The Kittredge Marked Frank Wesson Civil War Cavalry Carbine

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of about The Kittredge Marked Frank Wesson Civil War Cavalry Carbine

Hey you guys this is rachael from i hope you’re all Doing well i hope things are going in Your direction Today we’re going to talk about actually Before i do that I just want to say thank you i have been A little behind in making these videos But it’s only because You guys have been ordering a lot you’ve Been Uh you’ve been great and these have Helped me and my family so much Just wanna say thank you before you Watch this i want you to know that you Are appreciated Today we’re to talk about a uh gun and a Man That doesn’t quite get the respect that A lot of times he should When you hear the name wesson most of The time you think Of smith and wesson and that was uh um If you know guns you know smith and Wesson and that firm was started by David wesson David wesson had a brother that was a Pretty smart cat too His name was frank and frank made Several different guns And made some neat ones and some of them Were during the civil war One of them that he did during the civil War is

The uh frank wesson double Trigger carbine they Made about 4 500 of the military model Made several as a civilian model you can Tell the civilian model real quickly Because It doesn’t have the sling swivels like This And that was where they could carry it On horseback for a regular cavalryman And the butt plate the butt plate of Course is a piece on the end that Protects the wood Or the whatever the material is that the Stock is made of This one has a military style butt plate On it because it’s the military version The civilian the version that’s often Referred to As a sporting version will have more of A crescent shaped Like a hunting rifle and it’ll also be Flat along the bottom The military model is rounded on the Bottom so that’s two quick ways to tell They made these after the war As well they are very easy to tell the Early model from the late model Because of The design on the frame there’s a Little link here that looks like this And that is designed to make the Gun barrel when you get ready to load it Not go too

Far up there are two triggers If you cut back the the main trigger and Pull The cut back the hammer and pull back The front trigger It allows it to pop up for loading This is on the right side on the early Model late model they switch it to the Other side If you notice the back of this is Tapered a little bit like this And that’s so you can pull the metallic Cartridges out of it Because it is a rimfire revolver meaning That the primer inside the cartridge is On the rim of the cartridge not the Center Later on most everything goes to a Center primer Uh but the early ones like this are room Fire See if i can get that back up there oh i Want to go into show business But they fire a 44 caliber cartridge A very simple cartridge very small Cartridge but a very powerful cartridge They uh frank wesson Patton did his designs on October 25th 1859 as well as november 11th 1862. they will be so marked up on top Of the barrel like this And up on top of the barrel it also has A very interesting mark

It’s a b cartridge in cincinnati ohio You will hear kittridge mentioned a lot Because he was a retailer there In cincinnati that sold a lot of Military He sold smith and wesson revolvers he Sold colt revolvers he sold These guns he sold henry rifles and There’s a famous cartridge box that Carries 44 caliber cartridges That would have possibly been used with One of these that kittridge sold that Had his name stamped on the outside of It Here’s a picture of one that i had a Long time ago i hadn’t got one now Because they’re tough to find This gun uh Has some of the original bluing on the Barrel action works well Got both the triggers and it’s all there Just a good looking old gun they made 4 500 Of the military model like this where Did they go They went to indiana they went to Kentucky it’s known that they were Sent to kansas and missouri there was One contract that went to ohio So you got a lot of those western Regiments that were armed with these And they’re a neat gun their gun you Don’t see very often because they only Made 45 100 of them when you consider

That with the spencers and the sharps Where they made tens of thousands It’s a lot of difference uh The sporting rifles uh can show up in Several different calibers they show up In these 44 calibers in the civilian They also show up in 32 and 38 there’s a Uh Supposed to be a 22 never had one of Them but they’re out there they say They’re a gun that breaks easily because As you can see they’re Not a massive well actually they’re well Built They’re just not massive and you can Imagine it wouldn’t take a lot to break That more slender stock like they have It’s just uh the way they were designed They were designed to be light Easy to carry good thing on horseback if You’ve been chased by a bunch of rebels The this gun as of the time of this Video Is on the website you can go into shiloh you can see It you can see several of its cousins I’ve got a lot of guns come there and a Lot more coming Bought the biggest collection i’ve ever Bought in my life gonna be writing up Uh actually these fingers deciding not To work because i have been typing as Quick as i can Over the last couple of weeks to get

These things on there it’s another Reason i hadn’t been able to do as many I hope you guys are well uh i was very Fortunate last weekend Was memorial day and on memorial day My daughter tess who i’m so proud of she Was invited to Go down to shiloh national military park And sing the national anthem I was one proud papa sitting there Watching that and As she was singing it and they had the Speakers and they Talked about memorial day honoring those That gave the ultimate sacrifice for our Country And i tell you it’s a moving thing if You ever get a chance You ought to go to shiloh it’s some more Of a day to be there But i digress i was sitting there and i Was watching and it was packed there Were people everywhere We were on one side of the stage and the Other side I noticed this lady an elderly lady And she was about to sit down and she Got stuck she You could tell that everything locked on Her and People there were two ladies that came One grabbed her on each side And were helping her up and i saw this Cat and i meant to get to him before

I left you could tell he didn’t know her From adam or from Eve actually and he runs over and he Gives he gives her His chair that he had brought to sit in And it wasn’t cause somebody Was watching it wasn’t because somebody Was telling him that’s what he ought to Do He did it because it was the right thing And it was refreshing To see that because uh three people Jumped up and ran when somebody needed It they didn’t run away They didn’t break out their cell phones To watch her bust her butt on that thing It was refreshing to see somebody uh Kindness abounds It just you don’t hear about it very Often so if you see somebody that does Something That is positive like that tell them say Hey i saw that And i’m proud of you because uh people Don’t say that no more people afraid to Talk to people Don’t be afraid to talk to people There’s some wonderful people out there Some of them are butt heads but ain’t Nothing you can do about them But if that fellow just so happens to be Watching this video i want you to know i Saw you do the right thing And i meant to get over and tell you

Because i would have it but i was down There and i was just bragging on my Daughter and i was Uh i don’t it’s a wonder the buttons Hadn’t popped off my shirt just Puffed out as my chest was when she was Singing so Uh i hope you guys are well i hope You’re kind to people when you get that Chance Be that light be that inspiration i love You guys and i’ll catch you next time

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