The Civil War .36 Caliber “Navy” Revolver by the Eli Whitney Firm

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of about The Civil War .36 Caliber ”Navy” Revolver by the Eli Whitney Firm

Hey you guys this is rafael from Hope everything’s going your way i hope You had a wonderful christmas We were very fortunate here i got to be With my family a couple days ago i got To actually spend some time with my Parents They’re 80 so i try to stay away from Them just in case i’ve Get the corona and don’t know it but uh They’re doing well And i love you mom and dad i hope you All are having a great day today There are a few names in civil war Weaponry that when you hear them you Know it immediately Colt remington springfield And whitney today we’re going to talk About the whitney revolver This one uh is the 36 caliber And if you watch the other videos you Know that 36 is what A navy revolver not because all of them Went to the navy but they call A 36 caliber a navy revolver they call a 40 for an army revolver Just a quick designation between the Sizes This one uh is one that they used a lot During the war They made about 33 000 of these 36 Caliber whitneys Several different models there was a

Progression of them they made in the Late 1850s Up until the 1860s There are several versions this one is What’s known as a second type And the second type they’ll show up with Serial numbers uh between like 1200 And around 13 000. there’s a quick way To tell them When you look at the end of the barrel Like this There is a piece called the loading Lever And what that does when you put the Bullet in that packs it down Nice and tight so it can fire at the end Of that There’s a catch just a little simple Piece called a catch When you um push this up It has a ball and it’s called a ball Catch The later style has a wedge and which Was more popular It’s the style that colt and remington Used So around 13 000 they switch it out From this ball catch to the wedge catch Quick way to tell an early model from a Later model both models got used during The war Because they were so popular they say That about Half of these were purchased by the army

By the navy And by states for military use it’s Probably more than that But we uh we don’t know because A lot of those were not marked with Military markings You know from the other videos how a lot Of them will have sub-inspectors and Cartouche marks Meaning that they were approved by the Inspector for military use Some of these show up without inspection It’s kind of like the cult 51 navy revolvers a lot of them Don’t show up with cartouches but they Were military purchased and military use This one uh is complete it’s got the Full-length barrel On the top of the barrel it has the mark Of eli whitney And also the new haven connecticut Production location That’s nice to see that for some reason Whitney did not mark their guns very Well A lot of times that marking is light and Speaking of light If you look at the cylinder on this you Can still see Some of the cylinders seen and what that Is they’ve got the cylinder And they roll an impression around the Side of the cylinder It’s called a cylinder scene s-c-e-n-e

When you see these Most of the time you can’t see that it Was put on very very Lightly and this one you can still see Some of it so it’s better The finish this one has some of the Original factory finish And the finish being just the finish That they put on it to help protect the Metal Make it last longer and it actually made It more attractive as well This one’s still got some the mechanics On it work well These guns uh had a solid frame Meaning that the it has a top strap like This Where colt just had the cylinder loose This one actually has it kind of Protected on the top and the bottom Original two-piece walnut wood grips A lot of times not always these will Actually be serial numbered on The inside to match the rest of the Guard makes a difference if all those Numbers match A lot of times they’ll either be stamped A lot of most of these are stamped I have seen a couple over the years Where they were pencil written Uh the serial numbers on them so this One’s got all the numbers that match Eli whitney yep that name sounded Familiar

He’s the cat that gets credit for Inventing the cotton gin A lot of people dispute that but he’s The one that gets the credit for it most Time He had died way before the this gun was Made He started making long guns in the late 1700s And made nice solid guns and he sent Them to states you see them with south Carolina marks new york marks Massachusetts marks He sent them all over send them to the Regular government Uh he that he had died people took over Used his name because it was still Famous it’s like The people that use colt uh up In the late 1700’s after sam colt died You know that recognition so you stick With it they actually Tried the nephews that took over Philos and eli whitney blake tried using Their names Nobody knew who that was so they Switched it back to whitney and in the 1850s it took him a long time to start Making handguns in the 1850s When they started making guns this one’s Late 50s to 60s But they started making them in the Early 50s This one’s cool from all angles it’s a

Real pretty gun Most of these you see are worn out this One’s nice a lot of these Some of them went southern they actually Shipped some of these uh They didn’t ship them they they actually Use some of these In the virginia cavalry so if you’re an Optimist Has an outside chance probably not but Hey it could be you southern i’m an Optimist Uh but it’s on the website go onto you can see pictures Of this one you see pictures of a lot of Other things because I’m broke i bought a lot of really Really cool stuff in the last Month i’m getting it written up just as Quickly as i can but it’s just me here In the office so it takes a little while I appreciate you guys i hope things are Going well for you i hope you have a Have had a wonderful holiday season and Like i tell you i don’t care if you Celebrate Hanukkah i don’t care if you celebrate Christmas i don’t care If you celebrate kwanzaa i don’t care if You celebrate ramadan If you are a good person i am thankful For you and i hope that you are Having a great day it’s been It’s been a hard year i think uh

I think all of us have have been tested This year This is we ain’t got nothing to compare This to because We’ve been highs and lows and a lot of Times the highs and lows come the same Day We’ve had folks that we love that have Been sick We’ve had folks that we care about And and and this year seems a little Different because i know in past years We’ve had Folks pass away we’ve had folks that We saw famous people that died But every time this year it just feels a Little A little stronger and i don’t i don’t Don’t quite understand it but I was thinking about it the other day i Was driving home and when i drive my Mind just kind of Rambles kind of like i’m doing right now But I was thinking of even with all Of the bad that has happened this year And there’s been some bad it’s been some Bad stuff happen Uh there’s been a hell of a lot of good And there’s a lot of wonderful people Out there And in this year we i’ve seen Kindness from folks i’ve seen people Lend that hand to people that need it

I’ve seen people in that hand a million Times when i needed it and i hope that You have to Because like i tell you a lot of times You can dwell on the bad Or you dwell on the good and it takes The same amount of time to do either But if you dwell on that good it makes Your soul feel so much better Because uh i’ve started trying to notice Those little things a little Little acts that people do the knot of The head the wave The uh and i mentioned it a lot just to Hold another door Or if you hold the door the thank you That somebody might say And it’s those little things that it’s Easy to overlook I hope that in this next year That you guys focus on those positive Moving forward kind of acts that people Do whether Most people ever notice them or not if You notice them you’ll be better for it And it’s going to be i’m i’m so Optimistic for the next year because We gotta be don’t dwell on that bad Dwell on the good tell those that you Love them Tell those that you love tell them you Love them Because if the last words you hear out Of my mouth or i love you

I’m okay with that i hope you guys have The best new year ever I hope that you remember to tell those That you love that you love them I hope that you are that positive Effect on somebody Because you can be if you want to be and It won’t happen unless you do I love you guys and i’ll catch you next Time i hope you have a great new year Bye

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