The Civil War Model 1861 Colt Firearms Company .36 Caliber Revolver

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of About The Civil War Model 1861 Colt Firearms Company .36 Caliber Revolver

Good morning from dixie this is reiki l Ellidge from and i am Glad to be with you guys again today uh It’s been a couple of days i had the Richmond virginia show and the Chattanooga tennessee show both of them Were tremendous it was great to see so Many of you guys out there and one thing That always makes me happy is when folks Come up and say man i’d enjoy them Videos i said i learned something and i Get a little bit of positivity out of Them too and i’m like well that’s the Two things i was hoping for well three i Hope you buy something too but hey kate I appreciate you watching ain’t no Worries today we’re going to talk about A gun that doesn’t get as much fanfare As a lot of its counterparts but it’s a Very interesting gun a beautiful gun in My opinion and one that every collection Should uh have one of In the air of our lord 1861 Colt was trying to Make a revolver that was a little bit More streamlined than the earlier one That they had produced the earlier one Was the model 1851 also known as the uh To most collectors as the colt 1851 navy Revolver Not necessarily because all of them went To the navy But for some reason the designation gets Navy as 36 caliber army is 44. so it

Just kind of stuck and so they called The 1851 the navy revolver a lot of them Went to army use On both sides during the civil war Uh matter of fact nathan bedford forrest Used is reported to have used a Uh 1851 colt navy This one though is the new and improved 1861 model cult navy They didn’t do nearly as many of them Made over 200 000 of the model 1851s These 1860 ones though they made uh 38 843 of them Exactly colt kept good records he liked Those records uh But they made 38 843 of these And when you look at them that design Like this It looks basically like the cult model 1860 where the Model 1851 has an octagonal barrel these Have just a smooth uh barrel Measures seven and a half inches in Overall length fires that bullet of 36 Caliber and along the top of the barrel We have this marking it’s it’ll have the Samuel colt mark as well as new york City kind of misleading because all of These guns were produced in hartford Connecticut not new york city sales Officers in new york sound more fancy so Colt with the more fancy thing As for the guns themselves uh six shots

Seven and a half inch barrel 36 caliber And when you look at it it looks like That model 1860 because they did Streamline they smooth the barrel uh on The outside it looks uh just more Flowing and they mentioned in One of uh flatterman’s books about how It’s one of the most attractive designs On handguns during the civil war and i Agree completely we have uh as far as Production they case hardened the way of Finishing it to protect the metal they Case hardened the frame the hammer and The lever and the lever is what packs Down the bullet when you’re loading it It’s just what pivots There And we had The barrel Will be blued like a standard bluing That you see on a gun it has a Brass for the trigger guard and back Strap those two uh would have been Silvered And so You most of the time silver’s worn off Because it was very thin but this one is A pretty one it’s available as of the Time of this video on shiloh Uh you guys have been eating up those Colts lately so i’ve been trying to get Them when i can find them not been easy Lately Used to be i could go and i i need to

Buy four or five colt armies and i need To buy four or five maybes nowadays i Hope i can buy a colt army i hope i can Buy a gold maybe uh got a couple that’s Going to be on the site in the next Little bit Uh As for markings One thing that is really cool on cult Navies and colt Uh the 51s and the 60 ones they both Have uh a naval engagement scene looks Like this and When you look at it’s like a naval Engagement scene Uh and it depicts in the year of our Lord 1843 on may 16th there was a battle Between the texas navy and the mexican Navy and the texas navy whooped the Mexican navy And So they depicted that battle scene on Both of the pattern of revolvers except For the first hundred of these because The first hundred of these had a fluted Cylinder very rare i’ve never had one One of these days i will but they only Made 100 of those Uh Really cool gun They They work well uh they would have been Mentioned in men’s again i refer to Flagrant light and if you don’t have a

Copy of that book you need to go get one Because it’s very handy But it talks about in there how They if they could have they would have Made a lot more of these if it hadn’t Been for the factory fire in 1864 And so it’s Just a neat little gun and it’s one That’s easily overlooked because most of The time if you just glance you think It’s a model 1860 army completely Different gun though uh serial numbers Are important on these because they up Until 20 about 28 000 is what they say Would be december of 65. people that Collect civil war pieces want them to be Uh civil war production this one is 1864 Production so you know it’s in the time Frame the government did buy some of These but uh tough to tell because most Of the time they will not have regular Government inspector marks like A regular cult army world cult army has Inspector initials and cartouches and Everything else these did not uh there Are a couple that will show up with a Cartridge very tough to find and there’s Some of them that went to the u.s navy That will be marked u.s navy but you Better be careful on those because most Of those are funky you don’t somebody’s Just taking a really cool gun stamp to The standpoint to try to make it better Uh but you go on to shiloh

You can see this one you can see several Of its cousins i have bought the most Amazing stuff in the past uh month that I am writing up like a madman i’m gonna Be doing it again today uh some Wonderful treasures I bought about five collections i’m Broke as a wedge ah kd mortar cheese on My cheeseburger this afternoon but man i Got some cool relics so i’m gonna be Adding those this afternoon going there And check them out i will be next month And a half two months i’m gonna be still Writing stuff up Uh I hope that you guys are doing well i Hope everything’s going in your Direction my dad’s been feeling a little Under the weather today uh pop’s 82 a Little bit slower getting around but He’s still getting there and i just Wanted to uh say papa love you i’m so Thankful that you’re my dad if i could Have anybody in the world to be my dad i Wouldn’t pick anybody but you i hope That you get to feeling better It’s uh we went to chattanooga This past weekend And if you haven’t been to chattanooga In a while it’s a great place to go Because it’s a got a lot of stuff for The Uh for the family they got the aquarium They got the my favorite the pinball

Museum i took uh uh My family to the pinball museum And but i watched all those families and I watched the people walking by with the Little kids it just reminded me that Life is very fleeting uh be sure to take A second and look around and enjoy where You’re at at the moment I know some days just getting to a grind But think about something positive think About something good uh be thankful for What you got Like my friend in louisiana says Never had so much and needed so little And i think a lot of us can say that we Just don’t i hope you guys are well Thank you for my life i love my life i’m So thankful and i hope you guys have a Great day check out Because there’s going to be some great Relics on there i’ll catch you next time Love y’all

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