The US Model 1836 Flintlock Pistol by Asa Waters of Millbury Massachusetts

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of about The US Model 1836 Flintlock Pistol by Asa Waters of Millbury Massachusetts

Hey you guys this is rafael from shiloh Hope you guys are doing well my grandad Used to say i’m sitting up and taking Nourishment And that makes a good day i had some Good news this morning and if you hadn’t Heard it i want to share it with you Something Long long long long long long long long Overdue happened yesterday as of Yesterday The country music hall of fame’s newest Edition Will be hank williams jr and i know he Said for years he did Didn’t really care about it but that had To be a thorn in the side so I am glad that he’s going to be there Because He has meant a lot to people in music of All types He during his show he says i’ve done Songs with white bands i’ve done Something with black bands i’ve done Songs with everybody And he has i’ve heard uh he He’s just covered everything and i’m so Happy for him and uh Congratulations my friend if you watch This one i’m proud of you Always have been but i’m more proud that You have been a good friend to me And hopefully i’ve been the same to you

Today we’re going to talk about a gun That’s got a lot of character Holds a very important place in american Handgun history this Is the officially known as the us model 1836 Flintlock pistol why is that important This model the 1836 was the last Flintlock that was purchased in quantity By the u.s Government they were the standard Firearm for people during the mexican War while they were Still flintlock the Uh guns were very well designed very Well built And so later on they switched them over To percussion Like this one so this one’s actually had A couple of lives Originally flintlock instead of Uh using the regular hammer like we have Here The hammer held a flint that caused the Spark to make the Bullet shoot out of the barrel the Barrel on this 54 caliber eight and a half inches long And so that that’s a lot of gun a lot of Bullet For a handgun the Breach of the barrel has these markings On it it’ll have the u.s And it’ll have the initials jh which was

Was the Inspector that approved the gun for Military service joseph hannas And it’ll also have his initials on the Stock as well as Like this w-a-t william a thornton And he inspected a lot of stuff he did Swords and he did guns and he did Muskets So you see his mark on a lot of things He was an important cat These guns were only made in The percussion system from 1836 to 1844 So you’ve got eight years worth of Production They made uh 41 000 of no Yep 41 000 of these during that time Frame and there were two makers there Was asa waters Who was in milbury mass and he made 23 000 of them he was the largest maker This one was made by asa waters the Other ones were made by robert johnson Robert johnson was in middletown Connecticut he made 18 000 of them total 41 000 took me a Minute to do my math I went to those middle c public schools And i slept a lot but i paid attention Enough to add 23 and 18. just took me a minute did you Hear that squirrel Running trying to make it get to the Next one

Uh these guns when they came out they Had a case hardened lock And the case hardening is just a way to Finish the piece Look at this it still has a ton of that Original finish Most of the time that’s missing this one Really pretty Even behind the hammer it’s got some and You can see That maker’s mark of asa waters it says A Waters millbury mass and it’s kind of Interesting Those first seven years this is the mark That they used And they would change the data course This one’s in 1843 They changed the date the last year for Some reason they changed the lock plates Too they put A h water asa h waters Uh on the lock plate so you’ll See one variation in the lock plates Over the eight years and it came the Last year You don’t see those very often i i think It’s been years since i had one As for uh the conversion Flintlock was out of date the Replacement For the flint causing the spark they Started using a percussion cap That had a little charge on the inside

Of it when the hammer struck it Caused the spark went down through the Nipple Uh into the barrel and lit the powder In the bullet charge shatter out the gun So there’s several different kinds of Conversions that you see there’s Local homemade kind of conversions are Some of them that were converted by Southern Uh people you see those and they can Bring a lot a lot of places in richmond Converted them Several places because it’s what they Had on hand when the civil war broke out Most of them were done like this during The 1850s up to the civil war time frame This one you can notice the brass piece Right below The nipple that’s the original brass pan That was owned when it was a flintlock They trimmed it down Rather than just leave that big gap Where that would have been they trimmed Off the brass Finished it well and it’s very well done This version where the nipple is Actually in the barrel Is known as a cone in barrel conversion Nice and simple on that they have a One-piece walnut woodstock As you can see it has really clear Cartesians these are as nice as stamps As you will

Ever see on one of these most of the Time they’re blurred because that’s part That just wears a lot so you don’t see It that nice That often front of the barrel we have The original Uh sling swivel for the ramrod Another thing i’ve shown you on other Models but i just think it’s cool so We’re going to show it again When you pull that out instead of it Getting lost if you’re on horseback It’s got a swivel to it that keeps it in Place Think of how many thousands of ramrods That saved even in the 1950s when the Great great grandkids were playing with It They didn’t lose it it’s still there so Nice gun to find if you can find one in That original flintlock it’s gonna bring Up At two probably three times what one Without Or one with the conversion will bring a Lot tougher to find because These were tools and they reworked those Tools to keep them in the field keep Them In service so you don’t see them in that Original flint very often This one really pretty most of the time When you see the conversions they went Back out into war

And they got used up wore out slapped to Death And this one’s nice it’s nice all the Way around you can go to As i tell you before you can own this One you can own its brother There are several other things on there I hope you buy one more or All if you want everything in the shop I’ll sell it to you and i’ll start back Over Not too proud and some people say can i Put it on the way away Yep you sure can uh because my first us Buckle was 48 dollars and larry he could Let me make three payments on it because He Knew i didn’t have 48 dollars so we can Do layaway We take all types of credit cards you Can uh We’re almost like burger king on pretty Much anything you can have it your way I appreciate you guys i know the last Uh video that i put up got a little Emotional on it I’m so thankful for you guys though and When something happens to me in my life I like to share it with people because i Learned Over the years that sometimes it just Helps to know you’re not the only one That’s going through something and You’re not the only one

That is feeling a certain way so I don’t mind sharing my experiences with You i hope you don’t mind that’s why i Do them at the end if you don’t like Them you can cut them off But hopefully uh we’ll be able to help Each other Because that’s what we put here for all The rest of stuff is just an extra We’re put here to help each other uh Because if we wasn’t supposed to help Each other we would Not be able to talk we would not be able To communicate And that’s the thing a lot of people Have lost is that ability to communicate People hate each other that don’t Understand each other Most of time they don’t understand each Other because they can’t converse They cannot carry on a conversation to Understand what’s going through Somebody’s head Give them the benefit of the doubt give Them a hand up if they need it because We all need a little more help I’m so thankful for you guys i hope you All have one I hope you have a hell of a day because I want you to and you deserve it and I’ll catch you next time Love y’all

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