The U.S. Model 1816 Military Flintlock Pistol by Simeon North of Middletown, Connecticut

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of About The U.S. Model 1816 Military Flintlock Pistol by Simeon North of Middletown, Connecticut

Hey you guys this is raquel from i hope you’re all Doing well hope you’re having a good day Things are going well here i’m just Thankful to get to be with you guys Again today Today we’re going to talk about a big Gun From a very important time in american Firearms history Where things kind of get lost sometimes And they’re underappreciated for how Cool they are And they were important for many many Decades After they were produced this gun Is one of the many arms that was made Right after the war of 1812. They realized the war of 1812 is like we Need to get our butt in gear and get Things Standardized and more prepared just in Case england comes back for that third Time or another country comes back So what did they do they made muskets They made swords They made pistols one of the pistols That they made was the us Model 1816 flintlock pistol There was only one maker for these guns They were made in middletown connecticut By a famous Gun maker of the time named simeon north And north made these guns from 1817 to

1820 Only made 19 373 of them During that time span and it was an Important time span And they made a very cool pistol it’s Big check that out big old gun 9 and 1 16 inches on the barrel The barrel is smooth board meaning it Fired just a regular round ball bullet It’s 54 caliber and 54 caliber In case this is the first one you’ve Watched 54 caliber means that it’s 0.54 Uh of an inch so a little over half an Inch in size They were made originally as flintlocks And meaning that you had a piece of Flint in the hammer That hit a pan and caused a spark that’s What fired the bullet Later on they most all of these were Switched over to percussion meaning they Got rid of the flint They got rid of the pan they added a Piece To hold a percussion cap cause a spark And that would be what fired the bullet Rather than the Flint when you see them converted It diminishes the value because people Like them most of the time Uh as the way they were issued Originally in flint They still sell when they’re converted And a lot of the ones that were

Converted Were done right before the civil war When they were trying to get their hands On everything they could Both sides were converting these old Out-of-date pistols They were modernizing them by switching Them to percussion so they could still Use them A lot of them got used in the war This one original flint and that makes a Lot of difference to a collector you Want to see it That way and it brings more money a lot Of times it’ll bring double maybe even Triple What one of the conversions will bring Just because Very few of them still are in that Original configuration This one is pretty from tip to tip It’s got that ancient dark color like it The Soldier came home set it up on the Mantel or over the fireplace and it sat There for 150 years It’s got just a dark thick color all Over the barrel At the base of the barrel see this it’s Got A us and it’s got a p for proofed Meaning that it passed Muster and could be used as a military Weapon

We’ll get more to that in in just a Minute on the lock plate The lock plate will have the union eagle And it will also have simian north in Middleton Middletown middleton i always try to Call it middleton as middletown Connecticut The production location this one the Action still works well all the parts Are there Makes a big difference the wood is a Really pure Really good it’s a really pretty piece Of walnut One solid piece of walnut carved and It’s got a dark look just like the rest Of the gun it has an iron back strap Iron grip cap uh own They used a hickory uh ramrod And i think that’s kind of cool that of All the woods that are out there you Choose hickory But they had hickory ramrods most of the Time they’re missing a lot of them are Replaced So if that that don’t let that bother You that just happened Because you remember one of the later Models not too long after this We switched to a swivel to hold that Ramrod in place This one still had just the loose so if You pulled it out

Loaded it and laid it down you’re liable To lose it So that just happened uh on the Back of the stock opposite of the lock Plate you’ve got this It’s called on the flat it’s got a Cartouche that says Ls what does ls stand for it’s for Luther sage s-a-g-e And he was an important man in the early Uh first half of the 1800s And he earned his way up up the ladder He Started in 1809 working Uh for as an armorer In the springfield armory he Was making and i learned things when i Do these videos It’s fun because i learned things i had Seen his name Forever and i never really knew about Him because he shows up on swords he Shows up on Long guns he shows up on pistols and Important guy Never knew much about him he started 1809 making 18 bucks A month that’s what he made and it’s a Pretty good job at the time He rose his way up uh in Until 1823 where he’s listed as Uh the assistant armor and inspector of Contract arms So he was approving these at the time

Made 40 bucks a month That’s a lot double his money from when He started uh He in 1823 went on to frankfort arsenal And worked there and then went back to The springfield arsenal And he shows up uh he last inspected an Arm in 1840 So he was there over all those years Making me do math today i can’t believe I’d do that to me over 20 something Years he was inspecting Guns for the government uh he died October 1861. What happened in 1861 the civil war Started And a lot of the pieces that he had Influenced and approved Were used during that war so somebody Way back Then that inspected this gun was still Influencing things during the civil war But it’s luther Sage s-a-g-e so thank you mr sage for Your contribution to our country Uh and i’m glad i Now know the story of luther sage But it’s really pretty it’s untouched It’s Looks good from all angles you can see This on shiloh You can sign up on to Get Uh emails from us you can place your

Order online And once you place that order the second Order you get a return customer discount Because I appreciate you there are a lot of Places they don’t give a damn about you But i do I’m thankful for you because you let me Do things you let me call this a job And i am very very thankful for that uh I hope you guys are doing well i talked To a friend of that that Uh and it’s just Sticking on my mind and he Uh was out in the world and did Uh a show trying to make things better And He caught a lot of crap for it the show Wasn’t Uh well i just won’t go into all that But the reason i mention that is because He had a lot of people that turned on Him And didn’t do it in a nice way if you’ve Got constructive criticism Be careful of how you say it i watched a Friend of mine that Is one of the nicest best people i have Ever known Uh that spoke to somebody this weekend And i thought That’s not the person i know i think the Internet has turned a lot of people Bitter

And i think the world has turned a lot Of people better Please don’t let that happen we can Trans Uh translate the message that we want to Get across to people In a nice way even if it’s not something Nice that we’re saying And they’re a lot more likely to Understand it and take it in and soak it Up If they don’t write you off as being a Butt head when you say it So take time and study before those Words fly to your mouth And if you’re online don’t say something In a text message Or a post that you wouldn’t say to that Person If they were standing in front of you And especially you wouldn’t say to them If you thought they would stomp you that Is not a good thing to do it does not do Anybody any good especially you Think positive be that positive force Because i We need it and i’ve got faith in you Guys because you’re smarter people than Most folks because you’re watching these Videos We’re all gonna get smarter i learned About luther sage today I’m gonna learn something else tomorrow And i hope to get to share it with you

I hope you guys are doing well i hope You remember you’re cared about Tell those that you love that you love Them because you might not ever see them Again And be that positive light catch you Guys next time

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