The Model 1863 Lindsay Patent Double Shot Military Rifle

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of About The Model 1863 Lindsay Patent Double Shot Military Rifle

Hey you guys this is rafael greetings From tennessee i hope you guys are doing Well uh i’m up bright and early this Morning and i don’t even think the sun’s Up but i wanted to get a couple of these Done Uh because it’s getting christmas season And speaking of that if you go on to Shiloh got a lot of things on There a lot of great christmas presents For that civil war enthusiast in your Life Everything from bullets On up to A little bit of everything muskets and Swords and uniforms so go on there check It out get that person you love that Present Today we’re going to talk about You know i like guns if you watch these Videos you know that i like guns that Have some weird quirk about them that’s A little bit different than just a Standard gun Today we’re going to talk about one of The weirdest designs And it always amazes me that they ever Thought that this gun would work to Start with Uh The first one remember the first one That i saw walked up to a table at a Show and i looked down and there’s this Gun laying there and from a distance it

Looked just like a standard springfield Uh rifle and i look at it and i’m like What’s the matter with that one what Happened to that you when you look it’s Got two hammers Two hammers And then you look underneath it’s got One trigger One trigger what are they thinking Uh it’s a uh Gun it’s officially known as the us Model 1863 Double rifled musket Somebody in the government thought that This was a great idea they bought 1 000 Of them They actually paid for 1 000 of these What do you do with it it’s got a Full-length 40 uh 1 and 1 8 inch barrel That you are supposed to load two loads Into One on top of the other and so can you Imagine And the theory was that one hammer would Fire the front one and one hammer would Fire the back one which worked perfectly Unless there was a powder in that barrel And it fired simultaneously which Happened Fairly often when you look at those uh Reports from the field soldiers didn’t Like them because even they knew What the hell are you thinking putting Two loads in one barrel

Uh So You you find these uh most of the time Where they’re in very good shape or they Are completely worn out broken and Busted There’s a couple of things that are neat About them besides The The mechanics themselves if you look They’ve got the double Hammers double percussion nipples To fire each of those loads right in Front of that hammer they have this mark It’s marked jp lindsey jp lindsey was up In new york and he’s the guy that got This bright idea to do this they Actually have a similar system in some Pistols That you will see But he he flagged somebody to buy one Thousand of these uh for the government Uh but it’s patented october 9 1860 The gun this is as pretty one as i’ve Ever had i’ve had a few of them over the Years probably had a dozen maybe 15 Of the thousand but this is the best one It is absolutely the nicest one i have Ever been able to offer Uh and everybody’s like well it’s bright This gun was finished in the bright it Wasn’t blued and it wasn’t brown Like we see on a lot of guns this one Bright from the factory and this one

Still has bright color all over It’s got good markings you can see that Jp lindsey October 9 1860 patent The mechanics still work and as you can Imagine Two hammers one trigger That mechanics was too much going on in Too little space most of the time it’s Broken and because you have all of that Stuff going on in such a little space if These guns get fired very often often Times you’ll see them where they’re Broken around the wrist this one is not This one is still nice and solid it’s Got The original sight the front sight used A standard 58 caliber bayonet Socket bayonet this one’s got the Original front sight rear sight the rear Sight is blue that’s the only part that Isn’t So It’s still got that the stock on it man This one’s nice enough to be a piece of Furniture in anybody’s house it’s got Good clear corners pretty wood nice Grain on the stock you can see this Which is the inspector mark of a.d king If you listen to any of these videos you Probably heard a.d king before andrew d King He inspected uh arms for the u.s Government you see his uh initials a lot

On aim swords Also on guns uh but he inspected these And I just pictures like huh I’m gonna approve this because it Technically is good enough to go but That’s crazy even he had to know that That was crazy two two bullets in one Barrel but this one as of the time of This video you can go on to shiloh you can see it from every Angle because i try to cover all those Angles so you know exactly what you’re Getting when you buy from shiloh Um but you can go in there you can see It you can own it it is the nicest one That i had ever been able to offer i Don’t think you will ever have to worry About upgrading it if you are lucky Enough to add it to your collection Uh i got it from a collection up in Chicago and when i saw it’s like oh That’s pretty i could have that But go onto you can Check it out uh it’s gonna get busy the Next little bit so i’m trying to get a Few of these ahead uh i just want to say Thank you for it being so busy i am very Very thankful very very fortunate Uh I mentioned a while back in one of the Videos about going to a funeral with my Friend and there was a couple of things

That he said The the fellow that preached the the Funeral and there’s another thing that i Just can’t get out of my head and i Wanted to share it with you Uh He was talking about obituaries And Everybody knows obituary is something That you just write up and it basically Hits the high points of uh Of what that person did during their Life But he said something i’ve never thought About he said everybody Writes your own obituary every day of Your life The things you do today are the things That people will remember you for when You’re no longer here Think about that The things you do today Are the things that people will remember You for when you’re no longer here He said you write your obituary every Day And ever since he said that It’s kind of changed how i think of how I want to spend that day I want to be around those that i love And i want to see those faces and i want To make those faces smile uh so Today i want you to do me a favor when You go out and you’re doing your regular

Life Remember you’re writing your obituary Today and let it be one of positivity Let it be one of kindness let it be one Of love Because hell we can all use a little bit Of all three of those so Remember uh like he said in the rest of It we ain’t looking back We’re looking forward We ain’t looking down we’re looking up And we’re gonna get there and i Appreciate you guys just wanna share Some positivity with you because i think We all could use a little bit more of it I hope you all have the best day of your Whole life be sure to go on check it out uh if you See something on there you think a Friend will like send them a link won’t Take but a second and maybe it’ll make Everybody smile because if you order it I’m gonna be smiling catch you later Love you guys

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