The .36 Caliber “Navy” Revolver by the Starr Firearms Company of Yonkers, New York

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of about The .36 Caliber ”Navy” Revolver by the Starr Firearms Company of Yonkers, New York

Hey guys this is rachael from i hope you’re all Doing well Hope your year has started off in a Positive direction We’ve been very fortunate here got to Spend time with my family my friends Uh one thing that we always do and it’s It’s one of my It’s it’s one of my favorite days of the Year new year’s day for Years my neighbor charlie morris hey Charlie Uh would fix uh in his garage he would Do Black eyed peas and hog jaw and all the Neighbors would come over We gathered there and charlie turned 80 Last year and a couple years ago I kind of took over and now he comes and Eats with us And is the moral support and the Backbone behind everything Every year new year’s day we do that and I look forward to it all year long There’s there’s a great show in Charleston if you get a chance it’s the Same weekend but When neighbors come first so uh we got To Have it a little differently this year And because of covid we couldn’t all Gather Like we wanted to because i’m not a

President’s son Or a future president’s son i try to do What i’m supposed to do Uh so anyway we put together Uh little meal box boxes and took them To our neighbors We got together cooked it and put it all Together it’s a great day because I’m very fortunate to have the family And friends that i have Well anyway today as you can see We got a new edition my lady friend got Me this for christmas and i was so Excited because i like i know exactly Where that’s going to go So today we’re going to talk about A gun that looks very similar to one of The first ones that we Talked about together when it started This back in april Back in april uh so far we’ve got 650 Subscriptions as of this morning when we Hit 1 000 subscribers I’m going to give away an original civil War or a cavalry saver already got it Gonna talk about it maybe here in the Next day or two But i’ve got a friend in chicago that Does accounting And he’s gonna tabulate who all’s signed Up as of the thousandth subscriber we’re Going to give that away So something to look forward to on that But early on

One of those first few that i did was About the Army version of the star revolver from The civil war Star was located in yonkers new york They Made some of the early guns like this One in yonkers And and also in binghamton new york They look from a distance this looks Just like every other star revolver that You’ll see But it’s not the uh there’s a few subtle Differences that make this gun a lot More scarce The army they made 23 000 of them which Isn’t a huge production Uh but you do see those fairly regularly They made 23 000 of the armies they only Made 3 000 of these This is the navy version of the star Double action revolver and if you happen To see that when we talked about how It’s Listed as a double action but it’s not It’s actually a self Cocking uh revolver what does that mean That’s kind of weird The trigger there’s actually two The front one the standard trigger is What [ __ ] back the hammer And it [ __ ] it back and if you notice Like this There’s a little bitty button trigger on

The back And that’s what releases it It’s weird and so it’s actually a Self-cocking revolver Instead of a true double action Revolver it’s also got some while we’re Talking about the trigger Look at this little thing on the back It’s a slide it’s one of the first Functional very functional safeties some People don’t call it a safety but if it Stops the gun from shooting in my mind It’s a safety so i call it safety There you go what it does when you lower That down It won’t allow the front trigger To hit that back trigger so it’s a Safety On the gun itself is for markings There’s not a lot of markings a lot of Serial numbers because they serial Number These in a lot of places they put them On the standard things like a cylinder Uh The front of the frame is marked the Uh it’s got them a lot of place a lot of Times under the grips It will have on the screw itself Sometimes a lot of markings on these but As far as factory markings there’s two There’s one right here on the bottom of The frame like this and then on the flip Side

There’s the yonkers mark in the Star arms company these were patented June uh january 15th 1856. The navy model they only made 1858 to 1860. So it’s it’s a scarce guy they made 3 000 of them 2250 of these are reported to have been Bought by The uh us government They didn’t mark all of them i don’t Think and most collectors do not think There’s some that will show up with a Simple jt cartouche on the grip Just the letters j and t that’s it But most of them are just completely Unmarked like this one So it’s probable that they bought them But they didn’t Cartoosh them people will disagree on That Will agree to disagree but i think of The 2250 if they cartouched every one of Those we’d see a lot more of them I happen to have this one on shiloh right now I’ve also got uh another one a chance to Get two Of the 3 000 of them at the same time so I was very excited because you don’t see Them very often How do we see from a distance that this Is the navy Not the army if you watch the other

Videos you know that army is 44 caliber Navy is uh 36 caliber that’s just the Way they referred to The 36 from a distance will look exactly The same but if you notice The frame is longer because it has a Longer cylinder And it’s a little bit smaller all over When you lay them side by side you can See it a lot more clearly But they’re a lot tougher to find on These 36 calibers This one’s pretty you can tell it got Used it wasn’t ever abused The numbers uh if i remember correctly Are all matching i didn’t read that Description before i Got back here to do it this morning uh But go on to shallow I try to picture everything from every Angle When you open that box up you know what You’re getting and hopefully it will be A little bit better than you were Expecting I appreciate you guys you guys made last Year a tremendous year We started these in april and i was Scared i didn’t know what was gonna Happen Like anybody else and i didn’t I’d always put everything i had into my Relics and I was like i don’t i didn’t eat mortar

Cheese on a cheeseburger there for a Couple of months But when we started doing these it it Rejuvenated my business it rejuvenated The interest um it was a Wonderful wonderful thing and and i’m so Thankful for you guys and that’s why Like i said at 1 000 we’re going to give That Original civil war cavalry saber away And i’m going to try to figure out some Way to at least Get a little recording of you so we can Put it on here and And get your reaction to getting it it’s Going to be an original one i’m going to Ship it to you it’s not going to cost You a thing Because it’s one little way that i can Say thank you because You guys have made a horrible year last Year in a lot of ways A wonderful year and that’s that’s kind Of like I guess that’s kind of like life today Wonderful things Not so wonderful things uh but we’re We’re still standing We’re here uh i hope that you guys are Doing well I’ve i’ve enjoyed these because it’s let Me share Not only the relics but it’s giving me That therapist couch to talk about what

Is on my mind you guys have been Wonderful to me i’ve had so many people Reach out and Just mention that they have enjoyed the Videos that they have learned something And but it’s it’s helped me more to know That some people have learned something About me and hopefully something that Will make them and everything a little Bit better I appreciate you guys i hope this is the Best new year ever I am so thankful to get to do what i do And i couldn’t do it without you guys And i couldn’t do without my family I love my girls love my grandson love my Lady friend And i hope that you guys have the best Year ever and I say it over a lot of times if the last Words you are out of my mouth or i love You I’m okay with that love you guys and I’ll catch you next time

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