The Remington Beals Patent .44 Caliber Army Model Revolver

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of about the Remington Beals Patent .44 Caliber Army Model Revolver

Hey you guys this is rafael from i hope you’re all doing Well I’m i’ll say it every time but i am Thankful to get to be with you guys Today Thankful for each one of you that watch These videos i appreciate you sharing Them appreciate you liking them and it Means so much to me when you guys say Hey i enjoy those keep them up I’m thankful for them because it gives Me a chance to share what i’ve learned Over the years And it gets me a chance to be with you Guys and it’s it’s really helped the Sales and i thank you guys for it I couldn’t do what i do without you guys Today we’re going to talk about a gun That looks A lot like a standard civil war gun but It’s a lot tougher to find The regular 44 caliber remington Revolver that’s referred to as an army Model They made about 140 000 of them this Is one of the earlier versions this is What’s known as the bills patent Uh remington army model 44. They only made uh about 1900 of these Now we made them in 1861-62 There’s a couple of things that you look For on them Compared to the standard remington 44.

The quickest way there’s two quick ways But Along the top of the barrel the early Models will have actually Beel’s patent b-e-a-l apostrophe s Patent and this one has it the other Ones Uh will have just regular remington and Sun Or remington company ilia new york and This one has the ilia new york because That’s the production location Uh but it has the bills patent that’s The quickest and easiest way The other way is if you look at the Loading lever the loading lever which is The part that actually packs the bullet Down Into the cylinder is beveled a little Bit different Uh very distinctively compared to the Other and it just drops down to pack the Bullet in That’s the loading lever of the gun These guns uh they estimate 50 to 80 Were purchased by the government 750 of Them passed inspection and will show up With inspection marks it makes a big Difference because People like to know that it’s a gun that Was bought and Used during the civil war by the Military There’s a couple things you can look for

On them on the grip Of this gun you can see the faint Outline of a large oval a cartouche A large oval which is just a stamp into The wood and it has the initials W-a-t w-a-t was william A thornton he’s a fellow that approved The gun for military use Most of the time you can’t see that mark Because it’s fairly light And not all of them they believe were Stamped and inspected because Instead of spending the time stamping And inspecting they got them in the Field So that is what is believed why some of Them don’t have it and why the marked Ones Are tougher to find on the other parts Of the gun Sometimes you will see a small inspector Stamp This one has the letter c as uh in Civil uh on the trigger guard In the frame and those things help you Know that it was an inspected Gun that probably went to the military They uh The military models show up serial Number 725 And above so that’s another good chance That it Is a military gun because 725 and above They did 750 of them you do the math

Because they only made 1900 of them so Odds are That’s three things that you can look For uh com To help you know that it was a military Gun They’re cool guns and they call them an Army model revolver because it fires a 44 Caliber bullet not because they Specifically went to the army Uh but the 36 caliber is referred to as A navy And a lot of times those guns went to The cavalry so Don’t get hung up on that all to a Collector all it army model means is 44 and a navy model means it’s 36 So don’t get hung up on that just that’s What the collectors have gotten to call Them over the years Uh this one is cool the numbers match It’s got the original grips it’s got Wear to it you can tell that it went Into service And that’s what happened with a military Marked gun made in 61 62 they went straight into service And that’s why A lot of them were used up worn out Thrown away Uh but this one survived if the action Still works It’s it’s just a nice gun it’s got kind

Of a battleship gray color all over I like that because you know it was There you know it saw the elephant And just a cool gun so if you get a Chance Uh i i think i’ve got a regular army Uh remington on the website compare the Differences in them because if you can Run across one Knowledge is the key and if you know Those little differences You’ll be on top of the game next time You go to a show or next time you go And see one in an antique mall or Somewhere like that Never hurts to know i hope that you guys Are doing well I hope that you take the time to tell The people that you love that you love Them Because if you don’t tell them They might think so but they might never Know and I tell mine every day the last words you Hear out of my mouth is i love you i’m All out with that Because i do and i’m so thankful for the Family that i’ve got the friends i’ve Got the business i’ve got I wouldn’t take anything in the world For what i do Uh i know some people That every day are treated less than They deserve

And i hate to see that because People try so hard sometimes in in Whether it’s your kids whether it’s an Ex-spouse They don’t get the respect they deserve They try And they work hard every day and they’re Good to people so Recognize those people make a difference When you see somebody that’s doing The best they can do say hey i see what You’re doing And i’m proud of you for working so hard Because well it’s easy to give up It’s easy to give up on people but i i Don’t want to be that guy I want to be a positive force for change In a good way I want to be that person that when i see Somebody struggling Get my hand up i don’t give them a hit On the head and knock them down i Want to be that positive force and i Hope each one of you When you get that chance throw that hand Out and help somebody up If they’re working tell them thank you If that waitress If she’s busting her butt and gives you Good service say thank you I appreciate that because instead of Sitting home drawing a check Uh because i’d make 400 more by Drawing a check than working that person

Is earning it and they deserve respect Everybody deserves respect especially Those that work hard I’m thankful for you guys i’ll get off My soapbox now but remember i love you And i’ll catch you next time

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