Trying Out the Colt 1860 Army Revolver

In this week’s video, I’ll be trying out the Colt 1860 Army revolver, made by Pietta. Be sure to subscribe to my channel for more videos. Thanks for watching!



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Hi I’m Dustin winegar last week I did a Video on unboxing Colts 1860 army Revolver and now it’s time to finally Try it out and not a moment too soon the High fructose gang has returned again Now they haven’t been around a while so I got complacent but let’s go out see if The 1860 army can take care of those Carbonated bandits the powder charge I’m Going to be using is 30 grains and this Has a 30 grain spout so it’s pretty Measured and this is the triple FG go X:real black powder so put that into the Chamber for a projectile I’ll be using My home cast four or five four round Balls just Ram that down and repeat that All the way around now with all of my Chambers loaded I just need to add the Caps to the nipples and I’m using Remington number 10 percussion caps now I’ve got the gun completely loaded now I Did load all six instead of five because I heard that there are six of those Carbonated bandits hanging it around Here so I’m just going to rest my hammer On one of the safety pins and it looks Like once again I’ve got my gun loaded Just in time because here they are Looks like there’s just one more of Those carbonated bandits Well that was a lot of fun and it looks Like the high fructose gang has been Taken care of for now while I’m out here I just want to put the gun through one

More test I’ll just quickly fire off six Shots to see if it can just get through A cylinder without any trouble after Being fired a bit not even a cap jam Well this 1860 army performed very well It was shooting a bit high so I had to Aim a little low with those carbonated Bandits but that’s actually normal and To be expected on a Colt cap-and-ball Revolver the action on this revolver is Incredibly smooth pietà really seems to Be improving on that also the grip on This revolver is pretty large much more So than on the 1851 Navy and you’ll see Those compared in a future video but I Have very large maybe not very but Fairly large hands and so that’s a good Fit on this 1860 army I’ll be taking This out soon to another range where I’ll be shooting it on paper so you can See the actual accuracy and consistency And also shooting it over a chronograph So be sure to stick around for that well As always I hope you enjoyed the video Today maybe even found it a little Helpful don’t forget to click that like Button down below and subscribe to the Channel so you can see more videos and If you look in the description you’ll See where to find me on social media Thank you so much for watching

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