The Allen & Wheelock Centerhammer Navy Model Revolver

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of about The Allen & Wheelock Centerhammer Navy Model Revolver

Hey you guys this is rafael from As my buddies from liverpool says good Morning good morning Oh i’ve been listening to the beatles This morning if that don’t start your Day off in a good way something’s wrong With you you need to be hell more Uh today we’re going to talk about a Neat little gun neat little gun made in Worcester mass Worster if you uh are not from up there Uh it’s a gun that is officially known As the aladdin wheelock center Hammer navy and These guns are very distinctive they Only made about 500 of them and they Made them in 1861 1862 They didn’t make many of them because It’s a crazy design it It looks simple but there’s a lot of Moving parts on this gun The gun itself uh Is percussion meaning that it fires uh It does not fire a metallic cartridge It’s a percussion using a percussion cap It is made firing 36 caliber Cartridge or 36 caliber bullet in Paper cartridge or linen cartridge form Uh six shots They made the barrel lengths on them in Different sizes they made a five a six A seven and a half and an eight the Seven and a half and the e8

Generally bring a little bit more they Did them in a couple of different Finishes Most of the time you see them they’re in Blue finish this one is actually A nickel finish which is uh our silver Finish it’s it’s got A little bit tougher to find pretty gun They’re Very distinctive because of one trait On the gun on the underside of it The part that is the trigger guard like This Has a little clip on the back and when You push that back That whole trigger guard moves forward Like this And that’s to to pack down the cartridge Once you load The bullet you pack the cartridge down With that So it can fire crazy design And they call them a center hammer Because as you can see the hammer is in The center Of the frame earlier on they used a side Hammer design Meaning that the hammer came around the Side And struck it at an a different angle They patterned that basically after the Colt model 1855 Design that was designed by elijah root These guns they were never specifically

Bought By the government but a lot of them saw Military use And in fladerman’s guide that you hear Me reference all the time Um fleiderman said no government Contracts but is considered a martial Piece by collectors Marshall meaning it was military used Because A lot of them did a lot of that 500 went Into service Uh with the uh Military the gun itself they use uh Two-piece wood grips usually underneath They’ll be stamped with the serial Number it didn’t take these off because I’m always afraid i’m going to booger up The screw heads I’m not a very talented guy when it Comes to hand-eye coordination so i just Leave them on there And when they fit perfectly you can Almost surely say That they’re going to match not always But most of the time Uh barrel uh on this one has the Original front sight And the marking on this one is uh what You see On these guns it’s on the left side of The barrel They stamp it right onto the barrel and It will say allen and wheelock

Worcester mass allen’s patent and he had Three patents that was used on this gun January 13th december 15 1857 September 7 1858 But the guns themselves were made 1861-62 so he was utilizing those Patents A few years after he got the patents Guns are neat you don’t you see them Actually they make this one this is Called the navy because of 36 caliber We’ve talked about that before navy’s 36 Army is 44. They make this same gun looks like it’s On steroids for a 44 caliber Made about 500 of those too so you don’t See them Very often most of the time when you Hear alan and thurber allen and wheelock You think about their pepper box Revolvers because they made The best-selling pepper box revolver of The 1800s great guns And everybody dog seems like they had One These guns a lot tougher to find Go out and find them this one has Matching serial numbers i think it’s 304 If i remember correctly And they stamped them on a lot of Different areas they will probably be Under the grips They are on the little clip that holds The cylinder pin

In it’s they stamp them a lot of places So be sure you check them because it Does matter to a collector that all of Those things Match as of today You can go on shiloh and Browse around You can see this one you can own this One you can own uh three more That aren’t yet but there’s very similar And I appreciate you guys you guys have been Ordering like crazy and i am so thankful Uh my banker man says to tell you thank You for Being there for me and i appreciate you And speaking of banks There’s something uh i try not to tell Some things but There’s a there’s a thing that i do that You guys might want to start doing that I think helps people And something you won’t really you’ll You’ll help people but you won’t Hurt yourself when i go through a Drive-through and i buy My happy meal i save the change and i Save the change up and i I wait until i get a big bag of it and i Do it with when i go to the store or Anywhere else i’ll save the the pennies And i’ll save the nickels A friend of mine used to say if you take Care of the

Pennies the dollars will take care of Themselves and I’ve been very fortunate over the years But i use that money For years i have taken them to A bank and they i tell them i said it’s Two things i want you to give it to Somebody that needs it And yeah i never want you to tell them That it’s for me i want you to do it And tell them that somebody that don’t Know them that has no idea who they are Cares about them and they for years They’ve done that I switch banks and or i switched part of My banks I’m not going to switch it all because Of what i’m about to tell you I’m going to the new bank and i go in And they’re wonderful people they’ve Been super to me been Just tremendous to me think the world of Them But i go in and i do the same thing and I tell them i ask them ahead of time i Said would you mind doing that for me Because i said In the two things give it to somebody That needs it give them Whoever you want whoever you see if Somebody comes in you can see they’re Struggling give it to them And and if they need more let me know But uh don’t tell them it’s me

Because don’t do things because people Are watching do them because they’re the Right thing to do And they said no no problem and so The uh new place uh got the money and it Was It wasn’t a lot it’s but it’s not about The amount of the money it was 70 80 bucks uh but if you ain’t got but a Dollar 70 80 bucks is a lot of money and i get That Been there got the t-shirt uh But i uh i digress I go back in the next day and he says Well they say we can’t do that we can Only give it to a five-o Whatever the hell it is charity and i Thought that ain’t who i want to give it To I’d give it to them if i wanted to give It to them so I keep my stuff at the old bank on that Account and i will not switch over Because They help people and uh I say this for two reasons I say if you are an individual you can Do something that at 30 cents a time You could help people and it ain’t Through sally strut they’re sending it To some kid in egypt because Those kids probably need it and i’m all For them getting it but i believe

Everybody at home ought to be fed before We worry about people in central america Uh because they come in here anyway uh I say that because that little bit of Change could help somebody that really Needs it And two if you are a bank or anything Else and somebody wants to do something To help people and this bank helps a lot Of people They do a lot of community service and Things like that But everything you do don’t have to go Through a 501c Because a lot of times that goes to pay Some salary for somebody That is too lazy to work to start with If you give it straight to that person Who needs it you’re helping going to the Source and i believe in going to the Source And i know i’ve talked a lot about this This last few minutes but That bothered me i thought about it for A week i thought i’m going to talk about That because Maybe and i say it just because You need to go to those people that need The help You don’t have to go through an Organization for you to help somebody So i’ll get off my soapbox now i hope You’re going to shiloh i hope You buy this pistol because if you do

I’ll have a little bit more change to Put in that change thing and help give Somebody That might need some help and you could Say i in a roundabout way helped make Somebody’s day That needed it because i appreciate you Guys i love you all and i’ll catch you Next time

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