The Civil War .31 Caliber “Walking Beam” Revolver by the Eli Whitney Firm

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of About The Civil War .31 Caliber ”Walking Beam” Revolver by the Eli Whitney Firm

Good morning you guys and greetings from Tennessee i appreciate all of you guys And for all of you guys that have been Concerned we made it through the storms Last night okay everybody’s safe and Sound Um We were spared thoughts go out to all of Those people that weren’t i hope you Guys are doing well it’s the last day of March in the year of our lord 2022 Glad to be with you guys again and today We’re going to talk about something that Uh Uh is a weird design the first i Remember the first one of these guns That i saw i thought what the hell is That because it looks goofy and the Mechanics don’t work right and uh Well i’m gonna tell you about that weird Gun that i thought that went from weird To interesting to i like that gun that’s Kind of cool It’s a Gun that is known As the Uh walking beam and they call it a Walking beam starts off with a weird Story but there was a walking uh beam Steam engine of the day That had mechanics that looked kind of Similar to this And so it got that nickname it just Stuck

It was patented in september of 1854 By a fellow named fordyce uh beals F beals is a way it’ll be marked on the Left hand side of the frame it’ll be Mark f bill’s patent 18 uh september 1854. And beals would be very important to the Remington company later on You’ll hear the remington bills he had Several patents that were important of Those cats this one though was made for The whitney company in whitneyville Connecticut and it’s so marked along the Top of the frame it’s the same whitney That gets the credit for inventing the Cotton gin I’m not going to get into that argument Today But Uh whitney was long since then he died Years before this gun was ever made But they used his name because everybody Knew whitney today people still know Whitney so they used his name but The gun itself fires 31 caliber they Made them two versions they made them in A 28 caliber and a 38 caliber total Production 3 200 approximately Uh of that 3 200 there were 2 300 of This model so this was the largest Production there’s uh three main Variations a lot of little variations But this the three main variations on These guns

And this is the largest production 2300 31 caliber they’ll show up with Different barrel lengths uh this one to Me looks more Appropriate for the gun you’ll see them Where they got a great big long barrel It looked kind of goofy on the end of it But hey People you could order me while you Wanted them if you had the money honey They got the time Um These guns are weird though because of The mechanics we’ll go over the gun a Little bit on the back side they have a Huge shield like this And it covers almost the whole side of The gun Wild looking design but the way these Things work after the gun is fired the Hammer’s completely down when you [ __ ] It back to a half cop position The trigger is actually ready to pull And fire but the trigger does more than Just release that hammer what happens is You push that forward And it rotates the cylinder itself Like a walking beam steam engine of the Day pushing it up and down and So Weird design because the first one i Handled i thought Mechanics doesn’t work on the gun yep They work just like they’re supposed to

They just don’t work like we usually Expect them to work But this one still works And once you have that rotated to the Chamber that you need You [ __ ] it all the rest of the way back Now you’re ready to fire And it starts all over again These guns because they have A weird design People then It would have been a little different People now it’s sure a lot of different So a lot of times they’ll jam up those Mechanics and break them not often that You see one of these that is still fully Functional this one is Uh And it’s got all the original parts The cylinder pin is held in place by a Little lever Like this That goes away a lot because it just It’s not a great design But they were competing with colts so They had to work their designs and Everything else around what sam colt had Patents on And this is one of the guns that did Such a thing Uh walnut wood grips these are real Pretty on this one uh these guns for Some reason when you see them a lot of Them are beaten up this one’s nice from

Both sides you can still see some of the Cylinder scene going around the cylinder And when we say cylinder scene they just Decorated the cylinder to make them a Little bit more appealing and stand out A little bit more this one still has a Good bit of the scene itself Uh It’s as of the time of this video uh It’s on shiloh you can go on There you can see it from every angle i Hope that you do that thing i hope you Look around because i’ve added a bunch Of stuff i hadn’t had a chance to talk About uh thanks to you guys and uh it Has been a wonderful Last few years Uh today is a Very special but a very hard day for me And you know i try to share because Hopefully it might help somebody Somewhere Five years ago today i lost my wife lori This was the we had been married for 23 Years Highs and lows because I won’t go into the whole story but Lori was an addict And Struggled with that Looking back all of our marriage But she lost that battle to addiction Uh Five years ago today and i say that

Because if you are out there and you are Struggling with addiction A lot of people are a lot a lot of us Are hey Ain’t nobody walked on the water since About Uh Almost 2 000 years ago so If you if you are struggling i say that To reach out and get some help because There are wonderful people out there That want to help people Uh It’s a it’s there’s no shame at all in Asking for help i ask for help all the Time because We all need it uh we all deserve it uh If you are wanting to make yourself and Your life better don’t ever hesitate to Ask for help because uh it’s it’s a Smart thing to do it will get you Further in life That because nobody can carry the weight Of the world on their shoulders by Themselves And There’s a t-shirt [Laughter] But if you are struggling Or you know somebody that’s struggling Reach out to them because They might be mad at you when when you Try to help them But

Eventually they will see that you care You’re not trying to run their life so If you’re having trouble you need help Reach out If You know someone that is try to be that Friend it’s a hard thing to do Addiction is harder on the people around And this is a thing that is a hard Statement but addiction is harder on the People around the addict Sometimes than it is on the attic Because the attic is in a fog that Doesn’t know What the reality of the world is And Uh If you need help don’t hesitate to ask If you think you might need help you Need help It’s as simple as that if you feel like You need it you you feel like you need It that much you probably need it that Much so ask for help remember that People love you remember that it is a Good world you hear about bad crap all The time but there’s a lot of good in This world Sometimes you just have to look harder To find it i hope you guys are well i Hope your day is the best day you’ve Ever had in your life because you Deserve it i will catch you next time i Love you

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