The Civil War .32 Caliber Smith & Wesson “Old Model Army” Revolver

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge about The Civil War .32 Caliber Smith & Wesson ”Old Model Army” Revolver

Hey you guys this is Raphael from Shiloh Relics calm I hope you’re having a good Day I hope you’re all healthy I spent a Little time on the internet this morning And I think I saw the word essential About 12,000 times and I got to thinking Everybody is essential each one of you Is special each one of you is unique and Each one of you deserves the best don’t Let anybody tell you anyone is more Essential than you are because we are All essential we all matter we’re all Important we’re all equals some people Just have more advantages than others And if you say someone that is less Advantaged than you please take a second To be kind of that person and you never Know when it might be you that needs That little bit of kindness so let’s Talk about some antiques today we’re Going to talk about one that is really a Staple and essential of a Civil War Collection in my opinion the company Smith & Wesson most everybody has heard Of Smith & Wesson because they have made Guns for years they were started by Horace Smith and Daniel Wesson they made Lots of different varieties of guns they Were the company that was smart enough To acquire the rights to Roland Patton To Rowland White’s Patton Rowland quite developed a patent for a Cylinder that went all the way through And used a metallic cartridge smart

Smart thing they Smith & Wesson they Held that patent and during the Civil War they wouldn’t let other people use That patent they sued them if they Caught him using that patent and that is One of the reasons that Smith & Wesson Survived and so many of those small gun Makers that had every minuscule design And every bit as functional of a weapon Did not it was because Smith & Wesson Was smart enough to get the lawyers in This is one of my favorite Smith & Wesson guns it’s known to collectors as The old number 2 revolver It fires a 32 caliber rimfire cartridge The standard size of the barrel is 6 Inches You do see variations and the variations Are tougher to find and will bring a Little bit of a premium when they’re in Equal condition to a standard 6 inch Barrel the guns show up most of the time With a blued finish and the bluing as We’ve talked about before was a way to Make the surface of the gun more durable And it also made it a lot more Attractive these guns Use rosewood for the grips they’re when They’re in Nice shape like this they’re Beautiful wood and it makes it stand out Really nicely This one has a lot of the original Finish they were made from 1861 to 1874 They made 70 7155 of these guns during

That production run if you just strictly Collect Civil War guns you want to see a Serial number under thirty-five thousand Seven hundred and forty one because that Was the date of May 1st 1865 in Production which technically was at the End of the war Smith & Wesson does still Have their serial numbers and the Production records there’s a fellow Named Roy Jenks that’s in charge of Those and he does amazing letters that Can tell you the date that they’re Shipped they can usually tell you the Date that they were shipped the Configuration that they were shipped Meaning if it had that six inch barrel If it had a four inch barrel if it had a Special kind of finish because they did Finish these in nickel and they finished Them with other types of grips we’ll get To that in a minute Got a surprise for you and they can also Sometimes tell you who it was shipped to So it’s nice it’s not an a cheap thing But he’s very prompt I’ve always found Him to be quick getting back with you as Far as getting a paper to go with the Letters he letter to go with your gun Today’s been a heck of a day but I’m Making it through it I don’t give a That’s one thing you learn about me These guns have been a gun that was Carried by many famous people Custer had One u.s. grant had one and if you like

The Old West they got used on into the Old West house because we’ve all heard Of Wild Bill Hickok sitting in Deadwood Playing cards with the dead man’s hand And he was actually carrying one of These guns evidently not well enough to Defend himself but he was had one of These guns on him at the time that he Was assassinated they show up fairly Often in well-worn condition because They did see a lot of service they can Run anywhere as long as they’re Functioning and complete they can run Anywhere from five hundred to a couple Thousand dollars for the standard once The standard ones are like we see here Blue finish 6-inch barrel Rose wood Grips meat and potatoes of that line Which is wonderful because meetin Potatoes have been the center of my line For forty eight years now they did make Specialties though they would make you Anything you wanted and they actually Had a couple of companies in New York That they would ship the guns to and They would dress them up for you they Would put anything on them that you Wanted they would change the finish Change the grips engrave it and in Collecting of firearms engraving is a Specialty there were some huge famous Engravers Nevsky There were just several that were Talented there artists if you get a

Chance to go to the Metropolitan Museum Of Art in New York City you wouldn’t Expect that to be a place I always Expected it to be paintings and Everything else but guns but they have Some of the most amazing firearms works Of art in the world and if you get a Chance going there because it’s has some Master engraving it’s a wonderful place From tip to tip there’s nothing in that Museum that I have not found fascinating So would you like to see a specialty Smith & Wesson this one is one that I Fell in love with I found it out in Las Vegas there’s a great gun show there too In January It’s the antique gun show banfill Productions put it on and I always Enjoyed that but I found this one out There and I fell in love with it it’s The same gun constructionwise But that’s where it is this one is Beautifully custom engraved during the Time not more modern a lot of people are Doing them now to try to knock it off And take your money It has mother of pearl grips it’s just a Great looking gun and you can see all of That detail work these guns are need in The way that they load there’s a little Lever on the underside of it if you push That up the whole barrel tilts up and it Lets that cylinder come out you load and There’s that design the bore through

Design that rollin white rol til I in White ad and it’s just it’s a neat Design the war probably would have ended A little bit sooner if Smith & Wesson Had sued everybody that was trying to Use that patent but it was a business to Them these guns are neat I enjoy getting To share these with you and I thought of Something the other day Around trying to think of something to Make this more enjoyable and I got to Thinking about one thing that kept Ringing in my mind every artifact has a Story and I feel very fortunate that I Get to share some of these stories with You I appreciate you taking time to Watch them if you would please share Them if you get time to on YouTube and Sign up as a subscriber It doesn’t hurt anything and I will be Adding some new ones and hopefully You’ll get to enjoy those too Remember you’re all essential remember That every person you meet is essential Some people haven’t had the Opportunities that we have had so Remember to be kind to those people I hope y’all have a great day hope you Remember that you’re loved cuz I love You and I’ll catch you next time have a Great day

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