The .36 Caliber Civil War Manhattan “Navy” Revolver

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of about The .36 Caliber Civil War Manhattan ”Navy” Revolver

Hey you guys this is rafael from i hope you’re all Doing well Hope everybody’s healthy uh here in Tennessee it’s been a very good day a Little warm still But hey every day is a bonus so i’m Thankful to get to be with you guys Thankful i say it a lot but i’m thankful Every time uh Been packing up stuff today getting Ready uh To do a show so thankful for that and Gun going to talk today though about a Really cool Gun that is a lot cooler than the price Tag let’s on This gun on first look oh it’s a cult no It’s not It is a cult competitor it’s Basically the same gun looks very very Similar But this is the one known to collectors As a manhattan Navy revolver and again we mentioned in The earlier ones when you hear that word Navy Doesn’t mean it was used by the navy That’s regarding this Uh size of the bore of the gun a navy is A 36 caliber in civil war lingo Army is 44. both big bore guns Could impact a lot of damage this one is The

Manhattan navy 36. They made a little over 78 000 of these So that’s a lot of production they were Made by the Manhattan firearms company which makes You think it’s Uh new york but actually they were all Made in newark new jersey These guns were made between 1859 and 1868. In 1868 they were bought out by the American standard tool company And continued to make guns but they will Have a different marking This gun though they made 78 000 like This This is the first series which is a Little more desirable to collectors And there’s a couple of things you can Look for on it the early version of These Will have manhattan firearms company new York Even though they weren’t made in new York people Assumed that it’s better in new york Than newark new jersey where they were Actually made So the first 14 500 of them Were made uh with that new york marking About 14 500 to the end of production they’re Marked with the newark new jersey Location

So a little bit earlier uh people like That New york marking another way to tell All except that last series which they Made about 9 000 of them in that last Series Will have a five shot cylinder Uh meaning it can hold five rounds the Last series is a six shot So looks basically the same but they Started renumbering them From one to nine thousand with that six Shot frame so a lot of times if you’re Not looking for that barrel marking And you see a low serial number you’re Like Hey that’s good uh no it’s not because To a civil war guy those are post-war Those guns Uh are estimated to have been made Between june 1867 And december 1868 so that last 9 000 had Nothing to do with the civil war Still a collectible gun but not civil War So we’ve got the gun Five shots uh 36 caliber bullet They show up in different barrel lengths They show up in a four a five and a six And a half The six and a half is more desirable uh With With guns usually bigger is better i’ll Leave that there you can

Talk about it amongst yourselves i’ll Give you a topic uh In the book they say the the six and a Half inch barrel length is worth 25 Percent more Generally that’s that’s in the ballpark This one is the five inch version so it Is popular Uh the manhattan saw a lot of service During the civil war i’ve had a few doug Ones Out of campsites and battle sites over The years had a lot of presented ones a Lot of these were gifted To soldiers because all but one little Batch were privately purchased In late 1861 the u.s ordinance Department bought One little batch of them we don’t know The serial numbers And that’s the thing the serial numbers On these aren’t like a cult you can’t Write to the company You can write to colt and for a lot of Their guns they can tell you the date it Was shipped For a fee they uh which is pretty Expensive but it’s worth it if you’ve Got the right gun Colt can tell you where it was shipped To What configuration it had what barrel Length what kind of grips what finish And the date it was shipped who it was

Shipped to and how many were in the Batch Uh just had one a little bit ago a 44 Caliber That was shipped to ohio to the governor Of ohio And so that’s that’s kind of cool when You can find out that history Unfortunately with a manhattan we can’t Unless it has a soldier’s name on it we Don’t know and that’s the way it is with A lot of civil war guns we can Say they’re civil war era guns and they Have a chance of being used But you never know 100 for sure unless You have that name on it And some history to it the guns Themselves Five inch barrel cylinder and on the Cylinder Check this out it’s got a cylinder scene And it’s really pretty a lot of times These are well-made guns they’re not Just a fly-by-night company Manhattan made over 150 000 guns During that time frame that they were in Business so they Knew what they were doing and the Cylinder scene shows up like this and It’s very clear Nicely done and that’s just to make it a Little more ornate In manhattan was one that if you had the Jack you could get it

Very ornate they would go in and they Put ivory handles or mother of pearl Handles In very ornate embellishment in the Engraving Had them like that before and you do see Them they’re a lot tougher to find Than the comparable colts but colts Always bring more Colts almost always bring more there’s Always an exception But the manhattan is a really cool gun In this condition a colt Is going to run you 1500 to 2 000 maybe A little bit more These guns you can buy under a thousand Dollars which is still a lot of money i Get that But com comparing the two it’s a lot of Gun for the money They’re nice this one has matching Serial numbers And when i was reading up on this i was Reading in flatterman’s and they make a Good point It said um having a mismatch On the numbers does not make the gun not Collectible anymore Makes it less valuable but it does not Make it less collectible Uh people still like them because it was A tool And it’s important to remember that These guns were being used

As tools they weren’t collector’s items These guys were using them to save their Life And protect their homes so They get worn out and that just happens The guns they have a brass On the back strap and trigger guard this One’s really pretty it’s got kind of Just a deep dark color that hadn’t been Cleaned they use a one-piece walnut wood Grip And like we’ve talked about a lot of Times walnut was the wood of choice for Gun makers Almost always this one has a pretty set Of grips Action works numbers match good markings Cereal Uh cylinder scene is still visible it’s A good gun And as of right now it’s on the website You can go To the website you can look at it you Can see it i think i’ve got two or three Others because i like them They’re affordable and they’re neat so i Buy them when i come across them Uh go on shallow relics check it out We’ve got A little bit of everything on there Right now I hope that you guys are doing well i Was trying to think about what i was Going to say at the end of these because

Some some of you guys have said that you Enjoy the end of the Segments as much as you do the front Which means a lot to me And i think every day i want to say Something that’s going to be positive And i want to say something that’s going To be encouraging And my encouragement this week was Sunday we got to go back to church for The first time since the coveted And you know how you always hear A building is just a building because All of our all our churches is is block And sitting there after it’s over and i Thought it’s block it’s wood Uh it’s concrete and it’s glass four Things And it shouldn’t make it a special place But it is because Of the people that are in it and i’m Very fortunate I’ve got um i’ve got a preacher lady and She’s Very kind she’s she’s kind to everyone She meets I have never seen her be anything but Good to people and she leads by example And i hope that i will always lead by Example Because people need Good examples good role models because Most of the role Role models that are out there right now

They suck and You should put those people that you see Treating people the way they should be Treated and treating people Fairly and treating people honestly you Should put them on a pedestal Because you can throw a ball or you can Run fast that don’t make you a role Model That makes you a person with a talent And you should use that talent To be a positive Influence on people not an instigator be Positive And i hope that you always look at me as Somebody that tries to be positive i Fail Every day i will never walk on water Because I’ve tried every day when i wake up Today’s the day maybe but i won’t But i’ll keep trying and i’ll always try So please You try be that positive influence let People see you Doing the right thing whether it’s Saying thank you Whether it’s opening the door for Somebody whether it’s Being accepting when some Body that is on your last nerve Instead of yelling at them instead of Punching them Instead of anything else be that person

Bigger person And i hope you guys are well thank you For taking the time to watch these thank You for taking time to Share them thank you for becoming a Subscriber on youtube I appreciate you and i’ll catch you next Time

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