The Palmer Patent Civil War Bolt Action Cavalry Carbine

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of about The Palmer Patent Civil War Bolt Action Cavalry Carbine

Hey you guys this is rafael from I want to say thank you to all of you Guys at watches i want to say thank you To all you guys that showed up at the Show last weekend in chattanooga Uh so far i haven’t heard that anyone Got sick Which we’re very thankful for for the Most part everybody wore their masks and Did what they were supposed to And i want to say thank you for all you Guys that showed up I ended up coming home with a literal Truckload of stuff so i’ve got a little Bit of everything right now so you Better keep watching the site the next Few days Well the next few weeks because there’s Going to be new stuff Every day that i’m able to be in the Office i’ve got a Really exciting a bunch of news that i’m Hopefully going to get to be able to Deliver the next few days But today we’re going to talk about Something that’s really neat It’s the first bolt action metallic Cartridge gun That was purchased by the us government That’s pretty important a lot of them Since then this one Was a 50 caliber carbine Fires a rim fire cartridge and it’s

The palmer patent carbine and on the top Of the uh breach It’s marked william palmer patented December 22nd 1863. so right in the middle of the war They’re trying to come up with these Designs of New and improved weapons and this was One of them They didn’t make it into service they Signed the contract to make them they Were made in windsor vermont by E.g lamson and you’ll hear that lambson Name because it’s the same Lamson l-a-m-s-o-n that Manufactured the lg and why muskets The ones that were patterned after the Colt rifle of 1861 special Model so they made these And on the lock plate you’ll have their Maker mark the windsor vermont location And behind the hammer you’ll have the 1865 production date They delivered these guns in June of 1865 so they were intended to be Used during the civil war They didn’t make it quite in time for The end of the war that ended in april So they’re a little bit after But they’re still considered a civil war Carbine because they were one of the Ones that were contracted There was only they estimate how many of Them made

They think there was one thousand and One so If you own this one there’s only a Thousand more to get and you’ve got them All But this one is beautiful look at the Case coloration on that lock And the case coloration is the toning That they did at the factory To make it’s uh it’s a process to make The finish stronger To make the gun last longer as far as Rusting Things like that it’s got a full length Barrel the barrel on these are 20 inches They fire that 50 caliber rim fire Cartridge Which was state of the art at that time And they load a neat way they’re breech Loading For a metallic cartridge you cut the Hammer back You turn this a quarter turn it slides Back And it’s opened up like that for loading And if you notice the hammer like this If on just one little bitty side is Designed to hit the rim of that Cartridge So it’s kind of a big hammer to do one Little strike but it was an important Strike But this one the action still works Smoothly

It’s got beautiful colors on the hammer They utilize one barrel band and the Barrel band is the piece that’s on the Four stock That attaches the barrel onto the wood They have on the back of the stock they Have this Which is a saddle ring these uh Cavalryman would have you had a snap Either on his saddle or own a shoulder Sling To clip onto that the wood on this is Just beautiful It’s a great gun all the way around i Got this one from a friend of mine Out in the desert so it’s spent several Years out in the desert Dry heat it’s just preserved it Perfectly And now it’s your chance to own it if You go onto shiloh you can See this one You can see several other carbines i Think i’ve got some spencers some Sharps on there right now i think There’s a couple of neat smith carbines So there’s a variety and you know me i Like the variety I am thankful for you guys I hope that you know that i have Uh watched a lot And tried to learn more about the virus And not just the covet virus but the Virus of hatred that seems to be coming

Out of our country these days And a lot about the people that Are causing it We’ve got to not let those people that Want to make us all Hate mongers succeed because it’s easy To watch it and i get Angry sometimes i get angry and i watch It and i think Why would anybody put up with that Because we can’t We cannot let those people that their Only agenda in life Is to cause trouble ruin our lives We’ve got to stand up to them i’m as Peace loving as anybody in the world but That that stuff’s got to end we cannot Let Hate mongers ruin our life and i watch My friends post I’ve got friends that are republican I’ve got friends that are democrats And i don’t know why you’d want to be Either one I’m i really don’t because there are Extremes on both sides and i want to be In the middle I want to be good to folks i want to Take care of folks that need taken care Of And i want to punish the folks that Are trying to hurt good innocent people So try to be more moderate but if people Will not i don’t want

Anybody to ever get hurt and a lot of Those people are out there Just to hurt people and cause Destruction i never want to support Anything like that had some friends of Mine that are Brilliant people that are supporting People Causing trouble damaging people’s Property hurting people And they think it’s okay and they Wouldn’t hurt a fly I don’t understand what they’re thinking But i digress Give people the benefit of the doubt Help them when you can give them that Hand up But you got to stand up for something And Right is right and wrong is wrong it’s As simple as that I love you guys i hope y’all have a Great day be Sure to be watching because there is Going to be some great There is there is going to be some Wonderful things added to the site Over the next few weeks in every price Range In every category i’ve got muskets and Swords and Pistols a lot of pistols confederate Buttons confederate buckles There’s going to be a little bit of

Everything added in the next few days I’m broke as i’ve ever been but i sure Got some cool stuff and i’m going to Share them with you I appreciate you guys taking the time Hope you have a great day remember to Tell those that you love you love them Because it’s the last words you ever Hear out of my mouth is i love you I’m okay with that catch you next time

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