The Civil War Model 1860 Spencer Patent Cavalry Carbine

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of about The Civil War Model 1860 Spencer Patent Cavalry Carbine

Hey you guys this is rafael from i hope you’re all doing Well i’m so thankful to be with you guys Again today Today we’re going to talk about one of The most famous of all carbines Especially the civil war card means it’s The one you wanted to have if you had Your choice during the civil war This one is the spencer uh cavalry Carbine These were made in boston massachusetts By the spencer repeating Arms company there were a few at the end That were made by the Burnside rifle company in providence Rhode island They were state-of-the-art These guns were patented march 6 1860 And spencer got a leg up because he Actually was able to get one of these In the hands of president lincoln Lincoln saw Wow this is some hell of a gun and we Need to get these Into service what made them so special Most of the guns of the day of Long guns carbines and full-length Muskets and rifles Fired a single shot that took time to Load You had to Tear the paper on the cartridge you had To pour the powder in you had to put the

Bullet in you had to force the bullet Down the barrel Then you had to put the nipple uh the Percussion cap on the nipple You had to do all of that while Your life was in danger this one It was a whole different ballgame this One fires seven Shots all you have to do is Work the action That then you’re ready to go that you’re Ready to go That you’re ready to go that puts you at One heck of an advantage Over those uh poor confederates that Were sitting over there loading each Shot The one thing that always sticks in my Mind when i tell people that At gettysburg there was one unit that Had spencer rifles Uh it was custer’s fifth michigan Cavalry One of the confederates that got Captured by them is quoted as saying we Never know if he said it but It it sounded good so we always repeat It he’s He said i don’t know what hit me he said Those dang spencers they loaded in the Morning shot all day long And we don’t know if he said it but it’s True if you Think about the the disadvantage that

They were at Where do you put those cartridges the Cartridges actually go In the buttstock of the gun like this It has a tube the tube slides out And how does the tube work the tube Actually has a spring On the inside of it that you load them On the end Goes all the way in seven of them Special thing The model 1860 is the one that is Strictly civil war There was a model 65 where they did a Few Ultra uh different uh character traits On That one of the things that they do Different the End of this is smooth on an 1860 1865 They say hey if we put ribs on that we Can open it up a whole lot easier And if you’ve ever messed with many of These you see that they’re not an easy Thing to open sometimes they get Caked up in there and it’s not as easy To open so How do you tell a model 60 from a model 65 Quick thing right off the bat the barrel Length barrel length on a 60 is 22 Inches Barrel length on a 65 is 20 20 inches So two inches makes a difference

Uh But they will have a 22 inch barrel on The early one uh 20 inch on the 65 the 60 model hammer is Tapered If you notice uh no it’s not the model 60 has a flat front hammer The model 65 is tapered because that way It wouldn’t accidentally Get cocked back and accidentally fire But caliber size is also different And you’ll hear these referred to as a 5656 What does that mean it’s kind of odd Saying the same number twice It’s the size of the cartridge casing at The top And at the bottom they did not taper The actual bore on a civil war gun is on A civil war spencer model 1860 Started out life as 52 caliber Some of them went in later on and were Switched over Uh at springfield arsenal and other Places to fire a 50 caliber But original size you’ll hear them Referred to sometimes as uh 5256 but it’s 52 caliber And the cartridge was a 56-56 They go into detail in it and Fladerman’s guide get a chance get one Of those guys because it will help you And it will teach you a lot as far as Markings

They did not have a ton of markings not Like a sharks where you have patent hair Patent bear pattern there On a spencer basically the only marking You’ll see is a serial number which Falls right on the Back of the block and you’ll also have Uh back of the frame not the back of the Block And you’ll also have the march 6 1860 Patent And the spencer rifle company marking on The frame like that These guns they saw a hell of a lot of Service So it’s tough to find one in very pretty Shape That’s why until this one i didn’t have One that was really nice that i could Show you This one is pretty it’s got some of the Original case color Uh with these guns it’s important to Know uh Whether or not they were military used They made one hundred and forty four Thousand five hundred of these guns One hundred and seven three uh 107 372 of them were bought by the Government how do you know the Difference There’s a few things you want to see you Want to see a cartouche And the cartouche like we’ve talked

About in other videos is this small Stamping That was put on there when it was Approved by the military inspector To let you know that it was a military Gun Most of the time on a spencer they’re Very very light They very rarely show up where they’re Crystal clear If you see one that just knocks your Socks off unless the rest of the gun is Absolutely stone meant Be careful because people do re-stamp Those This one you can see them they’re a Little fake but they are there and you Know that this is a military gun As far as the carbines they made 50 000 for the u.s government during the Civil War they started off with a serial Number of 11 000. Makes you sound like you i got a lot Better business if you start off with 11 000 rather than one Uh so not only did he get in front of Lincoln he was smart enough to know Where to start him But the civil war cavalry carbine Started 11 000 Go to 61 000 approximately so Uh that’s the range that you like to see A civil war one so you won’t see the

Serial number range in the right Place you want to see the cartouche You want to see matching serial numbers You also want to see That it isn’t one of those that went Back For conversion later on it does affect The price a little bit I’ve always kind of liked them because They had two lives they had the civil War life and then they were still in Government use Enough that they went back and a lot of Them were used in the uh Indian wars and out west so that’s a lot To cover In seven minutes and 56 seconds but we Did it Whoo uh so if you get a chance go to Check this one out i’ve got a couple More i bought out of a collection That i hope to get written up soon i Hope that you guys are doing well Um Like i’ve told you sometimes you never Know what to say and what not to say I have watched some people lately that Don’t want people to be happy i don’t Understand it They they have had something go horribly Awry in their life and it just makes Them bitter And i understand better god i have been

As bitter as any human Could probably ever be but i realize Just because i’m bitter doesn’t mean i Ought to make everybody else around me Bitter So if somebody rubs you the wrong way Or has somebody has rubbed you the wrong Way Take a second and say i’ll never forget But i forgive you because carrying Around That weight the hate is too heavy to Carry I’ve said it before and i’ll say it Again don’t carry that hate It’ll eat you up it’ll know you out and It’ll make you a bitter horrible person Take a deep breath remember You becoming that person is not going to Make them any Better so try to keep a positive outlook Try to be kind to those around you Give them the benefit of the doubt and Remember Ain’t none of us walked on water i’ve Tried every day of my life and i I have yet to do it maybe today no i Already screwed up this morning Maybe tomorrow i hope you guys are doing Well thank you so much for allowing me To do what i get to do I love you guys and i’ll catch you next Time

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