The U.S. Model 1841 Hall Percussion Rifle by Harpers Ferry

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of About The U.S. Model 1841 Hall Percussion Rifle by Harpers Ferry

Good morning you guys and greetings from Tennessee i hope you’re all doing well We had some storms roll through last Night some rough ones but uh knock on Wood everybody’s okay a few Branches and trees down but as far as i Know everybody’s still alive and kicking That’s a bonus uh i hope you guys are Well today we’re going to talk about a Gun that is Different it uh Is one that a lot of people don’t know Exist They’re well let’s start with a little History on january 4 1781 there was a cat born his name was John h hall and hall is one of those Guys that Is one of the most important guys in Firearms history and he most people Don’t know existed john h hall was the Guy that developed equipment that would Actually make guns with interchangeable Parts Before then the majority of them went Along a pattern but they Were hand finished and a lot of times Parts wouldn’t interchange So in the model 18 19 He developed A Breach loading State of the art at the time but it it Looked basically like this gun

Uh he made uh 19 680 of them they made Them uh Most of them Not the early ones early ones were made In maine but he made most of them at the Harpers ferry arsenal in harpers ferry West virginia Uh Mr hall though the key part for these Guns was those interchangeable parts Because it changed the game yeah i mean It Can you imagine all the other guys Trying to fit everything together if you Had to repair one of the hall rifles you Just put stuff in it and moved right on Down the line Amazing thing that happened He made those guns As a flintlock you see most of them when You see them they have been converted to Percussion but in 1841 they actually Made a percussion version of The Basically the same thing as the 1819 Rifled flintlock But this one left the factory as a true Percussion Uh They made 19680 of the early flintlock versions They only made 4 213 of these they fire 52 caliber bullet From that 32 and 5 8 inch barrel

This one’s got a full length barrel but It was made as percussion rather than Using a flintlock Uh again state of the art Uh on february 26 1841 Hall died and so when they made these Guns they left his name off of it they Still put this Which is on top of the block itself It will have the h ferry for harpers Ferry West virginia Now it’s a national park so if you get a Chance go by there and if you go down by The water they actually still have some Of the equipment that actually made These guns great park a beautiful place It’s one of those beautiful places i’ve Ever been But it’s Definitely worth a stop by if you get a Chance but it’ll have the h ferry uh us And the 1841. the 1841 is uh They made them two years they made them 1841 1842 So this would have been one of the early Ones Uh there’s a couple of features that Show up on this gun that are completely Different from the model 1819 what are Those i’m glad you asked i would be glad To tell you and share that with you Because i want you to learn things Because knowledge is power

Uh on these guns On the old guns they have this it’s just A lever to raise the block these guns Though Uh use What had just been seen On an earlier model on the 1840 Hall north carbine they try something Different they use what is called a Fishtail or a whale tail you’ll hear it Called sometimes but it’s just the lever That raises that block Actually still works good on this one But it’s this It actually looks like a fish tail or a Whale tail To raise and lower the block Which is completely different than the Earlier one this one still has it as you Can see it works well Uh made from percussion the whole time Not converted Uh on the back of the trigger guard On the 1819 they have a spur that comes Out they get rid of it on this was a lot Of extra work that didn’t do a whole lot So they got rid of that on this model Uh The rifling the rifling on these is Seven groove uh rifling This one’s got great rifling this is a Beautiful gun picked this up from a Friend of mine out in texas Is one

They say they made 4 213 of them i don’t Think they’ve made that many or i would Have had more But I got a chance to get it and i jumped on It because it’s different And even in a book In fladerman’s guide he goes through and He has them by dates But he puts this gun close to that 1819 Which If you’re looking Back in the uh 1841 section It ain’t in there uh so it even confused Mr moon this flight was always nice to Me so i always But Sorry i digress my caffeine has worked This morning most of the time you hear Me say it happen uh but you can go on The shallow relics you can look at this One there’s lots of pictures of it Because i thought it was cool and i took Pictures from every angle uh great gun It can be yours I had We did the little civil war show in Corinth mississippi last weekend it’s Great to see everybody everybody uh they Had great attendance man there was a lot Of people came through the door Uh and one of the folks that came Through And i uh

I try not to share too much but uh I want to give a shout out to some People that deserve it a friend of mine He and his wife came through and Their daughter had been very sick and She passed and they are raising Their grandchild And There’s a lot of people That You don’t hear about you don’t think About that have stepped up and done that That’s I raised I helped raise my girls And I’m tired I love my grandkids i love my all my Heart i would die for them today if need Be But raising them would be a hard thing To do and so i just want to give a shout Out to all of those people that have Stepped up when times got hard and are Raising grandchildren Uh especially at a more advanced age Because Uh my bender don’t work as well as it Used to and that gravity is heavy and The ground is further away and little Peoples tend to be on the ground a lot So I just want to say thank you to all of Those people that do a very thankless

Job uh because of love These guys they had just lost their Their daughter and My heart it just Is a hard thing to to to talk about but Hey they Uh and i though as they were leaving i Said i want you all to remember one Thing i said remember That that Little fella is in a Not so great situation but That little fella is lucky enough that He has two people that love him And a lot of people ain’t got that so Shout out to all of those people that Are taking care of uh children or Parents or anybody that it’s a thankless Job well you got thanked today because i Am thankful for you thankful for the Heart that you all have i hope you all Have a great day go to order a pile of stuff Because i can use the money I’ll catch you later love y’all

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