The Civil War Spencer “Army” Model Military Rifle

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of About The Civil War Spencer ”Army” Model Military Rifle

Hey you guys this is rafael from shiloh I hope you guys are doing well i know We’ve all been focused on the election It’s been a cluster i don’t care whether You’re republican or democrat Uh i believe we’ve all had a little Extra stress uh the last Few months uh but remember If the republicans made it through eight Years of obama The democrats have made it through at Least four years of trump So no matter what the turnout Is we’re gonna make it it Sometimes things aren’t pleasant for Anybody and with the corona i think We’ve all learned that more than Anything We’re gonna be all right i’m foolishly Optimistic I have high hopes and low expectations Of politicians But we’re going to be all right today We’re going to talk about something that I’m sure about I’m sure i like this gun this gun Is the us uh it’s referred to as a model 1860 spencer Repeating uh military rifle They made these when you just glance you Might think well that’s just a standard Expensive carbine they made a lot of Spencer carvings

But this is the rare rifle and how do You know right off the bat The stock is the quick way a regular Spencer carbine is going to have one Barrel band and a short stock short Barrel The model 1860 spencer carbine has a 22 Inch barrel Model 65 has a 20 inch barrel These have a 30 inch barrel so long Barrel The stock will have three barrel bands Instead of one And they’re just bigger they’re the same Gun From their back the forward part is what Makes it a rifle instead Of the standard carbine the Guns the spencer itself was patented March 6 1860 so just before the war and it was One That changed the game there are a few Things that uh Let us know man something something’s Changing And what a good day to talk about that Something’s gonna change it’s it’s in One way or another And i still don’t know uh I’m gonna skip it 52 caliber Uh cartridge metallic cartridge and that Metallic cartridge that these fired Change the game because instead of

Loading once And getting a chance to fire and then Having to reload in the back of these Guns There’s a metal tube and that tube Changed again it has a spring you load Seven uh metallic cartridges into this Spencer Uh cartridges there was a confederate That got captured And or they say that there’s a Confederate that got captured by the Fifth michigan cavalry under Um custer at gettysburg And he is reported to have said and it Stuck with it He said that gun you load it in the Morning and you fire it all day long And when you have a flintlock or a Smoothbore 69 caliber Somebody’s shooting one of these at you I’m sure it felt like that But fire seven guns seven guns it fires Seven cartridges Uh and all you have to do to get that Thing ready to go [ __ ] it back drop it down it ejects the Cartridge You’re ready to go again i mean that’s Quick Especially compared to loading With a ramrod tearing the cartridge Putting the cartridge in And somebody’s got one of these you’re

At least a seven to one Disadvantage if you have a regular Musket Compared to one of these so it was Prized By the guys that had it only one Regiment that had him at gettysburg And that was the fifth michigan cavalry Under custer The let’s see i won’t be sure i hit all The points I stayed up late the last two nights Listening to political stuff so my Brain’s a little fuzzy They made 144 500 of these 107 372 of them went to the u.s Government The majority of those that went to the U.s government Were the carbines because they were I guess they were shorter less expensive To make And they made of these This is referred to as the army model And you hear me talk about army model In uh pistols and that denotes the Caliber Nope this is just the army model because They did do a navy model which is a lot More scarce One of these days i’ll get one of those And we’ll talk about those They made this army model 1863 1864 They did 11 470 of them that got

Delivered to the u.s government How do we know it’s one that went to the Us government it’s got the cartouche on The back this one you can see traces of It and most of the time that’s all you Can see And it’s traces of that little oh uh Oval stamp With the inspectors initials in the Middle of it and that lets us know that It’s a military model Rather than a civilian purchase because They did sell them Something was a little bit off on it That wouldn’t uh pass muster with the Government Instead of getting rid of it they sold It to the private market and Some of those saw service too but this One we know for sure They are Will have serial numbers under the Barrel And on the back of the uh frame And the one on the frame will look like This it’s stamped underneath the barrel So in order to see It you have to take that four stock off Leave it alone Because you run the risk of messing up The wood or the barrel bands I always recommend just leave them alone They will have just a simple marking for One of the most important guns of the

Civil war It has a very simple marking up on top Of the frame it has this And it’ll say spencer repeating rifle Company boston massachusetts and they Put that patent of march 6 1860 in there as well So this one is available as of the time Of this video On the website shiloh i’ve Got other carbines i’ve got other rifles Uh and there’s a little bit of Everything on there right now I’m in the works to i just bought one of The biggest collections i’ve ever bought In my life i’m on In the works to buy two more so get on There buy something so i can go buy These other collections I appreciate you guys i know i know now Is a hard time I understand completely that now Is is a hard time because Of all the years of my life we didn’t Need the election right now On top of the corona and on top of a lot Of other things But we got it and my Buddy my business partner for years and My friend larry hickman taught me Something that Uh he said it doesn’t matter how you got To where you got In your life take a minute

Focus and see what is the best move Forward Because you can’t change anything from This moment Before ain’t nothing you can do about That no matter how you want to no matter How much you regret it There ain’t nothing you can do from There you need to look at where you’re At Right now what is the best move to make My life and the life of those that i Love Better that’s what we got to focus on Because none of that other stuff matters Because ain’t nothing we can do about it Make your life better make the life of Those that you love Make the life of those that you don’t Love better because you need to be that Better person you need to move that Forward That life forward don’t stay marred down By crap you can’t affect Because it ain’t gonna do you or anybody Else any good Uh keep on the sunny side remember that People care about you remember we’re Gonna be all right No matter what happens uh it’s It’s going to be all right because i Ain’t giving up and i hope you don’t Give up i hope you know that you’re Loved i hope

That you share these videos i hope you Become a subscriber Please share them uh i still haven’t Forgot it when we hit 1 000 subscribers If you are a registered subscriber i’m Gonna put your name Into a pot i’m gonna have somebody that I trust Draw that name out and we’re gonna give You an original civil war cavalry saver I’ve got it picked out i’m gonna do a Video on it here in a little bit Uh but you’re going to get an original Civil war cavalry saber Free of charge i’m going to pay shipping And if i can i’m going to get you on Here Where we can get your response because i Appreciate you guys I’m the luckiest guy in the world i get To live in the best country in the world Even for all its problems It’s the best deal going ain’t nowhere Else in the world i’d rather live So appreciate your life make it a better One and i’ll catch you next time Love you guys

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