The .54 Caliber Cavalry Carbine by the Starr Firearms Company of Yonkers, New York

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of About The .54 Caliber Cavalry Carbine by the Starr Firearms Company of Yonkers, New York

Hey you guys this is rafael from I’m back again and thank you guys for Checking on me uh through having covered Um not perfectly well but i’m back on The right side i think knock on wood and Uh i’m thankful for all you guys that Checked on me and reached out and uh Even had a good thought i certainly Appreciate it uh but we’re back to Relics i hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas a great new year i’ve got a Feeling this is going to be a great year I’m optimistic I heard Uh oh well actually i saw a thing on Facebook the other day and it said Uh so many of you guys are worried about Whether your glass is half full or half Empty Shut your mouth Be glad that you got a glass and that There’s something in it and i was like Wow that’s pretty heavy so i’m gonna Share my glass with you guys because Mine’s mine’s almost full i am so Thankful today we’re going to talk about A gun That uh is a neat gun it’s got um it’s Often referred to as the poor man sharps Because it’s basically patterned after The famous gun that was made by Christian sharps this one was patented In 1858 september 14 1858 by ebenezer t

Star s-t-a-r-r That name sounds familiar it’s because This cat was the son of nathan starr That made the naval cutlasses and made The famous cavalry savory and also Produced weapons during the early part Of the 1800s well during the war Ebenezer made Guns uh made carbines and he also made Revolvers he made the 36 and the 44 star Revolver Where’d he make him i’m glad you asked That’s a hell of a question and i have The answer uh he made them in yonkers New york Yup yonkers new york The star arms company these guns the Carbines he made between 1862 and 1865. How many of them did he make i happen to Know the answer to that too he made Twenty thousand six hundred and one Which in the big scheme of things isn’t A huge number because you gotta imagine You gotta imagine The words still aren’t coming uh Perfectly on it but hey i’m still here And i’m breathing and i’m kicking i’m Happy Um The he When you consider the sharps they made 150 000 of those This one 20 601 not a huge number Basically it works uh very similar to

That of the sharps In order to Work the mechanism on this one to load It you have to you don’t have to but it Helps because if you don’t [ __ ] back the hammer You run a risk of hurting the nipple on The on the block It has a little Latch down here on the bottom like this That releases The trigger guard and the trigger guard Also works as the lever to drop the Block That way you can load the bullet into Uh the Block which It’s got a 21 inch round barrel It fires a 54 caliber cartridge it fires Uh most of your stars or linen Cartridges They actually at the end of the war they Try to use a metallic cartridge they Made a few of them for metallic Cartridge They are a lot tougher to find they Don’t have the Attraction to collectors as these do These guns Were neat most of them that got issued Were issued in the western theater Meaning over towards uh the mississippi River in that area it was used by the First arkansas the fifth kansas the 11th

Missouri the 24th new york And a few other regiments but those are The main ones that they got issued to Uh it’s kind of interesting when you When you look into these the government Tests actually rated these higher than The sharks Who’d have thought it i guess he didn’t Have the pr guy that christian sharps Had As for the gun They kind of stand out because if you Notice it’s got brass for a barrel band It’s got brass for a butt plate and Those kind of give it a little bit of a Flash the butt plate’s kind of Interesting at the bottom of the butt Plate down here is which is called the Toe Usually on a star They had a flaw When that got hit it stands out just a Little bit more than the top when that Got hit it would chip the wood Along the bottom right here And that happens fairly often Happens most of the time actually so When you see one that doesn’t have Uh that crack it will bring just a Little bit of a premium Uh the other ones you expect it to be There when you see a lot of these sharks This one’s nice you can tell it saw Service it was actually it saw the

Elephant it got used i like that about It uh the mechanics still work well It’s got the star markings oh and Speaking of markings the only one of Those regiments that is known to have Specifically marked these guns was the First arkansas and what they did up here Right behind the rear sight and this One’s off a different one but this is The marking that shows up on those first Arkansas marks It’s really crudely done and it makes a Lot of difference it brings a good Premium In the book they actually say 50 more Won’t quite reach out that far but it Will make a difference But you got to be careful on those Because people have taken the carbine That brings 2000 to 2500 Slapped out on there and got 35 to 45. So be careful that as i always tell you If you aren’t comfortable with the Person you are buying it from do not buy It uh be sure that they will guarantee It in writing because if it’s real today It’ll be real tomorrow and they won’t Mind putting their name on it This one uh is on the website as of now It’s available it can be yours Uh It’s just it’s a nick gun all the way Around let’s be sure because my mind is Still a little foggy i heard about that

They called it the cove brain fog and It’s true i’ll be like mid-sentence and Then like where’d the rest of words go i Don’t know what happened but This one is complete has the original Saddle ring on the back of the of the Frame like that but it’s a nice gun you Can go into shallow relics you can see It Uh i hope that you guys are doing well i Hope that I hope that you have had your vaccine I know a lot of people don’t like it but I think that it’s one of the reasons That My case of covid wasn’t worse uh it was Bad but I never had to go into Uh The hospital for more than tests and X-rays So i just i hope you guys take it Uh Not for political reasons or anything Else but i do think Uh i’m proof that if you get it you can Still get it but i do think it lightens The effect that you get on it uh i’m so Thankful for my family and my friends my Mom has Uh i think it was worse on my mom than It was on me because she worries so much And uh I’m so thankful to have a family that

Cares about me my this first time i said It on a video my fiance catherine I like the sound of that uh she took Amazing care of me and she looked out For me and so and i say all of that for This reason if you know somebody that Does get it that doesn’t have that Family pick up the phone Give them a call just check on them text Them Uh because Man it’s scary I was scared to death because i thought Of all the the People that I i try to help and that i care about And The Thought of what they gonna do if i ain’t Here so If you get that moment and you know Somebody that’s sick give them a call Just check on them uh they don’t take But a second see if they need something From the store because That’s something i never thought about Uh You’re not supposed to get out you’re Not supposed to do this you’re not Supposed to do that How you gonna get your bread how you Gonna get your beans and your bacon Just offer they might not want it might Not take you up on it but at least they

Know they care uh i’m very thankful for Those that checked on me I cannot tell you enough how much i Appreciate what you guys allow me to do I get to do this every day uh i get to Handle the relics and i get to talk to People that love history I’m so thankful uh Like i tell you a bunch of times it’s Just me in the office and i don’t always Get a chance to return the calls and Return the emails uh because there’s Just not enough time in the day but i Appreciate you it doesn’t mean that i Don’t want to help but i hope you guys Have the best year ever And thank you for the life that you let Me lead i hope you guys are doing well Remember to tell those that you love Them because i love y’all catch you next Time

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