The Springfield Armory Conversion of the Civil War Model 1860 Spencer Carbine

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of About The Springfield Armory Conversion of the Civil War Model 1860 Spencer Carbine

Hey you guys this is rafael ellidge from Shiloh in savannah tennessee I said that three times start this thing It screwed up each time but hey i don’t Give up that’s why i’m still here uh Today we’re gonna talk about an Interesting gun that actually saw two Lives In on march 8 1860 the year of our lord There was a fellow named spencer and he Got a patent for a repeating carbine It revolutionized everything it really Really made a huge difference during the Civil war The Standard gun that he made is known as The model 1860. they made that gun in a Carbine length like this and then they Made one in a rifle length Longer barrel basically the only Difference with the longer four stop The civil war one the model 1860 which Is what all of the civil war collectors Like has a few distinctive uh Characteristics They have a 22 inch barrel And the barrel length changes later on They go from a 22 inch length to a 20 inch length on The next model which was the model 1865 So it’s easy to tell the two when you Look at them because the 60 has the two Inch longer barrel At the end of the war though they

Realize they can trim it down get same Basically same effectiveness so what do They do they trim it down because less Metal less expense They also change the bore size The Civil war one the standard civil war Would Fires a what’s known as a 5656 And it’s a little misleading because the Bullet is actually 52 caliber but the Cartridge at the top of the cartridge is 56 100 of an inch and the bottom of the Cartridge is 56 100 of an inch Which means it’s straight all the way Down After the war they changed the board to A 50 caliber So If all of the new ones were going to Have the 50 caliber boards what do they Do with the old ones Glad you asked and i can happen to be Able to tell you Uh The They did a few changes they did a few Improvements on the old guns to Modernize them They left the barrels the same length Because there’s no need to cut it off And re-barrel the whole thing what do You do then you put a sleeve in the

Barrel so they actually put a sleeve Three barrel uh three my caffeine oh i Need more caffeine this morning They Sleeve the barrel uh put a liner in this In the barrel uh that has three groove Rifling they uh and they did this at the Springfield armory the famous Springfield army that made the uh the Rifle muskets and the flintlocks early On Uh they Took these in And Reworked them so they could keep using Them during the indian war so it’s kind Of neat you’ve got a gun that saw civil War service and one that was used later On So it’s got a couple of lives but they Make the bore size smaller they leave The barrel length the same 22 inches on An original civil war 1860 Um 22 on the 1865. they did a couple of Other changes they taper the hammer Because they found out that the spur Uh or the edge on the end of the hammer Could easily get hit knocked back And accidentally fired so They taper the hammer like this To keep that from happening another Problem that they had was because the Way the lever was on the spencer It opened easily so what’d they do to

Stop that good another good question man Y’all are on it today you’re a lot Better than i am y’all must have had Your caffeine On the trigger the uh On the Right in front of the trigger they have This it’s called a stabler cut off a lot Of times called a stabilizer cutoff but It’s a stabler cut off because of the Cat that developed it But it’s a stabler cutoff and that Prevents the The action from opening all the way When you don’t want it to And another problem that they found Uh The Guns spencer is is most famous because You could load seven shots into the Bridge into the stock of the gun Has a tube magazine tube like this Holds seven cartridges on the civil war Ones they are smooth on this end And the 65s they add ribs to make it Easier to open this one still has the Original 1860 tube in it So when they took these guns they took Them into Uh springfield armory And and they did them did these Conversions between 1867 and 1874. So one thing about it is you know that It was in government hands

And so you know it was a civil war gun Because it was either in the stores all The time or it was turned back in but it Was in the stores that the us army had During the civil war So it goes into springfield they do These alterations uh a lot of times they Refinish the guns Because they were making bringing them Back up to speed Sometimes they will restock them Meaning that the wood had damage to them So they replaced the wood so you do see That from time to time but it’s correct On these it’s not something that was Done in 1987 It’s something that was done 67 to 74 in The 1800s A lot of times they mention inflatoman’s Guide you hear me rich and mr flagerman All the time But they mention in there sometimes the Markings are light and the markings on a Spencer They didn’t do like a lot of them they Just had a very simple marking it’s up On the top of the frame here reads this It says uh patent like we were talking About the march 8 1860 it has a spencer Repeating arms company and it also has The boston massachusetts production Location this one you can still see part Of that barrel still full length 22 Inches

It’s a very pretty good i got it i sold It to a fellow a while back and He found a confederate sword he liked so I got to get it back in trade the other Day i was like that’s a pretty good i’m Gonna get to tell some people some Things that they might not know that’s One of the things that i have loved About this is that i get to share these Kind of things uh with you go on the Shallow relics i got pictures of this One from backwards to forwards forwards To back uh at the current time of this Video it is for sale uh i’ve got a lot Of carbines on there right now because i Bought a little collection of them Great guns love them by all of them i Can I just got back in one of the reasons my Voice sounds so bad we got back from Seeing this man this week uh this Weekend see i can’t even talk matt We went to see paul mccartney up in Knoxville uh because i was been a Beatles fan for probably 10 or 15 years And Wanted to see him on this tour And as i was watching it it reminded me That there’s a lot of things that we Probably said well i’m gonna do that Someday i’m going to do that someday i’m The world’s worst i’ve driven by every Exit in the country that has something Cool to stop and see at it and i went to

Maybe 1 out of 20. I’ve been all over this country and i Ain’t see a lot of things that i was Like i gotta do that some other time i’m Gonna do that some other time don’t wait Hell i was watching paul mccartney and He he still had his paw flair And he still had his uh talent But His he was weak looking and frail but he Was still moving around and his voice Didn’t have that pop it used to have but Hell he’s 80 And 80 used to sound old it don’t sound Old no more so my whole point of this Rambling is to Go out and do what you want to do go see What you want to see get off that couch Much as i like you watching these get Off the youtube and go do something with Your family with your friends Because life is precious and we need to Treat it that way uh And right now if you’ve ever liked music Hell right now is the best time to get To go see it because those guys got used To it got spoiled by it now they when They couldn’t do it for two years they Want to do it you could tell he enjoyed Being up there and he He Moved around and he played Several things and he just had a good

Time So let’s make the most out of today Let’s make the most out of tomorrow we Can’t change a pass but we can affect Today I love you guys i’ll catch you next time Remember to tell those that you love That you love them catch you later

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