The Kentucky Marked Triplett & Scott Long Barrel Carbine

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of About The Kentucky Marked Triplett & Scott Long Barrel Carbine

Hey you guys this is rafael from i hope you’re all doing well Today I’m thankful to be with you again today Today we’re going to talk about a gun That is one of the most unique designs Of the civil war It’s the triplet and scott patton Carbine Yup you don’t see that one very often And once you see this video you’ll kind Of know why There was a company in maryland Connecticut called the meredith The meridan manufacturing company hadn’t Heard of that one have you probably But one of the cats that founded that Company you heard a lot about later on There was a guy named charles parker and If you have been around guns very much Charles parker Is a name that you always associate with Shotguns After this venture he went in and formed The Uh parker shotgun company and made One of the best shotguns that they People collect Today and love this gun however Wasn’t such a success they Are the triplet and scott patent and That patent Was granted december 6 1864 So didn’t have a lot of time left to go

Into war but on january 2nd 1865 the kentucky government said we Need 5 000 of these Why would kentucky need 5 000 of these Guns they were Bottom so they could help protect the Supply lines for general sherman when he Was In georgia and later to go to north Carolina The guns didn’t make it in time for Civil war service but people collect Them As civil war guns because They were patented during the time and They were intended And with this one it’s kind of neat that You do know why they were ordering them And that they were going to serve a Purpose they went To the state of kentucky and we know That because on the side of the frame You’ve got This mark clearly marked kentucky On the back of the tang which In the tang i mentioned that sometimes i Don’t know if i ever told you what it Was At the back of the barrel the part that Screws into the stock To keep the barrel in place is called a Tang And sometimes uh it will have markings On them this one

Actually has the uh Triplet and scott marking and as well as The patent date The they only made 5000 of them this one Has matching serial numbers of uh 869 and they’ll have it on the frame On the uh frame as well as on the little Door that i’m about to show you on the Inside of the little door So this one uh is the long barrel Version They bought two versions of them don’t Know why with just five thousand they Didn’t make them All the same way kentucky you guys never Make sense sometimes I can’t agree on anything that’s why you Got two basketball teams louisville and Kentucky If you agreed on stuff we could just Have one team we could disagree with all Of you Uh this one is the 30 inch barrel 30 inch they made 3 000 of 22 inch Barrel they made 2 000 of So the long barrel uh Is a neat gun but it’s too long Of a barrel for this gun and it makes it An awkward feel When you hold a gun these guns are Different than anything else that you’ll See because of the way that they load They have a tube and usually i try not To pick them up because you can’t really

See it and it’s An awkward thing this one you got to Though underneath We have a little door like this In order to load this gun you have to Cut the hammer back there’s a little Lever like this See that little lever you push that down And that releases the barrel The barrel pivots it will pivot around All the way around and it pushes the Cover On the tube the magazine tube underneath So you it has a spring that loads that Cartridge That’s a lot of maneuvering especially If you’re on horseback with somebody Shooting at you But it slides back over it closes in And this one uh There’s a little spring in there that Ejects the cartridge sometimes that Thing will stick and this one needs to Be old And i got it i hold it i thought i Didn’t put enough oil in there but There’s a little spring in there and Sometimes it will stick and keep it from Closing all the way back All you gotta do is all that and it goes Away Now you’re ready to fire and it fires a 50 caliber Rimfire cartridge but in order to load

That you have to spin it All the way around and one thing about These guns Where that tube is on the back like this There’s the wood is so so thin that Almost Always it will have a crack in the stock Where that tube goes This one does not the wood’s solid so That’s a bonus for this gun Oh and while we’re talking about bonuses And subtractions They were originally made with two sling Swivels They put one on the bottom of the Buttstock and they put one on top of the Buttstock I don’t know why because that would make Your gun Point towards the ground in drag so i Don’t know why they thought That was a great idea most of the time One Or both of those sling swivels are Missing this one the guy said Screw the one on top he cut it off and We’ve got the one on the bottom Neat gun they only made The 5000 of them uh this one still has a Little bit of blue Has the original front sight original Rear sight the action works The stock is not cracked most of the Time that stock has that crack in it

And that’s expected on one of these some Guns you just expect to have certain Traits With a spencer where the tube goes Through the middle of the stock You expect sometimes to see a little Crack This one is not cracked uh went to Kentucky To supply sherman uh made 65 didn’t quite make it into war but They’re still collected This gun is on shiloh as of The time of this video you can own it You can have it hanging on your wall i Can ship it out to you Ta-da and we’ll get it to you uh If you notice i have the new shirt in For The table if you watch his videos you’ve Heard me talk about the table And if you haven’t before the table Is in savannah tennessee it’s a Wonderful restaurant but it’s a Restaurant made to help people The there are a few options how you can Get fed at the table If you have money you can go in and buy One of the best meals you’ll have all Day If you do not have money you can work uh For an Hour and earn your lunch and help people While you’re doing it

If you can’t afford it or and something Uh Is physically wrong with you they’ll Feed you they’re good folks they are Wonderful people Um and if you are fortunate enough to Have extra money you can buy somebody’s Lunch and you can pay it forward I i think the world of this idea Is a wonderful thing and you might not Ever make it to savannah tennessee but i Bet you there’s something similar in Your area That you could help people with so the Reason i tell you about the table I want you to think about other people Go out be that positive light Help somebody that needs a meal help Somebody that needs Anything we are so fortunate In this world to have things In good food and friends and we need to Have more of that We need to be a positive light so check It out look around your neighborhood if There’s not one And you’ve got the time effort and money Well start you one It’s got to start somewhere all positive Things have to start somewhere I am positive that i am thankful for you Guys i am positive that i appreciate you I love my job i love my family and i’m Thankful to get to be with you guys

Again today i hope you have a wonderful Day And remember be that positive light

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