s awesome It can take gloved hands right Even if you have winter gloves you’ll Have enough room in the trigger guard to Actuate the trigger And that takes us two guess what the

Trigger How about we just start off with another Round of applause for the walther pdp Trigger Yeah Hey nat and fancy you said the ppq Trigger was like your standard of Measure is the pdps better worse or the Same Well that’s a hard question to answer Because while i’m a trigger snob i don’t Know if i get into the particulars of Exactly why i love it if there’s plastic Rub in a trigger i hate it And let me pull this pdpq to remind Myself Now there’s no plastic rub at all this Triggers outstanding Oh my gosh it’s so good It’s so good uh is it ppq’s worse better Same Oh my gosh it’s I would say about the same Overall it’s about the same which is to Say it achieves greatness let’s check The reset Very short reset by the way Right here look Oh dude So i pulled this trigger at I wrote it down not going to do it on Camera Uh it feels like it’s super duper duper Light i pulled it at four pounds 12

Ounces Pdp trigger And i like how they didn’t go with a Squared face that is another Fad in the pistol industry and i don’t Like it You may love it you’re like i need a Square trigger that’s the only way i can Get good press on my thumb on my finger Pad Not me this is very glock like Very glock like which is to say it’s Awesome Perfect trigger what more can i say i Mean you you really have to shoot at Least dry fire the pdp to enjoy it Standard picatinny rail trigger I shot a fair amount of rounds through This i cleaned it too i probably should Just left it dirty uh the first time i Shot i didn’t lube it at all we’ll talk About reliability accuracy here in a Second i love the rail on this thing Three slot variety not like a glock so It gives you more Options 19 m1913 specification I measured the barrel at 2.3 millimeters If i’m remembering yeah 2.3 millimeters In thickness There’s two versions of the pd pdp right Now this is the full-size version as you See it is a modular pistol you can Actually swap components out between Them they make a compact glock 19 style

With a four inch barrel this is a four And a half inch barreled one And you can swap them all around feel Like you get a compact or maybe buy Other components you can just play Around with it and swap them if you want Barrel looks just like a glock though Just like a glock polymer recoil rod i Have no problem with that at all Not at all on the pdp some might One thing i would have liked them to Have done a little bit better is it Seems like this whole area right here Just has some sharp edges so sharp edge Here a lot of beveling going on But there’s a sharp peak right here peak Right here i would like to have seen it A little bit more melted I’ll just leave it at that Top look right here No holes in the chamber no witness holes Big ol extractor Good looking pistol long beaver tail on This thing too so it buries really deep In the hand To a point When i first started shooting this i Kind of felt like i was shooting a Higher bore axis until i started Shooting it and i’ll discuss what i mean Here in two seconds uh and i think That’s features down and dirty and i Probably forgot stuff oh i did the Magazine

Look at the rounds count dude 18 rounds What 18 rounds That’s pretty good so i mentioned how It’s not really a sniper’s pistol like The ppq And i i knew this wasn’t gonna fit i was Like well this is a shorter magazine It’s 15 round there’s no way it’s going To lock in i was like oh It looks like the angle is Right it fits but it won’t lock in this Version because this is the original ppq With this style of magazine release had I had a push button one which i do just Forgot to bring it These will lock in and they are Compatible with a ppq the only reason They’re not compatible here is because They’re just too short so if you have a Ppq you can go from pdp To ppq including the 15 round magazines Of the pdp i know a lot of acronyms hang With me so if you get the compact Version of the pdp Guess what they’ll work in your ppq That’s kind of cool It’s kind of cool so You know great magazine though polymer Base plate High quality construction blue follower In this version you get two with them And the back straps too How did it shoot

Well i mentioned when i grabbed this i Felt like i had an xd xdm in my hand i Felt like the boar was kind of out there Until i shot it and i was like okay it Shoots better At least dynamically than an xd xdm and I love those guns but this seems like it Was a little bit lower in hand Reliability hundred percent [Music] Those are all head shots you like it Don’t you think it’s dead on man All head shots got a great trigger [Music] Awesome love it I do too [Music] Good shoot brother hey this is uh you’re Kicking some ass with that thing wow This thing’s fantastic it is good let’s Talk about it um Really like the grip Palm swells nice very vertical i like That i like the vertical grip Trigger is fantastic man Nothing i mean you wouldn’t expect Anything less from walter but it’s got a Really short Clean break And man the reset is just nice and short It’s right there it’s awesome [Applause] I like it how about the thickness of Slide you okay with that

Yeah thickness is okay i think uh It’s a little bit thicker than the Competition well and maybe for carry Maybe that becomes an issue i don’t know Yeah you know you also have these Serrations i don’t know how that would Work for you for carry but uh The point’s nice i think with this grip It comes right up to Perfect alignment it’s a great grip yeah It’s very nice Yeah and it’s actually set up for uh i Mean optic sights yeah and the grip and Everything is designed for that i mean We’re shooting with irons obviously but It’d be a great pistol to red dot too I really like it i like it more than i Thought it would All right do me a favor and go shoot the Ppq in just a mag with the ppq and we’ll See what you think If i had something that i was going to Shoot and i wanted i mean i was going to Shoot it all the time i would purchase Fire i’m looking for something ambi i Would practice that i never practiced That because i Most things aren’t set up they aren’t Okay gopro start recording You’ll love that one too that thing’s Sick i think i’ve shot this with you Before but [Music] Go for head shots on this one see okay

On it [Music] [Music] [Applause] Nice gun Nice shot you know if i was going to Give you a quick comparison yeah two Things i i noticed this has got a little Bit shorter grip Same angle same palm swell I think i like the full size grip a Little better personally yep I like the sights on the other guns just A little bit better it’s the way that Those are aftermarkets i put on there Are they okay And then Same great trigger walther’s trigger’s Fantastic I don’t know there’s not much oh one Thing i was gonna say I don’t like that mag release personally That’s the only thing it’s different Yeah it’s different they changed it in Subsequent versions but That’s a first edition Yeah yeah That said so on the side There it is right there awesome nice Okay That’s with steel cased ammo brass case Ammo hollow points some old crap i had Left over because i am kind of scraping The bottom of the barrel

Hey fioci give me a call i want you to Sponsor the project Just saying Yeah so 100 reliability that is awesome So i’m calling it a combat handgun we Kind of need that if it chokes on any Level as a full-sized handgun But not too great it’s not great Okay here’s the accuracy [Music] Now one cool thing about this is uh and I Should i take that apart i think i will Let me take this apart right now so they Talk about on the website that you can Actually retract it and you can actually Take the back plate off for field Stripping uh so you don’t have to pull The trigger I always think that’s stupid i’ll just Just pull the trigger safe direction So we just have the glock-like tabs Right here and then we push the slide Forward a little bit and i hope i don’t Screw this up i probably will There it is There you go striker fired a la glock Allah glock four rails And i was gonna say uh and i’m thinking Of another handgun that i’m reviewing Tonight it’s not this one so we have Four standard rails here One thing i forgot to mention about the Barrel and this is interesting speak

Going back to features Is that it has a tapering chamber in it And if you look at the brass that you Fire through your pdp you’ll see that it Has kind of a squeeze on it And that kind of forces A really tight seal In the barrel and it results in more Accuracy well maybe accuracy but Velocity I didn’t chrono this but some guys are Saying that normal rounds might approach Plus p velocities in a pdp I didn’t test it i’m just passing that Along uh it might be a little bit Overblown it might just be a small Advantage but you might want to be aware Of it Now anytime i hear of like a tapering Chamber i’m always concerned about Reliability but again the reliability on This unit was fantastic Reassembling the pdp so field strip as You can see is just easy easy easy Same as a glock and the glock is still a Standard measure Here’s the accuracy About 70 yards So [Music] So Dude what What What that’s like one hole that’s three

Shots that’s six shots into one hole This is me standing in at the range so This is indoor range and i hope i have The footage because a hard drive crash Uh crashed I think i got it Holy cow Great group right there dude Very accurate and i said snappy recoil Felt like 124s and i forgot to mention That it does feel a little bit snappy In overall shooting and i did feel like I was shooting 124 grain bullets And they were just 115s normal pressure I’ll leave it at that the grip awesome The sights awesome shoots a bit low i Didn’t bother adjusting that rear sight I could very easily do it there’s a Group there group there group there one Shot there Group there [Applause] I actually like shooting at the range i Probably ought to do it a little bit More Sometimes i’m shooting in like a 20 mile An hour wind it’s rough i gave myself a Squiggly mark on that one not so great Good grip look dude that’s what you need To take take away from the pdp It’s a one whole group pistol this is me Hand holding it it’s not You know on a rest so there’s some human Factors involved and sometimes i just

Suck I didn’t today on this day dude look Awesome Look at that fantastic Really excellent all right you might be Asking yourself is it as accurate as the Ppq Yes Ppq was just as accurate i mean i could Shoot the same with the ppq On par How about a glock 17 How about a glock 17 is also very Accurate there’s a zev glock i shot this Is a stock lock 17s there you go Shooting Uh dude i was at 15 yards with that what That’s crazy good Little block between the zev and the Regular glock And i’ll mark the zev look at zeb right There oh my gosh 15 yards handheld There’s video out there proving it too If you think i made this up go watch a Dev block review If youtube has not deleted it because They’ve been deleting a lot of my videos And i would love to leave youtube please Subscribe to my other feeds shown below The video i want to bounce but Apparently everybody in youtube loves Youtube including gun guys they complain About youtube like they they don’t Follow me to other platforms they don’t

Maybe one day maybe one day Shooting dynamics therefore were very Fun very accurate Fast fast fast Guys that know a lot more about pistols Than me say this that the pdp Is allowing them to score better than Any other polymer handgun they’ve ever Fired I think that was contained in the American rifleman review you might look That up But they’re saying the splits are fast Great trigger great accuracy just a Really cool Competition like Combat handgun This is not fancy and i’m so glad i Remembered to say this you you’ve seen Her shooting it she Loved the pdp i am not kidding you [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] On it [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Keep these fingers Straight never mind You like it don’t you yeah i like that One too it’s nice it’s huge i’m

Surprised i like it with my hands it Shoots pretty soft though doesn’t it Yeah little does it feel snappy and Recoil the trigger’s soft like I feel like Because this cup One time i just remember going whoa Didn’t even hardly know it was like foam Really nice sugar on it went But yeah [Music] [Applause] [Music] So You buy that gun Yes Does it seem like it’s bulky to you Like a big gun yeah like fat it just It’s big yeah which i usually don’t like Big for my hands but but you’re used to Things like that aren’t you I liked it I like it yeah if it was a little bit Narrower in the slide it’d be really Awesome But it shoots great yeah 25 ounces She’s like this gun is awesome and she Has small hands i mean this is kind of a Big grip for her and she has like small Sized Women’s gloves And dude she was like oh i love that Love that gun totally

Uh The gun is outstanding It has some quirks i’ve covered them Very honestly Would i buy A wall through pdp Here’s my cone Yes i would totally buy one i’m Surprised that i liked it Sometimes just sometimes step dads don’t Suck This step dad does not suck it has a lot Of great features Red dot ready oh and i forgot to mention This it’s also flared right here on the Front strap So when you tighten your grip up it kind Of pushes that muzzle down so it aligns Your red dot quicker I know and it doesn’t interfere with Shooting irons if that’s what you’re Wondering but that’s what this portion Is right here kind of cool some thinking Going into the pdp yes i would buy this Gun I’d buy this gun would i sell My ppq to buy a pdp And if that’s my only choice my answer Is hell no No way don’t sell your ppq i don’t care If it’s a first edition second edition M2 or what keep them they’re awesome They don’t have the rounds They’re down three rounds to this

Competitive options Well i’m already at my target time for This This is a great handgun and i want the World to know it how about the taurus G3 go watch my review yeah that’s right I said taurus it’s awesome this gun is Awesome Fantastic g3 Very lightweight Slimmer than the pdp It was 100 reliable in all our testing Here we see the weirdness of not Continuing the traction up high and we Have a thumb indentation here it’s got a Great trigger 17 rounds in the g3 it’s much less Expensive don’t forget about the g3 it Is a fantastic competitive option I showed you the p10c still love that Gun It’s heavier this gun’s i think like Three ounces heavier But it’s bigger Holds one more round i just love the gun Even with this texture i can live with It and i’m not changing it and then of Course we have the uh beloved Glock 17 which i have right here and i Was smart enough to get my gen 4 for This review The glock 17 is the glock 17 still a Standard to measure it’s got quirks It’s got quirks so we’ve got you know

Grip texturing here not as good as this Great magazine release undercut i told You this is very similar Very similar the one thing i will say is That notice how this flares out Right here and the glock does not do That Right here And i’m so glad i saw that weight 25.5 Ounces this is one ounce lighter than a 17. and i totally forgot to tell you the Weight 24.6 ounces The pdp it looks like it’d be heavier Right not so much Single slot accessory rail i like this One better but glocks are glocks are Just reliable i have tiny straight Eights on this i really love these Sights Really love them You know which between these two I’m not going to answer i’m not going to Answer both outstanding guns all right Wrapping it up it’s a recommended pistol That’s right the pdp by walther i’m Surprised i was Literally ready for this thing to come To tabletop and i was go this thing Sucks Don’t buy it This is a rat one cerakoted by myself in The day actually this is uh duracoated By myself we’ve got a beautiful mini gt Mclaren senna

In orangish red Guess what my watch is for this review And i’m not talking about the one on Table the one i’m wearing how about a Tag hoor Thirty five hundred dollar out tavia Chronograph with a rotating bezel and Yeah i took this son of a gun apart and Hands modded it Sapphire crystal it is fabulous worth 3 500 dollars I’m not going to say no it just depends Just depends on what your valuation is You know i just don’t know it’s a great Watcher really cool 44 millimeters Across Sop with camel and this is a focker dr One Very cool wrapping it up thanks so much For being a donor for subscribing at the Very least please subscribe hit the Notification bell in youtube so you can Be alerted when i have another dumb gun Review like this Not fancy [Music] [Music] [Applause] You


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