U.S. Model 1817 “Common” Rifle by Johnson Dated 1821

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of ShilohRelics.com about the U.S. Model 1817 ”Common” Rifle by Johnson Dated 1821

Hey you guys this is Rafael from Shiloh Relics calm greetings from Tennessee We’re having a good day the rain is Finally given in for just a little bit So we’re hopefully going to dry out some Today I hope that you guys are doing Well I hope things are good for your at Today we’re gonna talk about a gun from Before the Civil War but some of them Still got pressed into service during The war because a lot of times they had To use whatever they could get this one Is officially known as the u.s. model 1817 flintlock rifle they are often Referred to as a common rifle nothing Common about them they’re tough to find Guns they got that nickname because During the time that they were used There was a gun made by J Hall H ALL in Harpers Ferry that was his patent it was A breech loader and the bracelet was Completely wild at the time this one was The common of what they was used to of What they were used to sorry my English Skills evidently have evaporated they Who are referred to as a common rifle Because it’s what they knew at the time The hall was the new crazy wild State-of-the-art thing this one still Muzzle-loaded And it was what they were used to so They get called a common rifle but There’s nothing common about them Because they only made thirty eight

Thousand two hundred of these during Their production right they let four People make them four people got the Contract there was derringer in Philadelphia there was Nathan Starr There was Simeon north and this guy was Made by our Johnson and Johnson was in Middletown Connecticut and he made these From 1824 to 1827 he only made 3,000 so Less than 10% of the whole run was made By Johnson so they’re a tough one to Find you don’t see them that often What’s cool about this gun is that it’s Still in the original flintlock and Figuration see this lock plate that uses A flint that causes a spark when you let The hammer go that causes the spark that Fires the powder in the barrel later Guns had the percussion cap that caused The spark so they didn’t need the flint It was more dependable so they switched A lot of these over later on to fire in With a percussion cap that makes these Tougher to find because when you see Them in the original configuration or Like this they’re tougher to find this One action still works on the lock plate It has the maker’s mark and the maker’s Mark on this one has a real cool eagle And above it it has our Johnson and down Below at Middletown Connecticut behind The hammer we have the production day This one was done in 1821 still got a Great look to it original configuration

Barrel full-length 36 inches it has a Fit it fires a 54 caliber rifle bullet Have seven lands and grooves this one’s Original shape still same size some of Them got bored out later on but this One’s in the original size interesting About these they were never designed to Be used with a bayonet so you have that Front sight but it was not intended Originally for a bayonet the guns are Very distinctive when you look at them They are a little bit smaller than the 1816 they fire a smaller caliber bullet They are rifled they own the stock on The gun is the one-piece walnut wood Like we talked about all the time almost All the guns will utilize a walnut stock On the stock speaking of the stock the Large part of the stock that down by Your shoulder it has this and that is What’s known as a patch box and you Could carry your patches for shooting You could also carry a gun tool sometime An extra flint so this one has that Still functions and you can tell this One it got used and I like that about One because you know it’s all service You don’t know where it was but with That early production date could have Been anywhere it could have been pressed Into service during the Civil War you Never know but it’s just a nice looking Gun all the way around they will bring a Good bit more than the comparable model

1816 69 caliber that they made tons of But they made a lot of those these like Said only thirty-eight thousand two Hundred only three thousand of them are Johnson made so this is a scarce one if You get a chance you need to go on to Shiloh relics comm you need to check it Out oh and you need to order it because It can be yours as of the time that I’m Filming this it’s still available it’s Got your name on it if you need Something for your fourth of July Present tada we got it I hope that you Guys do have a safe fourth I hope that You remember never forget your history Never forget those that came before us We’ve got to learn from those that came Before us we’ve got to learn good and Bad of those that came before us and Remember I will always tell you to be Kind but I will also always tell you That equality not superiority no one is Better than anyone else it doesn’t Matter your flavor so please be kind but Nobody is better than you if you are Being kind and being good to others Remember that because we’ve got to stand Up for right in that we’ve got to so Many people are getting ran over because They feel ashamed of who they are I’m Not for superiority of white I’m not Superiority of black I’m not superiority Of anything I am for equality and Equality means that we are all even

That you are not subservient to anyone I Love you guys I hope y’all have a great Day Be kind when you can and we’ll catch you Next time love you


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