The Remington Firearms Company 1865 Dated .58 Caliber Military Rifle

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of About The 1865 Dated .58 Caliber Military Rifle By The Remington Firearms Company

Hey you guys this is rafael from i hope you’re having a Good day this is the fourth time i’ve Started this because the words just Don’t come out the right way this Morning so we’re going to try her again Because i don’t give up we’re going to Talk about a neat gun from one of the Most famous companies in Military And firearms history it’s from the Remington firearms company in ilion new York yep that’s the remington company That is best known for their uh during The civil war for their pistols they Made 44 and 36 caliber pistols that were Actually in my opinion better designed Than the colt counterparts but mr colt Seemed to have a little bit better pr Man very few people know that they Actually made A military rifle well we see a lot of The remington zouave guns but most of Those didn’t make it into service they Went to surplus but they had a contract To make 40 000 Of the full-length um Military rifles 58 caliber and they make A note in there that they’re the model 1861 with 1863 modifications what the Hell does that mean It means that they were made instead of Having a clean out screw at the breach They have

The solid construction and it’s got the Eagle on it on the lock plate we’ll have The remington mark And Alien production location uh it’ll also Have the 1865 production date man that’s late why Would it be so late i’m glad you asked That’s a good question i’ll be glad to Tell you uh they received their contract To make 40 000 of these in december of 1864. They didn’t get them all finished in Time matter of fact they finished the Contract in march of 1866. uh so They still got paid for them they were Late getting them in they were after the Thing so when they delivered them Government said the hell of war’s over We don’t need all these what we’re going To do with them remington offered to buy Them back they bought some if not all of Them back And remington being the good marketer That he was they knew there was a war That was going to kick up over in uh There’s that word to disappear Europe It was the franco-prussian war and the Franco’s the french uh needed a gun that They could surrender Sorry i’ve never been a big fan of France sorry for guys and friends if

You’re watching Uh Sorry i took a danger But The guys in france said well we’ll take Them and they bought them what did they Do with them when they bought them they Stamped them with their own stampings on The bridge of the barrel they put this Little proof mark and it’s also on that Proof mark Is right beside the eagle and the vnp On the side of the barrel we have gm and That’s the guy that approved the barrel In america george mills So we’ve got that french proof mark Beside the eagle and vp And they also stamp them on the stock Like this And so we have those that let us know That this was one that went over there To france somewhere along the line it Came back over here and it just made it All the way to savannah tennessee that’s A long way from france uh you can make It to paris tennessee a lot easier than You can paris france but this gun has Made it all the way around Uh as for the gun itself It’s uh Designed Like a model 1863 springfield Has the 40 inch barrel the barrel is Rifled uh 58 caliber and in case this is

One of your first times hearing about One when you say 58 caliber that means That the bullet that goes in it is .5 8 Of an inch 58 100 of an inch So it’s got uh and this gun’s pretty i Mean it’s got the look you can tell it’s Been together in the state we see it in Uh since methuselah was in short pants It’s it’s a nice gun there i actually Know the lock works well Uh still has nice rifling has the Correct type one a type two sight with Just one leaf in it Uh it’s got the original ramrod both the Sling swivels the stock is one piece Walnut wood real high quality wood on The flat opposite of the lock you can Still see the inspectors cartouches when These guns even though they weren’t Going to go into uh Service because the war was over they Were still had to be a good enough Quality for the government to buy so They had the government inspectors Approve them this one has two it has owa For oliver w ainsworth if you mess with Colts you know that name because he Inspected a lot of those Cool and expensive cults and the other One is twr for thomas w russell that’s The two cats that said hey this stock’s Good enough let’s go Uh let’s see if there’s anything that i Forgot

Of the two models i don’t remember if i Said this because the memory is still Not great They did model 1861 and 1863 about Almost 800 000 Guns between springfield And so And the other contractors so this one is A small contract compared to a lot of Them Uh you don’t see them inevitably it’s Because most of them did go overseas so Because it’s first one that i’ve had in A long time on the barrel and the lock Plate we’ve got that matching 1865 Production date 65 the dates you don’t See very often on these guns so If you go on the shallow relics i have Pictures of it from every angle because I always want you to know exactly what You’re getting when you buy something From me i don’t like you to have Surprises because i don’t like returns Because i got other things to do But besides packing up since it’s just Me here in the office i pack it and i Unpack it so i want to be sure when you Get it you are happy with it and enjoy It and i love it when somebody calls and Says hey that’s better than what it Looked like in the pictures that’s my Goal I hope you guys are doing well i i want To keep a good thought out for all of

Those people in ukraine uh Those Uh man Those guys over history have not had a Pleasant trip And they are some tough people who i Would not want to mess with them and i Think putin is realizing that Uh they’re a little bit more than he Thought they were going to be they Thought they were going to roll over And they did not so uh good thought for Those guys uh speaking of good thoughts You guys have been amazing i have had a Lot of people reach out after the thing About smile train uh That helps cleft lip and cliff pellets a Lot of donations on that thank you guys For being who you are and for your Support of me and Thanks for being good folks hope you Guys are doing well If you get a chance go onto the website And see if there’s something that you Would like to know about uh I love these videos because they get Give me an opportunity to share with you The reason that i like it and the reason That i bought it because i’ve got to the Point where i won’t buy it well that’s One of two reasons it’s just really Cheap Or it’s something that i like so most of The pieces that i have on my website i

Bought for a reason uh so it go on there Check it out and drop me an email If i can i will I don’t get a chance to reply to all Emails because i do Uh I put one i’m a one mule show I pack it i write it up i picture it uh Describe it Ain’t but one mule pulling this wagon But i will be glad if it’s something That i can accommodate i would love Because i like telling you guys about This stuff and it means a lot to me we Crossed over 1500 subscribers Uh last week and that’s that’s a pride Point because when i first started Looking around at the civil war uh Videos there was one guy that had that Did regular relic videos that had 1500 Subscribers and i thought well that’s my Goal i’d like to be i’d like to have More than him and so we’ve matched it Be sure to uh show it to your friends And have them subscribe because i’d like To beat it i just want to win i love you Guys i hope you’re well i’ll catch you Next time and uh thank you for Everything that you allow me to do i Love my life and i love my job i’ll Catch you next time

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