The Model 1858 U.S. Springfield Cadet Rifle Musket

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of About The Model 1858 U.S. Springfield Cadet Rifle Musket

Hey you guys this is rafael from I am so glad to be back with you guys Today i’m sorry it’s been a while since I did one of these videos but Man has it been a whirlwind since the Last one Uh we had the franklin show last major Civil war show of the year Amazing show 800 tables we had one of The best shows i’ve ever had in my life Buying and selling ended up getting a Couple of huge collections When i got back from that i ended up Going to dallas texas and buying Arguably the best confederate button Collection i’ve ever bought I’ve been trying to write it up and you Guys have been ordering like crazy i’ve Been packing stuff up left and right and I’m so thankful for all of that Uh so i’m sorry it’s taken a while to do Them but hey i’m back in the saddle and Here we go we got something really cool To talk about today Uh a gun that when you look at it Looks real similar to one that we see Fairly often There’s a gun that is known as the us Model 1855 Uh rifle musket And you see about 59 273 of those were made There’s one that looks very very similar

Except they only made two thousand five Hundred and one of them so uh less than Five percent of what they Did uh for the 55 is the us model 1858 Cadet rifle musket That’s a mouthful But they look very similar when you put Them side by side though it’s like huh That’s a completely different gun Because this is the way it looks Size wise with a full size rifle musket They made it smaller for cadet use Just smaller all the way around it looks Like you took it and shrunk it The barrel on the standard Model 55 that this is based off of is 40 Inches long These are 38 so they drop two inches on It Basically same uh Barrel just smaller On lengthwise still fires a 58 caliber Rifle bullet from the rifle barrel Uh it will have at the breach it’ll have Your standard us proof marks and Production date This one you can actually go onto the Website and see it as of the time of This video it’s for sale uh but they Only made 2501 of them and it shrunk Down in size all over The stock is 50 inches long the butt Is one shorter than the standard Uh

Model 55 Also the butt plate is smaller to fit it So you have uh the four ends two inches Shorter it’s just shrunk down all the Way but they did use the same lock plate And the same trigger guard basically That’s the that’s the two things that Are pretty much standardized on them The Uh Lock of the gun very distinctive because In 1855 The secretary ward jefferson davis who Would go on to be the president of the Confederacy was secretary of war and he Basically standardized everything to 58 Caliber On the rifles And he also tried the maynard there was A cat named edward maynard and he Developed to a system to try to replace The percussion cap percussion cap is What you put onto the nipple that causes The spark to fire the bullet he thought Up this ingenious little method of Making a roll of primers and it’s Basically what is the closest thing to It is what we had when we were kids us Of a certain age That was a roll that would pop Uh the little cap gun rolls that’s Basically what it was with a little more He developed his system of putting that Inside the little door like this that

Opens up on the lock plate it has uh The little arm that pushes it when you [ __ ] the gun back It pushes that forward this one snaps That love that when they nice and crisp Like that Uh but it feeds that roll of primers Through there To prevent you having to each time take Out a percussion cap and put it on there And take out a percussion cap and put it On there Instead it fed it forward um and they Call it a maynard tape primer feeder So worked really well unless The paper got jammed unless the paper Got wet unless the Less and less and less and less and less There were several reasons that’s why in The next model the model 1861 they’re Like we’re getting rid of that So This one everything’s there everything Functions got the door opens and closes Got the pretty little us eagle on the Front of it The and if you notice one thing cool About these on the hammer they needed Something to cut that paper once the Paper rolled up and they didn’t need it Anymore So they put a notch on the bottom of the Hammer and that notch on the bottom of The hammer was designed to cut that

Paper each time it fired so in theory A perfect world it cut that off and You’re ready for the next one This one Correct hammer correct everything on it Uh full length barrel 38 inches not 40. Cool gun you can go to shiloh You can check it out as of now you need Money uh we’re Gonna i’m gonna be here uh in the office For the next uh until christmas i will Be shipping stuff out as far as shipping There is no rhyme no reason to ups and Priority mail i ship them as quick as i Can when you order them i am completely Out of control once they leave this Office Uh i’ve had stuff that should be there In a day that’s taking three weeks it’s Not my fault i eat nothing i can do About it i want it to be to you Immediately so you can enjoy it the rest Of your life But once it leaves here i can’t help it Oh Got a lot of other news uh first I hope those guys in kentucky and all The states that were damaged uh and Had hardship through the tornadoes are Okay i wish them only the best i got so Many good friends in kentucky great State great people I love you all i wish you the best And speaking of love

I am so thankful I got engaged The Last several years have been Really really hard uh in many ways i Lost my wife five years ago and Uh I didn’t think i could ever smile again There was a lot of days where getting up Was one of the toughest things i ever Did in my life but i met this young lady That i have actually known for a long Time uh She was getting a divorce and we ended Up together i am so so thankful for her She has She has helped me in so many ways and Shown me that Life can be good and i’m so thankful and So I asked her to marry me with my friends From high school around i had witnesses In case she said yes and i had witnesses In case she said no thankfully she said Yes uh but i just want to share that With y’all because i i know you guys uh Have watched a lot of these videos You’ve heard me talk about Uh Struggles over the years but I’m i’m happy i’m thankful uh i hope you Guys are well i hope you’re with that One you love and if you’re with that one You love you be sure you tell them that

You love them because uh there’s No greater word than love i hope you Guys are well i will catch you next time Go to Share these videos Have a wonderful day I am so thankful to be back with y’all And i’ll have more of these it’s been Two weeks but i try to do them more uh More quickly more quicker than i have Before y’all have a great day catch you Next time love y’all

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