The Nippes of Pennsylvania Maynard Conversion .69 Caliber Military Musket

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of About The Nippes of Pennsylvania Maynard Conversion .69 Caliber Military Musket

Good morning you guys this is Raphael Illidge from in Savannah Tennessee I am thankful to get to be With you guys again today hadn’t done Many of these lately because you guys Have been keeping me busy we’ve had a Lot of shows uh we just returned from The what used to be the Nashville show And they moved it to Franklin Tennessee Amazing show Um and it was so cool I had so many of You guys come up and say man I really Enjoyed those videos and and the coolest Part was a lot of you guys said well my Friend told me about it and I watched it Because he told me so I appreciate you Taking the time to tell your friends Share these videos uh I I think it’s Helped us get a few new collectors in The business and that’s a great thing Because everybody needs to understand And appreciate their history today we’re Going to talk about a gun that is one of The oddest looking and most interesting Guns that you’ll come across before the Civil War after they switched From Flintlock to percussion they Realized we got all these old Flintlock Guns what are we going to do with them And they decided that they would convert Them to use percussion and they did in a Lot of ways but this was kind of a trial And error period in American military History where they tried things some of

Them work some of them didn’t uh there Was one gun that there were about 2 000 Of them produced Very few of them survived today because It was such a weird thing that even back Then they’re like screw this we do not Need this much headache this is one of Those guns and it’s a beauty I bought a Collection a friend of mine sold off his Uh collection for retirement and ended Up getting some beautiful guns if you Get a chance go on and Check those out this is one of them uh Well when they were converting those Flintlocks to percussion they tried a Lot of ways they tried cutting off the Back of the barrel and putting on a Whole new back they tried uh plugging The flintlock hole and putting a nipple In they tried a lot of different things And one of the things that they did There was a company in Philadelphia Pennsylvania uh DS nips N-i-p-p-e-s and he had had a contract to Make the guns themselves uh in you’ll Hear them referred to as a model 1835 or 1840 and he made 5100 of those from 18 1942-1848 when they decided to convert Them from Flintlock to percussion he Took most of the contract orders that he Had he took his own guns and Denim and Used those for the conversion he had two Contracts for a thousand each made two Thousand total and this is one of those

Two thousand on the lock plates you’ll Have the uh nips Mark as well as the Mill Creek Pennsylvania production Location you’ll see that 1842 date on Uh the lock plate but it’s got that nip So he used his own guns uh cut a little Corner there so that was a good thing uh But he the way that he did his he Plugged the hole and used uh a State-of-the-art uh thing that didn’t Quite work I mean if you’ve seen many of These videos you’ve heard me talk about It before he used the uh instead of a Percussion cap he used the tape roll Primer that was patented in 1845 by Edward Maynard uh Edward Maynard had Several Firearms patents had his own Cavalry carbine that we’ve talked about Before and if you haven’t seen that one Go back and see it because a neat guy uh He got paid a lot of money for something That uh wasn’t as functional as he Wanted it to be what was his uh what did He decide he was going to do to avoid Using the percussion cap he developed a Role of caps and it’s basically like You’ve heard me say it before when we Were kids and we had the cap guns that Shot the little cap rolls basically the Same thing uh but on a regular firing Gun He had this big door it looks like this That slides down And you put the roller caps in there and

As you pull the hammer back It feeds that roll of primers up there In front of the the nipple and it fires And if you notice on the edge of the Hammer it’s got a little a cutting blade On the edge of the hammer to cut the Roll of primers every time it fires it In theory it’s supposed to cut that Where you won’t have the paper building Up and messing up your firing this one Works perfectly Absolutely perfectly and the door still Opens and closed everything’s internal And that makes a lot of difference on The value of these guns because if You’re going to get one you kind of want It to function like it was supposed to Um on the door you’ll see two different Markings on these this one has the one That says Edward Maynard patentee 1845. there’s another one that will have Maynard’s patent Washington 1845 so You’ll see two variations on the same Gun even though they only made two Thousand of them that’s the thing about Collecting is I always want a little Variation so you got to have eight Billion different varieties to get them To get all of them they left the gun in The original 69 caliber meaning it fired A bullet of 0.69 inches across this one Full length barrel you can still see the The date and the inspector mark on the Breach it’s got a good clear U.S a

Sunken pea uh it’s got EB and that’s the Inspector that approved the barrel Elijah E-l-i-z-u-r elizer Bates was his name And you’ll also see on the stock you’ve Got the cartouches and you’ll have Another EB for a larger baits and you Have the w-a-t for William a Thornton Thornton inspected so many things from Everything from pistols and long guns Car beans everything you can imagine Swords he was he was a busy cat But this one is on the website now it’s Beautiful if you get a chance go and Check it out uh only 2 000 of them made And this is about as pretty as you’ll Get on these uh I hope you guys are Doing well it is getting closer to uh Christmas season and there’s something That is uh very important I think that Doesn’t get talked about a lot uh Christmas time is all you always hear About it being a happy and joyful time And it really is but also it can be a Time where uh some demons can sneak up On you and I have lost people to Addiction and it has been a very Horrible thing and I wouldn’t wish it on Anybody so I just want to reach out to You guys and say if you are struggling In any way don’t be afraid to ask for Help man ain’t nothing to matter with Asking for help I everybody needs some Help from time to time so if you’re

Struggling with alcohol Check out a meeting uh Alcoholics Anonymous There’s a lot of people that want to Help if you have a Problem with other things there’s a Narcotics Anonymous just reach out and Say hey and it might not be for you but At least you’re thinking about it Because you can’t get on the right road Unless you think about which road you Need to be taking so there’s nothing no Shame at all in asking for help I have struggled from times and I’ve Asked for help I have been fortunate uh There’s nothing to matter with asking For help the problem is not asking for Help so if you’re out there and you and You just had that one too many and you And you’re like I don’t want to do this Anymore reach out they eat nothing no Matter with it because remember people Out there care you don’t hear about them A lot but there’s a lot of people that Care in a lot of different ways I hope You guys are doing well I hope you share These videos I hope you go on to like the big sign that Was my Christmas present a couple years Ago says go on there look around I have Never had so many relics in all my life I’ve never been as broke as I am in all My life but I sure do like getting Missed up and get to share with you guys

I hope y’all are well I hope you have a Wonderful Christmas and a whatever you Doing today remember it’s a good day You’re sitting up and taking nourishment I love you guys and I’ll catch you next Time

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