The Colt Firearms “Root” Model 1855 Sidehammer Revolver

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of about The Colt Firearms ”Root” Model 1855 Sidehammer Revolver

Hey you guys this is rafael from shiloh Rex man i hope you having the best day You ever had in your life And i had somebody the other day he said You talk too much you talk about the Guns if you don’t like the way i talk go Watch another video god bless you and i Hope you have a wonderful day because This is just me and i’m just me and i Ain’t never wanted to be nobody but me But a better version of me Today we’re going to talk about a little Gun with a whole lot of coolness to it The Colt firearms company hartford Connecticut one of the most uh impactful Names you will ever hear in the firearms Industry Uh had A amazing history One of their neatest guns i think that They ever did they made about 40 000 of Them and in cult terms that’s not a huge Amount of guns Uh like The armies and navies of the civil war They made over a hundred thousand of Each so this one is kind of interesting This is it This is the colt model 1855 Revolver it’s officially uh or not Officially collectors have always Referred to it as the root revolver R-o-o-t

Uh the root revolver and it gets that Name from one of the designers of colt That was very famous elijah k root R-o-o-t i talk a lot i use a lot of Words sorry I read that like that just chipped my Butt i thought huh If you’ve seen any of these videos you Know i talk a lot that’s all right i Like it i don’t care that’s why we got Chocolate and vanilla Uh They made these guns from 1855 until 1870 and during that time made around 40 000 The they made them two sizes they made Them with a bore size of a 28 caliber Meaning 28 100 of an inch They made about 30 000 of those and they Serial numbered those 1 to 30 000. The Larger version the 31 caliber They made uh Around 14 000 is what they say serial Number those separately 1 to 14 000. so You need to look for size and you need To look uh At the serial numbers because they Didn’t make them until 1870 if you Collect Civil war and earlier guns you don’t Want one that goes past uh in production You collect guns and that’s it you’re Covered by 1855 1870 elisha k root the

Uh very distinctive guns because it’s The only Uh gun of the time that colt made with a Solid frame now what does a solid frame Mean The uh solid frame means that there’s a Frame that goes all the way around the Cylinder like that the earlier uh or the Other guns all of the other guns of Colts Had a open top Uh with just the frame going underneath This version was actually a lot better Design it followed what remington did And it was easier To load The These guns though the Cylinder and action actually rotate on a Pen that goes through the back of it Like this If you are not mechanically inclined and I am not mechanically inclined never Ever under any circumstances take one of These guns apart i did one time after uh Trying for an hour or two to get it back Together and uh having to take some uh Liquid Tranquilizers I took a couple of beers and i was like I still can’t get that thing back Together and so i sent it to my gunsmith And that was the last first and only one Of these i ever took apart because it

Was oh it was a pain in the butt Uh So that that leads to one thing that i Want to tell you guys about the Mechanics on these If they don’t function it’s a very hard Gun to get anybody to work on because They are a pain in the butt they got a Lot of stuff going on in a little bitty Space uh so check to be sure that the Action works You Uh if it doesn’t it affects these a lot Because it’s not an easy gonna a regular Colt army colt navy they make gazillions Of parts for drop them in do it to do The timing work on them and a gunsmith Can work on those very fairly easily These Not the case at all So How can you see besides the frame that It’s a very distinctive gun It’s the placement of the hammer on the Right side of the frame They uh call it a side hammer because Instead of being in the center of the Gun like a regular colt army cold navy It’s on the side and it it strikes the Cylinder from the side instead of the Center This one oh it’s a beautiful gun It’s got fine look to it got a lot of The original factory colors the original

Bluing Um Most of the time they will have Octagonal barrels there are some a lot Of variations in these in fladerman’s Guide he mentions that there are seven Major Uh category variations with a lot of sub Variations so Only forty thousand but they were doing A progression on them all along But octagonal barrel on most round Barrel on some barrel lengths can vary Uh some of them will have a fluted Cylinder some will have a round cylinder The fluted cylinder most of the time Will have a patent date in this in the Center of one of the flutes The Round barrels uh most of the time will Have a cylinder seen So A lot of things if you like variations a Cult root revolver model 1855 was made For you There are Uh No trigger guard on these guns so it’s It’s real distinctive gun small gun 28 and 31 caliber not a lot of them made Compared to most colts Uh so it’s a it’s a neat gun if you get A chance if you go on the shallow relics As of today this gun is for sale and

Available uh there are also a lot of Other handguns on there I hope you find one or twelve that suits Your fancy uh gonna be adding a lot more I Out again i apologize that i haven’t Been able to do as many of these videos But thanks to you guys and your ordering I just hadn’t had time and that’s a Beautiful problem to have but i still Feel like i let you guys down sometimes Because i like to talk and i want to Show you these relics and uh going to be Bringing you a lot more in the future Uh I heard Something the other day that has stuck In my mind uh We were talking to I talked to a therapist and i talked to Him because Everybody needs somebody to talk to and Sometimes it helps to talk to somebody That isn’t In the know of everything in your life Friends and family a lot of times know Way too much about what’s going on and You can’t get a impartial opinion So i was talking with with my therapist The other day and she said something and It just struck me and i thought about it A lot She said that uh Putting boundaries in place are a good

Thing Because i’m bad about letting some People that i love run over me So i put the boundaries in place and she Said that Uh the people that are offended by Boundaries are generally those that are Used to running over them I’m gonna say it one more time i will Say a little slower because you need to Let that sink in The people that are offended by Boundaries that you create to protect Yourself are generally those people that Are used to running over those Boundaries And That That’s a lot of that’s a lot so again Right there um but i say that because uh I’ve noticed today in today’s world That so many people want to Uh they’ve got that facebook mentality They think that they are the most Correct and most right person in the World and that they Have the right to say and do whatever They want to anybody because their Opinion is the only one that matters I don’t get it but a lot of people Evidently feel that way So I say that to Uh

One let you know that People shouldn’t run over you And two that Uh just because they think it’s right Doesn’t make it right just because i Think it’s right doesn’t make it right Uh you need to listen you need to learn We need to talk to each other But uh If you are one of those people that feel Like Certain people take advantage of you Because you do have a kind gentle nature Remember boundaries protect you And don’t be afraid to use them So With that said i hope you guys know how Much i appreciate you i hope you know That i’m very thankful for my life i’m Very thankful for my family i’m very Thankful for my business and you guys Have made that business a strong Business i hope you all have the best Day that you have ever had in your life Remember to tell those that you love it You love them and i hope to be back with You many many times to come have a great Day

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