The Starr Arms Company .52 Caliber Metallic Cartridge Cavalry Carbine

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of About The Starr Arms Company .52 Caliber Metallic Cartridge Cavalry Carbine

Hey you guys this is Rafael Alex from Shallow in Savannah Tennessee It is great to be back with you guys Today and I mean that a little more than Usual I found out something over the Last month 30 years worth of moving cannonballs is It really good for your health according To the doctor so I had a few hernias Repaired so I hadn’t been able to do These videos in a while uh but I’m up And moving again I’m very thankful to be With you guys today we’re going to talk About a civil war carbine that made it Right in at the very end of the war uh And it’s made by a very famous company In Yonkers New York there was a company Called the star Arms Company and star Made they’re best known for their Civil War revolvers they made a few different Patterns of revolvers and but they also Made some carbines the one that you see Most often is the percussion model of This gun uh meaning that it used a Percussion cap They made 26 or 20 601 of the percussion Version of this gun this one though Fired a Rimfire cartridge meaning that You you actually had the powder Contained in a cartridge uh and the Hammer struck the edge of the car Cartridge itself to fire it So they uh were changing over from Percussion to the cartridge guns as

Quickly as they could because it was Quicker to load uh easier it was more Dependable and these this gun they made 5002 of them uh the first thousand Actually got delivered March 9th 1865. Then some of them got delivered to the Winchester Virginia Ordnance Depot and That was on the union side even because It was Laden to War and the war was Basically over they were just finishing It up Um the last of the 5002 got delivered on May 25th 1865. so uh they’re right there At the end a lot of the guns that were Ordered didn’t make it in at by the end Of the war you’ll see a lot of them that Were just after the war photos this one Made it right at the very end uh as far As the guns you can tell them a mile Away from the percussion ones because of The way the hammer is done because you Uh it’s a completely different shaped Hammer they also serial number the Serial they also put the serial number On these guns differently the regular Version you dropped down the block it Stamped on the side of the block uh this One they put it on the breach of the Barrel and the stock itself you can see The serial number on this one the Mechanics work if you look at this one a Lot of times when you see these they’re In rough shape for some reason they Might not have got used in military

Service but when they were sold as Surplus a lot of them got beat to pieces This one is really pretty it’s got just A dark look all over and these guns the Early version of them Had a brass butt plate and I had a brass Barrel band they went the less expensive Way with these they did the Iron Band And the Iron Butt plate so if you look Real close you see that immediately and Say oh cartridge version Uh this one is pretty I got it from a Collection of star pieces down in Florida a while back good friend of mine Decided to let me get his collection Very thankful for that and if you get a Chance go on the website because Speaking of star he had a the biggest Collection of star bullet molds that I’ve ever seen I got about 10 of the 44 Caliber star bullet bowls for the star Double action or single action revolver So go on there I’ve got a few of those Get them while they last because once They’re gone I don’t know where I can Get another one but this one uh as far As the markings it’s got the Yonkers uh New York markings got the star Arms Company just a nice gun all the way Around they’re made with a 21 inch Barrel a two-piece welded Woodstock this One’s got the original saddle ring on The back of the of the uh frame just a Really really nice gun all the way

Around Um And you can go in there I’ve got several Things uh going to be heading to a show This weekend and gonna supposed to get a Couple collections going and coming so I’m gonna have a world of stuff uh be Putting on the next little bit since I Hadn’t been here in a while I I told you Guys that my dad passed and thank you so Much for all the kindness and love that Was shown to me and my family during That time I appreciate all of it I ended up going In for the surgery so I hadn’t had a Chance to reply and tell everybody thank You so thank you for your kindness uh The it’s getting colder and you guys Know that I’ve tried to encourage and do Things to help folks they uh Every time it gets cold I think about Something that I heard last year because They say that the number one most Requested piece in homeless shelters are Socks it’s simple just a pair of socks You take them for granted unless you Ain’t got them so next time they’re at Walmart Dollar Store wherever you’re at Pick up an extra pack of socks and just Drop them by somewhere it doesn’t cost That much and it might help folks more Than you can possibly imagine so be sure To do that I got mine on the list for The next Walmart pickup but I hope you

Guys are well and thank you for the Kindness uh I’m very thankful and dad Would have been very very proud to have Seen the love that that brought out Mom’s doing well she’s a strong lady She’s going to be just fine she’s uh but Thank you guys for all of you that Reached out uh to offer love and support For her I appreciate you guys I’ll catch You next time now that I am standing a Little straighter I I’ll hopefully get More of these done got some neat things I can’t wait to share with you and I’ll Get them on there as quick as I can Thank you guys have a great day

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