The Confederate Made .36 Caliber Revolver by Rigdon & Ansley of Augusta, Georgia

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of about The Confederate .36 Caliber Revolver by Rigdon & Ansley of Augusta, Georgia

Hey you guys this is rafael from Greetings from tennessee it is a Beautiful day down here And we’ve got something really really Cool to look at today Today we’re going to talk about a Confederate made revolver You got to be careful because 99.9 of The confederate revolvers you see out There Are reproductions they didn’t make that Many to start with And very few of them survive today which Is why you see a stout Price tag on them when you do get a Chance to own one This is one of those like many of them That were copied After the one of the most famous guns of The day The colt model 1851 revolver that’s Referred to as a navy Like we’ve talked about before not Necessarily because it was used by the Navy But the generic term for a 36 caliber Revolver Was the navy the 44 was the army That’s just what they nicknamed them Don’t don’t know But that’s what they do so this one is a Confederate made version Of that cult model 1851 navy one of the

Largest producers Of the confederate handguns Uh the revolvers was a cat named Charles rigdon r-i-g-d-o-n He joined forces with thomas leach of Memphis And they produced guns after memphis Fell They moved to columbus mississippi and Made the famous Leach and rigdon revolver after their Partnership didn’t work out too well They moved or he moved To augusta georgia augusta georgia is Where this gun would have been made And they made them from 1864 To january of 1865 so just a little Bitty gap that made about a thousand of Them You’ll see the serial numbers that will Range from 1500 To about 2500. this one has all matching Numbers of 2038. So it’s right in that middle so we know It’s made in 1864 Augusta georgia by charles rigdon And his partner at that time mr ansley It was rigdon and ansley they Made a really nice gun for what they had To work with When you look at the quality of the Manufacture of a confederate handgun With a union gun They just didn’t have the machinery to

Make them perfect like mr colt did you Gotta think Colt been making them guns for a long Time and he had the best stuff he could Build them on And they’re just a lot better built from The start Which is why you uh when you see a Confederate handgun You automatically if you know what You’re doing you’re like It wasn’t as meant to start with as a Mint cult You expect it to have those little flaws And imperfections Which i love on these goods when you Look at a confederate handgun you can See Those little imperfections because they Were making do with what they had When you look one thing that i always Look at on these The back strap which is the brass piece That goes here Where it joins the frame if you get one Of those italian copies they’re really Well Drilled out they’re perfect they’re real Good guns That they make them for reenacting that Type of thing when you look at an Original confederate one Look at this look how off-cut that The holes for those screws are i mean

That’s It’s functional which what was the key Word for confederate firearms it was Functional But it wasn’t perfect and it’s this One’s cool They uh a couple of things that you can See and know it’s a confederate one Rather than a union one The barrel the barrel is octagonal on a 51 colt With these they’re part octagonal part Round This one has the original front side on It seven and a half inch barrel fires a 36 caliber bullet Their they serial numbered them like a Colt and they put them on every part Just about Because you had a table full of Different guns you needed to know which Part was designed to go with it because They did hand fit them With these you can tell one of the later Productions the rigden and ansleys from One of the leach revolvers or one of the Leach and rignan revolvers As soon as you look at it because the Little notches that go around the Cylinder they’re called cylinder stops This one will have 12 where the other Ones have less So 12 cylinder stops seven and a half Inch barrel part round part octagonal

The uh grip and back strap are made of Brass this one has just a pretty thick Honey color to it uh it’s a beautiful Good i mean it’s got the look It’s got nice detail but One thing that you see on this one that You don’t see on the gris walls you Don’t see on several of the other Revolvers look up on top of the frame It’s got csa confederate states of America That’s the letters that you want to see On a Gun like this and it lets you know where Off the bat it is Doesn’t necessarily mean it’s real so if You just see one that some Some cat has stamped csa on be careful Like i always tell you Know who you get it from they won’t put That guarantee in writing there’s Probably a damn good reason and you Should stay away from them peoples You should buy from chilo relics because If i sell it to you i will guarantee it To be what i tell you it is This one uh has the original grips I almost forgot one of the coolest Things about it It has the original grips grips one Piece wallet wood These are pretty you can tell they got Wear to them i like that you know it Just didn’t sit in the drawer this one

Was used They on the bottom of the grip on a colt On the sides of the grip they’ll put the Stamp From the inspector we all call it a Cartouche you’ll see it nice and clear Most of the times On a cult because they had Really good stamps and use them all over Place These they put on the bottom of the grip So most of the time you can’t see Any of it if it’s got where usually it’s Always gone this one you can see Outlines on it It’s a wh a the letters w and h For wescom huggins Hudgens hudgens hudgens hundreds But it’s there you know it’s there and That lets us know that it’s one that the Confederate government actually bought They didn’t Private purchase this or privately sell This gun So we’ve got that and on the back Lookie right there here’s a close-up of It got five notches We don’t know what that’s for it could Be five squirrels or it could be five Yankees we just don’t know But it’s pretty neat that it’s on there And let your imagination go wild Cause that’s the fun of some of these Antiques you hold that gun and you

Wonder where did this go Who had this was it a georgia cavalryman Was it uh And you just your mind can go wild Because you don’t know Who it was or what it was so this one’s Cool Going shallow relics you can see Pictures of it as of the time of this Video Like with 99 of them you can own this Piece Uh it’s not cheap but it’s real my buddy Steve muller max used to say he said I never said it was cheap i said it was Real And that always rings in my mind when Somebody says man that’s too high Well i guarantee it i guarantee it’s Real Uh it ain’t cheap because nobody gave it To me i pay for every piece that i sell Uh so i hope you guys are doing well i Hope everything’s going in your Direction Uh i should have thought of something to Say at the end of this one I did not because i was so excited about Getting to share this pistol with you Because it’s one of the first ones i’ve Had in a while i bought a huge Collection Had a lot of really pretty confederate Swords in it a couple of confederate

Revolvers This one’s the one that i wanted to show First Uh because i love sharing these things With you and thank you guys for taking The time to share these videos to like These videos i read the comments i don’t Always get to reply to them But i do read them all and i’m thankful For you guys i appreciate you all taking The time i know every day you got crap You ought to be doing I appreciate you taking time to be with Me i appreciate my life and i appreciate Every one of y’all and i hope today is The best day that you’ve ever had in Your life because you deserve it I’ll catch you next time bye

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