The Model 1859 Perrin Design 12mm Revolver

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge about the French Model 1859 Perrin Design Double Action 12mm Revolver

Hey you guys this is Raphael from Shiloh Real XCOM hope you’re having a good day That’s been kind of crazy this morning I’ve been trying to buy something for Somebody and I’m going through something That we all go through trying to deal With people that keep moving the price If you buy something from Shiloh relics You’re always appreciated I’ll give you A number you can either buy it or not I’ll do the best I can and there’s Nothing hidden there’s no tax titled Dealer print destination fees or Anything like that and if you’re a Return customer after that initial order My site automatically figures you a Return customer discount because if you Buy something from me it’s appreciated And I want you to know that I will never Do but they have done to me this morning I have almost bought it four times and They keep moving the numbers and I’m Gonna do with them because I don’t need It and I don’t mind from people that Don’t treat their customers the way they Should because you are important to me And I hope you know that I’ll get off my Soapbox because today we’re going to Talk about something really cool this Gun is a imported gun they imported 550 Of this style that were sold of the US Government cost from $20 apiece back During the Civil War to deliver these Guns they bought 550 of them what kind

Is it because it looks a little Different than most of them that we see It is a parent revolver PE AR Rin and There are neat little gun made in France A lot tougher to find these days than The Confederate LeMat but they don’t Bring nearly that much because most People don’t know about them after today You’ll know about them these guns are a Double-action and what that means in Case you don’t do a lot of guns is that When you pull the trigger back it raises The hammer And fires it in one motion if you notice This one doesn’t have a spur on the Hammer so that way you can’t [ __ ] it Back so it is strictly a double action Revolver it’s on the way you can fire it Up near that hammer it’s got two Interesting traits it’s got the one side Where it loads the cartridge these guns Fire their own little cartridge nothing Else will work like this this is a Centerfire meaning that the primer is Actually in the center of the cartridge If you notice the back back of the Cartridge is flat today you have the Little primer where you can see it this One has it there it’s just on the inside Of the cartridge so that’s inner fire It’s 12 millimeter in size which is About 45 caliber they only fired that Cartridge nothing else will work and the Interesting part about loading it it has

The loading gate they call it a gate and You can see here what it looks like you Lift that gate up and you insert the Cartridge in then you’re ready to go and On the other side this guns unloaded I Always treat a gun like it’s loaded you Should always assume it’s loaded even if You know it’s not and be careful and Safe I don’t want any of you to get hurt I care about you on the other side we Have a little piece and you can see it In this picture but not real well There’s not a great way to get it it’s Actually a functional safety and what You do you pull it back just a little Bit and that slides over to prevent it From striking and it’s one of the first Functional safeties and this gun is Officially known as the model 1859 French Peron revolver they’re really Neat the there were two main guns that The US government bought from France Actually there were a few but this one In the Raphael spelled different than my Name are two of the toughest to find One has all matching numbers of 443 and The serial numbers will show up a few Different places they’ll show up on the Cylinder they’ll show up on the frame And sometimes a couple of other places But that’s the two you can usually count On on the side of the frame its marked Paran and see CIE which is basically the French way to market parent and company

They’re made in France they’ve got the Safety they’re a neat little gun and They’re a little different than anything That you see oh I almost forgot there is One really really cool thing about it The gun because it has a cartridge there Has to be a little bit of extra way for You to get that casing the brick which Is the brass part on the cartridge out Of the gun if it gets stuck and so you Have to have something called an ejector And this one is hidden it’s actually and It’s hidden because it’s not that sturdy To begin with underneath the barrel You’ll see a little knob and if you pull The knob forward it has a cam on the Barrel that slides it out to the side And you can see it sliding out to the Side and that slides back and pops that Cartridge out and so it’s got a a gender That is there but it stays hidden until You need it and it’s thanks to that Little cam because if you notice that’s Very slender and that would break pretty Easily but they found a perfect place to Keep it hidden underneath the barrel in Most of the time actually the first few I had I didn’t realize that was what it Was I thought it was just the cylinder Pen block cooler than just the cylinder Pen and a cylinder pen in case you don’t Know is the piece that holds a cylinder In place that lets it spin around all it Is the gun is this one’s a nice one

It has the original wooden grip on the Bottom of the grip it’s got a metal cap And it’s got a little bitty circle like That That is a lanyard ring in that way if You were on horseback you could tie String to that or put a clip on it and Hold it and that way in case you dropped It you would not lose it so important Little piece on the bottom of the grip In its original – this one is not like Who I’ve been dealing with this one is Twenty two hundred and fifty dollars That’s two thousand two hundred and Fifty I will state that price because That is the price if you buy it in Tennessee it’s nine and three-quarters Percent sales tax because we don’t have A state income tax for you guys up north Leather wondering why our sales tax is So high there are no hidden fees the Shipping will be some but if you have Been a return customer at something at $2,250 you automatically get $75 off Just because I want you to know even if You order it online that I appreciate You and that you are important everybody Is important and evidently the people That I was dealing with this morning Just don’t know that but I do and I want To say thank you because you guys are Super you take time to watch these Videos you support me you support my Family and I love you and I hope you

Know it I hope you have a great day Remember when you get a chance be kind To somebody and see them is more than Just a dollar sign because there’s too Many people that have to miss you over To make their living and I don’t support Those people I hope y’all have a great Day remember I love you and I’ll catch You next time

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