U.S. Model 1842 Percussion Pistol by Aston Dated 1851

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of ShilohRelics.com about an original U.S. Model 1842 Percussion Pistol by Aston Dated 1851

How’re you guys this is Raphael from Shiloh relics calm I hope you’re having A great day And I am very thankful that I get to be With you again today I love getting to Share this history with you today we’re Going to talk about a gun that is very Attractive for a weapon and I know a lot Of people say how can weapons be Attractive if you’re a collector you Understand if not I’ll try to help you Understand it the variations of weapons To somebody that likes and appreciates The progression of weapons you like to See that progression of time the gun we Have in front of us today is an Important one in US history up until This model it’s the model 1842 up until This model the guns had been flintlock Meaning that you had an actual hammer That held a piece of Flint It struck what they call the pan and it Caused a spark to fire the gun with this Model bow it was state-of-the-art In 1842 it used a percussion cap which Is a little bitty piece that has a Feminine charge on the inside of it that Sparked instead of having the spark from The flint this one was more dependable The Flint didn’t break it was a lot more Durable this one the model 1836 was the Last flintlock handgun this one is the First adopted u.s. percussion handgun They made these guns from 1845 until

1852 there were three manufacturers of Them two of the three are fairly common The third one is rare and faked on white The biggest maker of these was Henry Astin and he as well as the other maker IRA Johnson were in Middletown Connecticut and Astin who made this gun Was responsible for making about 30,000 These Johnson made about 10 So they’re a good bit tougher to find Than the ones made by Aston they’ll Bring and on average comparable guns Condition-wise another hundred dollars Or so the third maker was located well The third man who made some in assemble Some was located in Columbia South Carolina it was at the palmetto Armory And it was a fellow named William glaze And William glaze was a money maker He took odds and ends and retailed him As put the symbol guns He sold silver he did a little bit of Everything and he did about a thousand Of them there are probably 20,000 fakes Out there of his they are super Desirable because they’re considered a Confederate weapon even though they were Made a decade before the war you see Them they’re very distinctive because There he marked them usually very well So be careful if you run across one of Those don’t buy one from anybody that Won’t guarantee it if you get one from Anybody just be sure they’ll put it in

Writing because if a piece is real They don’t mind putting their name Behind it because the letter that you Get is only as good as the person you Get it from back to this gun this one Was made by Aston it’s got the mark on The lock plate it’s behind the hammer It’s got the production date and this One is 1851 and 1851 is a date that you See fairly often oh nice that was one of The bigger production years they are Pretty to me because of the brass we’ve Talked about before I’m like a crow I Like shiny things and these guns Utilized brass for the trigger guard and For the backstrap and for the grip cap As well as for the barrel band and they Tied the barrel band in to the plate That’s opposite of the lock plate so When you’ve got all of that pretty Golden brass go It’s an attractive weapon the barrel is Smoothbore meaning there’s no rifling And that was common on guns of the day This one fires a 54 caliber round ball It’s a bullet that you actually see Excavated in civil war campsites on a Fairly regular basis especially in the Early days of the war so they were using These during the Civil War they were Almost outdated but they were still Having to use them because it’s what They had on hand not everything Immediately did they have brand new

Stuff for everybody used they used a Little bit of everything they imported Stuff from Europe they made their own They altered what they already had in The Arsenal’s this one though 1851 could Have been used either side during the War you never know could have not been Used you never know unless you have a Soldiers name that is positively Identified anything before the war could Have been used but we never know these Guns are kind of interesting because They’ll have the date on the lock plate And then they’ll also have one on the Tang of the barrel the little piece that Goes behind the barrel that screws into The gun itself is called the tang TI ng Just like the drink so not quite as Tasty you will have a date on there as Well and you’ll also have some marks on The back and that’s where the government Inspector approved the gun for military Use this one was marked by JH who they Say was joseph canis there’s a couple of Guys with that name or with those Initials and so it could be some overlap On some of them that’s for the technical Guys to decide and there will also be a Cartouche stamped into the wood the wood On these they use a one-piece walnut Wood and they have a very pleasing look One trait that I love about these guns That started actually with few models Earlier

But this one was major production if you Notice the ramrod is on a swivel and That’s because if you’re on horseback And your ramrod falls off your outlook You’re Sol this one has a swivel so when You pull it out you might drop it but it Doesn’t get lost and a lot of times that Breaks off and it’s been replaced and That will affect the value of these guns If that’s been replaced it’s going to Bring it down a little bit because they Make new ramrods new swivels and if you Need a replacement for those you can go Online and find them Because a lot of times you can get the Gun a lot cheaper if it’s missing and Just add you one and it looks good and It’ll save you some money because all of Them are desirable if they’re in a lot Of those guys you probably won’t have Them out there doing a little home Gunsmithing Hey that’s a great thing Because it helps to preserve the guns That some people don’t like as much I Like them all it’s like asking a Diabetic what kind of sweetie likes I Like this gun in this shape it Originally would have had a little bit More finish when it left the factory but It’s just aged to a pretty color it’s Consistent all over a gun like this is Going to run you today somewhere between Eight hundred and a thousand dollars This one is available on shiloh relics

Calm as soon as I get the pictures taken And put up there I’ve been trying to do A few of these videos to catch up for You guys I hope you go on to Shiloh Relics comm because I’ve got a few of The other ones I think I’ve got a Johnson made one on there right now and In a couple of different conditions so If you get a chance going to Shiloh Relics comm there’s a whole section for Firearms and there’s also if you don’t Particularly care for firearms we got Edged weapons we got swords bayonets Uniforms buttons buckles a little bit of Everything because I try to I like it All and I Try to share a little bit of everything With you guys I hope that you’re doing Well I hope that when you get that Opportunity that you’re kind of someone That little bit of kindness you give to Them might be the only kind of thing That happens to them all day long So remember whether it’s the person Working at Walmart or the person at the Drive-thru just be kind it’s not a hard Thing to do and it could make all the Difference in the world in somebody’s Life I hope you guys are well I love you All and I’ll catch you next time thank You


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