The Civil War .44 Caliber Joslyn Patent Army Model Revolver

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of about The Civil War .44 Caliber Joslyn Patent Army Model Revolver

Hey you guys this is rafael from shiloh i hope you’re doing great Man it’s been a wonderful week here i’m A little behind i hope to get this one Out a couple days ago but thanks to you Guys I have been boxing and shipping like a Madman here for the last little bit And i am as always very very thankful For every one of those orders You guys that have ordered i appreciate If you’ve just been there Moral supporting me i appreciate you Hope you’re doing well today we’re going To talk about a Big uh sidearm this one Is the one that was made by benjamin f Joslin And big gun 44 caliber And if you’ve watched the other videos You know that 44 is referred to As it’s referred to as the army The 36 is the navy size 44 is the army Just the way that they referred to them Both of them Uh 36 and 44 were used by the cavalry So it’s just a nickname that goes with Them Big bullet 44 caliber shoots out of the 8 inch barrel Along the top of the barrel we have the Bf joslin mark as well as the patentee These guns were patented on march 4th 1858

In that time frame right before the war There were several people that were Trying to come up with something That would be functional for a sidearm Uh Similar to colt but not enough that they Could get sued Uh they needed something a little bit Different and this gun Is kind of like a cult kind of like a Remington And kind of like the colt that was made Uh the model 1855 that’s referred to as The Root revolver we’ll go over one of those One of these days But the root revolver has a side hammer Meaning that instead of the hammer being In the center of the frame It’s actually on the side and remember I’ve always told you This gun’s uh not loaded i’ve checked it But always treat them as though they are Loaded because Even though they’re antiques they’re Still weapons and we must be careful With them This one has the side hammer fully Functional And it goes right in there and it uses Uh the cylinder pin that comes through The back Similar to the root the model 1855 colt And we will do one of those when i get a

Pretty one That we could talk about but it’s a Great big gun And got a lot of moving parts Most all of the parts on these will Actually have the serial number this one Is in the 800 range And they’ll show up on the loading lever Uh Several different places as far as the Serial numbers It has a good clear mark on it and There’s two Basic designs of these guns this one is The second model The first model looks basically the same Except for two things The first model and there’s i think 500 Of those made That had a brass trigger guard and it Had a cap On the bottom of the grip the second Model which this Is instead of having a cap on the bottom Of the grip The cap looked like this But the second model has just the Standard Grip shape like this where you can see The metal and the wood on each side At the very end though they start Putting that cap back on it So they go back and forth they waffle a Little bit

Kind of like a politician so Uh we’ve got the guns are neat looking They’re Big that eight inch barrel they have Hand checkered grips and a lot of times Uh on a standard gun that was going to The military They just have smooth grips these have The checkering which makes them a little Bit more fancy As far as where they went there was 100 Of them that was bought by the u.s navy Though some of them will actually show Up with usn for us navy on the bottom of The grip Most of them though have no markings There are no uh known Real military inspector marks on these Guns They all show up just plain the military Bottom because they got issued We know that some of them went to the 5th and 6th ohio cavalry And there was also some small batches That went to illinois indiana kansas So several of them did see service Very distinctive looking guns you won’t You won’t mess these up because they got The big uh frame They’ve got the big trigger guard They’ve got the uh distinctive grip Once you see one and once you hold it It’s a massive gun You’ll you won’t you won’t make a

Mistake of what these are They’re a cool gun i’ve actually bought A collection That has a lot of really cool stuff in It 202 swords and this was some of The various firearms that the guy had It’s a wonderful bunch of stuff i’m Going to be riding up For the next couple of months out of This collection Uh but you can go in there you can see This one on shiloh i’ve got Pictures of it from every angle You can um read all about it i’ve got a Lot of other cool guns that are On there and that are gonna be on there In the next little bit I’ve got everything from revolutionary War flintlock Um uh time frame guns on up Uh to there’s some cool world war two Swords some uh Uh i don’t do a lot of them uh but There’s actually some japanese swords In there it’s a great bunch of stuff i’m Gonna be writing up stuff for the next Little bit Uh the Great gun they only made three thousand Of them forgot to do that Thanks for my notes they only made 3 000 Of these guns they’re All made 1861-1862 so when you see

A joslin patton uh Revolver you know it’s civil war there’s None of them that are post-war So it’s 1861 62 3 000 of a made Same joslin that made the cavalry Carbine So cool gun add it to your collection go On there to And i hope that you guys are doing well I’ve had so many kind people The other day when i did this a little Segment about my friend steve perkins Uh in his passing who’s in case you Didn’t see it he was a vietnam veteran Uh lost a leg in vietnam amazing guy That helped me In some of the tough times that i have Been fortunate enough to make it through I had so many people reach out and and Share kindness and I’m thankful i am a lucky guy and I hope that you all when you get that Chance you’re nice to people Because uh steve was a wonderful person He helped me so many so many times But i knew that he cared and there’s Something about if you just know Somebody cares about you It’s a it’s a boost because knowing that Somebody’s out there so Be that person that people know is like I don’t know him well but i believe he Cares

Because it doesn’t happen all the time So be that light be that person I hope you guys have a great day i hope You are all safe and healthy And uh i hope i hope the best for you We’ll catch you next time Love you guys

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