The US Navy Style Sharps Model 1859 Rifle

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of about The US Navy Style Sharps Model 1859 Rifle

Hey you guys this is Ray PL from Shaolin Relics calm hope you’re all having a Good day today in Tennessee it’s a Little warm but everybody still upright And taking nourishment that’s a good day In my book today we’re going to talk About a interesting gun from one of the Most famous of all Civil War arms makers Today we’re going to talk about the Model 1859 new model sharps rifle they Are basically a sharps carbine with a Longer barrel that he made both of the Carbine and the rifle in 52 caliber they Fired a paper or linen cartridge they Had a the rifle length is 30 inches on The barrel shorter on the carbine and You can tell them from a mile away Because of the length of the barrel and The fact that the four stock has the Three bands before stocks the piece of Wood that goes underneath the barrel Which kind of it makes it look better Plus it adds protection once you’re Firing it a lot the barrel is going to Get warm and that wood keeps your hand From getting burned multiple purposes They’re a neat looking good they made a Quite a few of them they made different Models they’ll refer to them as the new Model 59 the new model 63 policy they Are basically a progression of the same Gun the one that we have with us today Is kind of interesting because of a Couple of the characteristics that it

Has underneath the front of the barrel You see this this is a what’s called a Lug which was the piece that was added To the barrel to let it attach a saber Bayonet and as we’ve talked about Sabre Bayonets we did one a while back you’re Going to have to go back watch that one Again they were a bayonet that could be Used as a sword or a regular banette Hence the name Sabre bayonet These show up in the 39 to 40,000 serial Number range with that lug is referred To as being part of the Mitchell Contract and they made these for the Army and the Navy they ended up being Used by the US Navy the arm client to Buy them all so most of these are Referred to as a Navy sharps they’ll Show up they’ve made forty-three hundred Of these total 1500 of them went to the Army twenty-eight hundred went to the Navy but this particular serial number Range is referred to as part of the Mitchell contract that’s the government Guide Mitchell that went in and bought Them for the Navy all that is got a new Camera it doesn’t seem to want to Cooperate with me today but we give it Up we’re gonna fish it out As for the gun they have the standard Markings that you see on a carbine of The time it’s got the Arias Laurens Patent mark like this it’s got the Sharps patent mark like this the sharps

Has an interesting way of loading when You have the gun up you [ __ ] it back it Drops down you load the linen cartridge As you pull this up it has a piece that Trims off the back of the cartridge neat Little design this one’s still fully Functional it has the two-piece walnut Wood stock very pretty wood the model That we have with us has the patch box On the stock as we’ve talked about Before the patch box placed carry patch Is also a place to carry your gun two Extra nipple if you made it looks like This looks like this when you open it There just a neat gun they are a very Desirable Because there wasn’t a lot of them made Compared to the carbines because they Were more expensive and they’re just Cool guns if you get a chance to go to The website currently I have two of These I got a collection had two of them not Very often you see one much less – you Can go on and compare them momentarily We will have an iPhone 11 for sale Because I’m gonna crash this one because It is shut down three times on me but I Don’t give up so go home and check the Thing out I hope you guys know that I Appreciate every one of you that takes Time to go and watch these to look Around the website I’ve got a lot of Stuff on the website and I know it’s

People say well how long can I find it Just look because there’s so much There’s a search engine up there I put More things on than most people do so I Can’t just have a new item section Because it would have at the end of a Week a couple hundred pieces on it so go On look around I hope you know that I Appreciate you when you get a chance Please be kind I have watched some Videos this week of people that have Just lost their mind they’re being cruel They’re being unkind they’re being Vicious towards people but the worst Thing of all is that people are sitting By and watching it if you see someone Doing something wrong We gotta stand up and say no more Whether it’s white on black black on White any flavor on any flavor wrong is Wrong and we must do something about it We must stop if you see somebody Punching someone in the head don’t hurt Yourself but you got to get people Together you got to instead of filming The damn thing sometimes but quit Filming it do something about it you’re Not there to watch others be hurt we Were put on this planet to help folks We’re put on this planet to care about People and if you see some trash hurting Someone anybody Do something about it it’s not gonna get Better unless each one of us make things

Better it is something we all have to do And I know it’s scary lord I’ve seen Some of those videos where it’s five People beating up on one little person Just because they know they can get away With it sometimes you got to step up and I don’t have all the answers but I know Sitting by and watching violence isn’t Gonna make it better those people doing That violence are gonna realize I can Get away with this let’s see what I can Get away with next I hope you know that You love I hope when you get that chance That you take it that chance can be kind Of somebody because we all need a little More kindness hope y’all have a great Day and I’ll catch you next time and it Might be on a different camera because I’m going to break this what if it goes Down again love y’all catch you later

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