The Richmond Arsenal Confederate Assembled .58 Caliber Carbine

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of About The Richmond Arsenal Confederate Assembled .58 Caliber Carbine

Hey you guys this is rafael ellings from in savannah tennessee i Am so thankful to get to be with you Guys today One thing that i have really enjoyed About these videos uh that we’ve been Doing for over uh a couple of years now And i’m so thankful to get to do them But they give me a chance to tell you Why i like certain things and what i Thought was neat about them when i Bought them because most everything in The office is something that i actually Bought with my own money because i liked It And sometimes there can be a piece that Looks plain and simple but is not it is Actually very cool very s Just different and this is one of those Pieces when you look at this gun it Looks like it’s just a trimmed down Regular springfield rifle but there’s a Lot more going on here than just That When you think of the richmond armory You think of To me i always think of the full-length Confederate made copies of Uh standard 58 caliber springfield rifle They did a lot of them it was the Largest producer of long guns in the Confederacy they made thousands of them But they also did a lot of other things That you don’t hear as much about

There Is a great book The richmond armory and it goes into a Lot of the detail on the other things That they did they reworked guns they Would actually get guns picked up off The battlefield they’d bring them in They’d rework them reissue them because They had to make the most out of Everything that they had because the Confederacy just couldn’t say well That one’s broke let’s throw it away and Start over nope They did everything from patching Putting back in the field taking the Parts putting on other guns they they Did a little bit of everything it’s a Great book and it’s a lot of statistics And goes into detail on things but one Of the things that they did They actually manufactured a smaller Shorter gun referred to as a richmond Carbine and this kind of carbine isn’t a Breech loader like a sharps Uh it’s actually basically a shortened Down Musket this they have a 25 inch 58 Caliber uh barrel rifled barrel And they’re referred to as a richmond Carbane there’s a few things that you Can look for on these you got to be Careful because there are a lot of fakes Out there what i love about this one is Just man

It’s got to look from front to back side To side i love it uh But What they did they took confederate Parts they put took leftover Union parts And they made them a functional Short-barreled carbine Like i said 58 caliber uh 25 inch barrel And one thing that you can look for on It look at this That front sight is Made of iron and it’s pinched and it Usually comes up to a cone That’s distinctively richmond when you See that that far back On these guns The Back of the barrel where the regular Site would have been that site’s been Gone for a gajillion years And you can see it’s also cut for that Stabilizer line it’s a richmond barrel As well another richmond trait as well The stock shorter it has two barrel Bands instead of the standard three for A long rifle The barrel bands have retainer springs These guns used a brass nose cap it’s a Confederate nose cap The Had the standard two sling swivels on The trigger guard and one would have Been on the front barrel bands and gone

For a gajillion years as well but the One thing that they did on these they Screwed a third Uh sling swivel into the sta uh what They call the belly of the stock behind The trigger guard and it’s just screwed In there a lot of times it’s gone Because those threads it just comes out And it’s gone The Butt plate on this one check this out no U.s on it never had one uh because it’s One of two things the most confederate Richmond Rifles are brass butt plates this one’s An unmarked iron No way to know if it’s a leftover part From some uh other place Like they got when they picked up some Of the parts that uh Uh Harpers ferry that’s the word i was Looking for there it was got it back in Here So you don’t know about that Uh i saw one identical to this At the mansfield ohio show last week Which is what triggered me to want to do This one it was same gun same marking Same everything Had a brass butt plate iron nose cap so They were using just whatever the hell They get their hands on because that’s What the confederacy had to do

As for the lock plate check this out 1861 springfield Yep that’s right they used a springfield Lock because if you’re on a saddle in The saddle in battle you don’t care What’s on the lock plate you care that That gun is functional and this one you Can tell by that color everything Matches it’s been there since methuselah Was in knee pants Uh But it’s got a whole lot of character And you can tell some of the other parts Were just leftovers or seconds check out The cast and fly on this trigger guard That never would have made it through a Northern armory of any kind look at that Big casting floss that’s cool And it’s just got a lot of flavor so Sometimes things might say one thing Like 1861 springfield and they might be Something completely different this one Is a confederate gun i mean it’s got If you listen to it you can hear it Playing dixie in the background yep go On to shiloh check it out uh It’s a great gun it’s on there and it’s Available as of the time of this video Like i always tell you a lot of times They get sold quickly Because they are One of one and so go on there and check It out i hope you guys are all doing Well

Uh we had a great show in mansfield ohio One Sad thing that happened on it was that i Heard the news of Miss judd passing away And The I was one of the people that went bought The ticket and went to the final show That they did In i think it was 91-92 at My school middle tennessee state University i was at that concert And years later i got a chance i got an Invitation to go to the opening of the George jones uh museum in nashville it Was a great museum i don’t think it’s There anymore Uh but i met her and got a chance to Spend a little bit of time with her She was uh soft-spoken Very kind Was very nice Very pleasant But you just never know what kind of Battle somebody’s going through and so My thoughts go out to her family To anybody that Has someone that is struggling with um Mental illness Uh Addiction Or Suffering from

Leftover trauma from a suicide because Uh The that that is something that is very Very hard to get over and i wish them Only the best Uh She seemed like a kind soul she was very Nice to me she was very kind So i hope that you rest well miss judd Uh thank you for I wasn’t a great big fan of their music But there was one uh grandpa tell me About the good old days and it just Reminded me of my granddad and The stories that he would tell and So uh i always have a special place in My heart for them i hope that the Family’s doing well hope that you guys Are well and if you are suffering from Addiction or mental illness or anything Else don’t be afraid To ask for help there is no shame in Asking for help the shame is in not Asking for help because everybody needs A little help sometimes I hope you guys are well Uh Remember a lot of good people out there And if you’re struggling It’s all right most of us are struggling Too love you guys and i’ll catch you Next time

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