The Scarce City of Philadelphia Marked Prussian Navy Musket

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of about The Scarce City of Philadelphia Marked Prussian Navy Musket

Hey you guys this is rafael from good morning i hope You’re doing well Today we’re going to talk about a gun That is very Very very easy to overlook Some of the really interesting guns of The civil war time frame didn’t start Out in america they came over here from Over the pond This is one of those that looks really Similar to a very common rifle And if you didn’t know any better you’d Overlook it just like that But if you look closely you see Something that’s really cool Really scarce this one Is officially known as the prussian Model 1849 navy rifle Or navy musket excuse me it’s not rifled Smoothbore This one is was made in prussia When we look at the lock plate we see That double-headed prussian Federal eagle and right below that we Have shul Shul is a area in uh germany and it’s Also A manufacturing center and they made Really nice quality uh pieces it’s got a Good clear mark Down below it it’s got the anchor design And uh they only they say they only made 1200 of these i found another spot that

Said 2 000 but I couldn’t verify that i think it’s 1200 Originally which in many And when you figure uh There weren’t many at all to begin with This one was brought over And converted from flintlock to Percussion In philadelphia it was done by andrew Worfline and we’re flying That cat was an entrepreneur’s Entrepreneur He converted guns he sold guns he Fixed guns he was uh he he was Impressive And uh they did the conversion on this One And they did it for the city of Philadelphia And that lets us know that it did come Here and it did go Uh in into service here in america Rather than stay Over there in prussia at the breach of The barrel We have a couple of interesting marks at The very breach on the top we have the Matching anchor Mark like this on one of the flats Though We’ve got the city of philadelphia Marked like this So that lets us know it did go to the City of philadelphia

Thank you mr worthline for all you did He did quite a bit that ended up in The keystone state there but this one When you look at it if it’s laying on a Table you’ll overlook it because it Looks very very similar to that prussian Model 1809 musket The big heavy one that they imported A good bit of and they went a little bit Everywhere And they’re fairly common they’re not Overly They’re neat guns i love them don’t get Me wrong but they’re not Super desirable and they made thousands Of them This one whole different critter it Looks like that 1808 but it looks shrunk Down This one has a 37 inch barrel still Fires a 71 caliber bullet so bam it’s gonna Pop when it hits uh 71 caliber Round ball because it’s not rifled um It’s they’re really pretty guns but it Looks like that early prussian shrunk Down just not As big uh they stand out from a lot of The guns because they have Brass everywhere you look at this it has A brass Nose cap it has brass barrel bands brass Trigger guard brass Uh brass just everywhere uh it has an

Iron butt plateau I almost let that slip so called that Brass but it ain’t Uh the guns have the single piece Uh dark wood stock really pretty And this one’s well marked it’s a scarce Gun went to the city of philadelphia And it’s easily overlooked so the Details are Very they’re they’re so important So look next time you see one of If you’re at a show or somebody’s Collection and you see a a gun Don’t write it off as just a regular old Pot stand go and look at it See if you can see that anchor see if it Looks a little bit smaller Because it makes a world of difference This one is complete it’s got the ramrod It’s got the sling swivels uh it’s just A just a nice gun all the way around It’s got some wear and i like that Because that way you know it just didn’t Set an arsenal For four years this one somebody used it Somewhere It’s a cool gun if you go onto shiloh you can see pictures from Every angle As of the time of this video it is for Sale You can own it you can see its cousins And brothers And because i’ve got a lot of stuff on

There right now about a couple Collections working on a couple of more Uh i hope that you guys are doing well If Uh I’ve noticed here lately that There’s a lot of anger in the world There is a whole lot of anger in the World On i’ve seen normal sane People saying and doing crazy things And if it would help anything i’d be Like hey Go on do those crazy things say those Crazy things but it ain’t We all need to take a deep breath we Need to focus on some positive things Uh go back and watch The clara barton video it’s one of my Favorites I i watch it just because She’s impressive to me she was a light In a very dark time And we need some of those clara bartons In the world a step forward because the Leaders we’ve got right now On both sides i wouldn’t hire them to Work at mcdonald’s And i love mcdonald’s but We need some positive people we need Some positive movement forward And we can’t count on those people to do It so we’re going to have to do it Ourselves we’re going to have to be that

Positive Rational considerate thinking People that are out there because there Are a lot of modern just Crazy people but we got to make it Somewhere we got to move forward on Positive things and I hope that i am a positive thing in Your life because You guys are a positive thing in mind And i want to say thank you i say it a Lot but i mean Every time i am so thankful that you Watch these videos i’m thankful that you Share them i’m thankful Uh that you give me the feedback that You get Uh i appreciate you guys i hope y’all Have a wonderful day i hope you have the Best damn day you have ever had in your Life Because you deserve it you’re smart Enough to be watching these videos love You guys i’ll catch you next time

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