The Civil War Gwyn & Campbell Cavalry Carbine from Hamilton, Ohio

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of About The Civil War Gwyn & Campbell Cavalry Carbine from Hamilton, Ohio

Hey guys this is rafael from greetings from Tennessee i hope your day is going well I hope that everything is pointed in the Right direction for you today we’re Going to talk about an interesting Carbine From the civil war that was made in the Buckeye state in 1862 There were two guys named edward gwynne And abner c campbell and they got a Patent for a cavalry carbine It kind of uh Progressed from the one that was known Uh As the cosmopolitan carbine uh but it’s Known to collectors as the union carbine Or the guinean campbell carbine And i learned something today been in This business for For 30 something years And i have been spelling gwen wrong For 32 years nobody has corrected me in Flagerman’s guide it shows that it’s G-w-y-n No extra in i’ve always put two two ends On the end of gwen and campbell so We all learned something i learned that I can’t spell uh Only took me 32 years in the business so That ain’t bad i’m just gonna know Everything someday but uh mr uh gwen With one end and mr campbell made a Carbine that is very very distinctive i

Mean it’s You know when you see one of these a lot Of them have similar looks these are Kind of wild And this they made two versions they Made the earlier version that has a this Is a wild trigger guard on this but the Earlier one had even a bigger sweep and This one releases Uh and drops down for loading if you Push it the right way Like this For loading a 52 caliber cartridge They Um Are have a 20 inch barrel It fires 52 caliber bullet they made the Two types the government put in 13 Different contracts for these guns for a Total of 8 202 Almost all of them went to military Sales so Basically every one that you see will Have a cartouche and inspector marks on It and we talked about before when you See a cartouche or inspectors initials That’s where they approved it for Military service this one has whr And that stands for william h russell And he’s a government inspector who said Yep it’s good enough we can use it and They approved it for service and several Of them did go to service there’s a lot Of different regiments that ended up

With them including the seventh Tennessee u.s cavalry the fifth and Eighth ohio cavalry the fourth and Eighth u.s missouri cavalry uh in the Third wisconsin just a few of the Regiments that had them uh their Bowel reports a good gun they weren’t The best one you’d a whole lot rather Had a spencer where you had Multiple shots but hey It’s a it was a good well-made gun and They see a lot of service You do see these a lot of times in Really pretty shape like this one uh They This one has matching serial numbers a Lot of times the serial numbers are Underneath and they’ll be looking like This a lot of times you see those Mismatched and it’s theorized that they Uh reassembled them To get them to where they would be Approved So but this one has all matching numbers The action works well it’s got a great Big hammer on it and the earlier model As well has a bigger more flamboyant Looking hammer and when you look Uh it’s they’re definitely distinctive That big sweeping hammer it looks like It would just rip off at any time this One has the original sight on the front And the back both of those are present On the frame uh it will have this

Marking union carbine and that’s one of The reasons it just gets referred to as A union carbine wasn’t a specific uh Thing that’s just what mr quinn with one End and mr campbell put on there and the Lock plate will actually have the patent 1862 mark and the gwen and campbell and They were made in hamilton ohio one of The few Uh Guns that you see a lot of them are made Up north And new england around there but this One made in ohio Uh This one has the original wall of wood Stock they were made without a four Stock So that barrel could get hot on you if You fired it enough Neat gun i’ve got pictures of it on the Website from all angles Uh as of the time of this video it’s for Sale i’ve also got a few other carbines I bought a little group of carbines and So i’ve put several of them on gonna be Writing them up over the next few weeks The other ones I hope that you guys are doing well we Just finished up school here And uh just wanted to give a shout out To all of the teachers that are out There i know some of my old teachers uh They’re not old teachers they they used

To be but they’re not anymore a lot of My former teachers watch these videos And it makes me proud they’ll be like i Watched you on antics roadshow for years And Now i’ve heard that you’ve got a youtube Channel i like going on there and Watching those uh so i just want to give Them a shout out i’m very thankful my Kids could have Had the teachers that i had with a Couple of exceptions they Uh I would be very proud Parents our teachers are kind of like Parents growing up you think they don’t Know nothing and the older you get the Smarter they get most of the time So if you see one of the old teachers Tell them i said hey and thank you uh i Hope you guys are well i hope you go on To shiloh relics look around thank you So much for sharing these videos i i was Trying to remember if i had done one of These before and so i pull up the thing This is the 61st firearms video that We’ve done and Uh over 200 and i never would have Dreamt uh That when we started this when the Coverage hit that We’d have done that many but you guys Seem to like them as long as you like Them i’ll be glad to do them because i

Enjoy gets me a chance to tell you what I think is cool about them and why i Bought them myself i appreciate you guys Thank you for letting me do what i do i Hope you have a great day and remember Tell somebody that you love that you Love them because of the last words you Hear out of my mouth or i love you i’m Okay with that

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