The Civil War 15 Shot Henry Repeating Rifle by New Haven Arms Company

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of about The Civil War 15 Shot Henry Repeating Rifle by New Haven Arms Company

Hey you guys greetings from tennessee i Hope everybody’s doing well today uh We’re here in tennessee thank you for All you guys that have checked on us the Floods uh Fortunately for us were a couple of Counties away and so everybody’s safe And sound here but our thoughts and our Prayers and our well wishes go out to Those people that uh were caught in all Those floodwaters man i Wish you guys only the best uh it’s a Great little community waverly tennessee They’ve always been kind to me and i Wish him only the best Today we’re going to talk about one gun That if you collect A lot of guns or any guns It’s probably on your wish list probably Pretty high on that wish list too it’s The civil war henry rifle Uh this gun was patented by b tyler Henry And it was a lever action gun it’s the Forerunner of what started the empire That would become Winchester it’s the henry rifle you can See them from a mile away because man They are beautiful uh beautifully Crafted guns they’ve got the big brass On the frame it’s got the brass butt Plate it’s got the beautiful wood they Used a really fine quality wood When they were making them it’s got the

Big barrel 24 inches uh on the top of That barrel it will have the maker’s Mark it says uh henry’s patent october 16 1860 So They got that patent got these into Production really quickly because they Made this model only from 1860 to 1866. Only made about 14 000 of them before They switched over to that next Model in the progression that would Become The winchesters So uh it’s it also says manufactured by New haven arms company new haven Connecticut They Uh We’ll see the serial numbers like i said From Uh Up to 14 000 ish The first 275 of them are the most Desirable they’re not the prettiest They’re iron frame instead of the brass Frame but they only made about 275 of Those is what they believe So you see an iron frame henry one you Ought to be spooky uh two you better Have your checkbook ready because that Sucker gonna be expensive I’ve never owned one i’ve had a few Friends that have had some but that’s One i just had never bit the bullet and

Bought one but one of these days that’s Fun thing about this collecting one of These days you’ll get a chance to get it If you live long enough and i plan on Being here to get one The uh guns themselves if our 44 caliber Cartridge Metallic rimfire cartridge meaning that The hammer would strike the edge of the Cartridge on the rim and that would Cause a spark to shoot the earlier Models of this are called a volcanic They used an internally uh a bullet with A Charge in the center of it and but this One used a rim fire cartridge big Difference because it’s it’s more Consistent This one fired 15 rounds in one loading Let me say that this gun fired 15 rounds With one reload in a time where some Folks were still using flint and had to Individually load each cartridge Individually uh pack the ball put the Flint in put the primer into the flint Pan You were like coming out of a spaceship With this thing if you had one And they were deadly oh they were deadly The government bought 1731 of these from 60 uh 62 to 65. Most all of those will show up With inspectors initials uh on the back Of the frame i think it’s cgc that was a

Note i should have made but it didn’t But if my memory serves me correctly It’s uh Cgc And that lets you know that it is a Military purchased one a lot of them Were privately purchased by the soldiers So they would have a better shot of Living to see the next day Those in the military range generally Show up with the inspectors initials From uh 3000 to 4200 if i remember correctly This one is 4016 so it hits in there but It does not have the military Inspectors on it it still probably went To service because at that time frame It’s being made to be sent straight to Uh service because People realized back then it might be Expensive and but if it can save my life I would like to invest in that They loaded a very unique way at the end Of the barrel Like this Uh it turns to the side to load the uh Magazine tube 15 rounds 44 caliber That is a dangerous weapon this was one If you saw somebody with one of these You had to fear them because if they had Any ability to shoot at all your butt Was in trouble Uh these have always been a favorite of

Mine because uh in the area that i live In in middle tennessee in pulaski Tennessee There were guys from the 66 illinois Sharpshooters and they had these guns There and so when we would hunt metal Tech specific areas around pulaski we Would find some of these bullets in some Of these cartridges sometimes and it was Always so cool because when you found it You could almost surely say somebody From the 66 illinois was right here That’s always a fun thing to do One of the first uh Neat things i ever found was one of the Bullets uh the shauser style bullets That the 66 illinois used and then down From it i found a complete uh henry Cartridge and so that was a lot of fun Uh that’s the phone ring hang on i’ll be Right back Hey guys sorry about that but like i Tell you it’s just me here in the office So when that order line rings i gotta do It because i am the owner the slash Janitor i take care of it all and uh i’m Thankful that that was the order line But it was a friend of mine checking on Me to be sure i was all right from those Floods and if i hadn’t told you lately i Am blessed i i am truly blessed i’ve got Good friends And very thankful for each one of them Back to the henry uh mr henry designed

One heck of a gun as you can Tell by what we were talking about he Designed a beautiful brass frame gun Uh they are Just a just a wonderful piece of history Dangerous piece of history so if you get A chance go on to shiloh Check this one out i’ve got pictures of It from every angle it’s a wonderful gun Uh you need to be careful because there Are some museum quality reproductions of This gun so if you see one they ought to Be They will all a real one will almost Always be well over ten thousand dollars So you need to be extra careful so if You run across one for thirty five Hundred dollars be careful it might be Right but the odds are ninety nine point Nine nine nine nine nine percent get Something wrong with it so be sure like I always tell you be sure you know who You’re getting it from if they’ll Guarantee it if there’s something uh They won’t guarantee there’s usually a Good reason and as my old buddy steve Malone actually wrote the confederate Buckle book he said never said i was the Cheapest i said it was real so go on to Shiloh remember to sign up as A subscriber because i do send out Notifications occasionally and that way You can get those and sometimes it gives You a foot up on being towards the top

Of the list on getting something I appreciate you guys and one thing i Can’t i can’t close this without saying This Uh I wish well for all of those people in The middle east that want better in Their life and they want better for Their country and they have pride in Their country there was a statement said By a leader the other day that said The people of afghanistan would not Fight for themselves That ain’t true there’s a lot of them People that gave heart soul blood life For And i respect those people because Uh They had the guts to stand up and we are Just leaving a lot of them over there to Be killed and Uh my heart goes out to those people Because if you did everything you could To try to move that country forward you Should not be just abandoned By the people that told you they would Be there for you always be there for Those that Help you uh So i i wish them well Uh towards the people that are doing the Beheadings i wish you all bad and that’s Not like me but i hope you change your Ways hope you see it life is precious

Uh and i hope that each one of you Realized today last precious i love you All and i will talk to you next time

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