The “CYCLOPS” Oldenberg N.C.O. Pattern Military Rifle Only 300 Made!

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of About The ”CYCLOPS” Oldenberg N.C.O. Pattern Military Rifle Only 300 Made!

Good morning you guys greetings from Tennessee i hope you’re all doing well And thank you so much for all of you Guys i’m feeling a lot better from Coving still got it but i’m doing a lot Better and i appreciate all y’all that Have reached out and wished me well i’m Very thankful for the folks that are in My life Today we’re going to talk about one of The weirdest guns you will ever see and Not just during the civil war but of all Times because it’s it’s different and i Like things that are different This one is has been known for a really Long time as the model 1849 Oldenburg rifle in america they get Referred to As the cyclops and what’s yup that’s Right cyclops and we’ll get to that in a Minute uh there’s a Lot this is a gun that when it first Came out in an american book uh edward’s Book on long arms it they knew very very Little about it and for a long time We’ve known very very little about them There’s a Friend of mine over in germany that has Written a book that’s brought a lot more Information to that mark schwab if you Happen to catch this i hope you’re doing Well my friend it’s always good to hear From you Mark’s one of those guys in europe that

Collects amazing civil war stuff sending A lot of things over the years great guy And There’s civil war collectors all over The world and But back to the gun they have brought Back in their book mark did a book that Brought a lot of information to light on These rare guns and show just how rare They are and how important they are Because if you are going to have an Advanced civil war weapons collection This one needs to be in it and you only If every one of them that was made Survives you’ve got 300 chances to own One in your collection but today you can Get one on as of the Time of this video uh i have a lot of People that look at the old videos and They’re like man i want that gun i said I’m sorry it sold a while back that’s Why i tell you you need to watch them Every day and Go and get them as quick as you can Because a lot of this stuff This is the only one of these i have Been able to have in 30 years so The model 1849 Oldenburg Rifle they made them in two versions They made the long version which is Referred to as an infantry musket and Then they made a shorter barrel version Which they referred to as an nco

Non-commissioned officers They’re easy to distinguish because the Infantry rifle has a 39 inch barrel The nco version has a 33 inch barrel This is the nco version which is Actually the rare of the two records Show that they made 900 of those Infantry uh rifle muskets uh with the 39 Inch barrel only made 300 of these Yep 300 So This is one of 300 ever made not to say How many exist It’s believed a couple of guys that know Far more about these than i do say that There’s less than a dozen uh in Existence i don’t doubt that or i would Have had one by now because i’ve always Thought i won’t be one of those just Because they’re so wildly designed The barrel 33 inches in length because it is the Nco version It has a little Weird-looking raffle it’s four uh Narrow grooves for the rifling fires a Bullet that measures 0.677 inches uh in Diameter big bore uh it that translates To 17.2 millimeters the way they figured It over there that old metric system Never much cared for that but hey It’s helpful sometimes especially if You’re dealing in european guns like the Pin fire the uh this gun

Other guns so What were they made there was a little Place called herzberg germany and in Herzberg germany there was a uh Place owned by carl phillip crawzee I’m sure they say that differently in Germany but we don’t get a lot of Germany here in uh west tennessee but Carl phillip crossy manufactured these Guns at that place and he made a heck of A good it’s weird but it is a very very Well made good the gun Has that 33 inch barrel has the Patent-style breech like this Uh the hammer huge hammer look at that Hammer what’s cool about that hammer is In the arc of it it has a cutout why Would you cut out the middle of a hammer On the gun when you [ __ ] it back you can Actually peek through that little hole And line it up with the side on the Front of the barrel That’s why they call it a cyclops Because of that single centered hole In the middle of the hammer Uh it’s the only one that you’ll see That does that because it’s This crazy design it actually works Really well when you do it uh here’s a Picture of what it looks like when you Peep down it so It’s a neat thing the hammer is Centrally mounted most guns you have a Lock plate on the side of each of one of

The sides depending right handed gun Left hand gun but these it’s centrally Mounted and they actually have the panel On the Side of the stock that looks like this Beautifully designed good i mean there’s A lot of work that went to this gun the Uh stock beautiful single piece of wood This one has a great look Right here you have this mark you have The crown stamp on it So how did they go from this Uh German-made gun how did it get in America At the early days of the war they sent Buyers over north and south sent buyers Over to europe and they basically bought Everything they could get their hands on There’s a note that mentions these in 1861 where they were being offered for Sale To one of the buyers for the union and They said that they could be bought for Six dollars a piece And they did buy bring them over and There’s one regiment but there’s Probably others that got some of them But there’s one regiment for sure that We know they went to is the 56th ohio Infantry So we do know that at least some of them Got in the hands of some of those uh Union soldiers uh

It wouldn’t have been one you would have Been extremely proud of because it had An odd sized board it had an odd look It didn’t come apart easy if it broke You were just you’re screwed Uh Your replacement parts forget it not Gonna happen but they did make it over And a lot of those western theater guys Like the 56 got stuck with the Second and third raid arms just because They weren’t in that army of the potomac Getting all the fresh stuff because They were second class citizens back Then but the gun is is cool it’s got the Woodstock the barrel is held in place uh On the stock by these uh iron studs with The little brass discussions on it it Has a big brass trigger guard like this It has iron butt plate uh this one has Assembly numbers of number seven on it So We don’t i don’t know for sure if that’s A serial number or not but it’s entirely Likely uh if not a serial number at Least an assembly number The Ramrod is almost always gone on these i Was lucky enough to have somebody that Had one to pattern it after and they Made me a museum copy a replica like This So it it looks just like it should and Like it would have when it left the

Factory So You know what i’m going to say go on to Shiloh check this out Uh it’s an amazing gun it’s it’s the Only one if you want to if this one Sells and you want another one i can’t Help you hoss you’re going to miss it so Go on there buy this one You can say i got something my friends Ain’t got which you guys know where the Collection’s just cool to have something With your friends they got today we Should have Uh i hope you guys are doing well There’s something that’s been on my mind For the last little bit and i just can’t Shake it i try to keep my mouth shut on On politics and things like that but Uh There is something that is absolutely Insane going on in this country and it’s Gotta stop They have chain are changing all of the Rules to protect the criminals not the People that are doing the right thing The district attorney in new york and L.a I don’t know who put these fools in Office But it is absolutely insane because they Are not prosecuting the laws that are on The books Um unless it’s something that they

Decide they want to do they’re letting People go for assault they’re letting People go for Other things and i heard a thing the Other day that they’re not going to Charge juveniles if they will apologize For what they’ve done if they rape Somebody if they stab somebody if they Say oh i’m sorry they’re going to let Them go that’s insane there are so many Good people in this country and they Work so hard and they have earned what They have they have earned Their right to have a wonderful life and To have protection under the law It’s crazy it’s absolutely crazy and Something needs to change you need to Write letters to those people Uh to the governors to the You need to send them an email and say The good people of this country need to Be protected It’s as simple as that if the laws on The books enforce it Uh It it’s just absolutely insane that uh The smashing grabs that they’re having In san francisco It’s crazy And They’re Getting away with it it’s insane and it Needs to stop because the good people The people that have worked all their

Life Doing what they’re supposed to be doing Deserve to be protected And it’s not about the stuff it’s about Right and wrong And so I’m gonna get off my soup box now but it Ain’t right and it needs to change Because If you If you ignore The small rivalries robberies If you ignore The assaults The next time they’re gonna do that and More That’s simple that’s that’s logic So I am thankful that i am not a politician That i just sell antiques but Somebody got to tell them I love you guys i appreciate you guys i Hope that you are all safe and in a Place And In your life where things are good i Wish you the best And i’ll catch you next time Thank you

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