The .32 Caliber Prescott Patent Civil War Revolver

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of About The .32 Caliber Prescott Patent Civil War Revolver

Good morning ladies and gentlemen i am So thankful to be with you guys i’m Rachel ellen from in Savannah tennessee and i get to do these Little videos and tell you why i like The pieces that i’ve bought and that i’m Offering for sale Uh that’s the best of both worlds i get To a lot of times when you write up a Description you get to tell people uh The basic points it’s got a so long of An inch barrel it’s got made of this and Made of that But when i get to do these i get to tell You that’s the reason i bought it and i Don’t buy them unless i like them unless It’s really cheap because i have that That hang up but today we’re going to Talk about one that is neat and it’s a Rare little gun it’s this one right here This gun and when you look at it it’s Like huh that looks just like a 32 Caliber smith and wesson from the civil War known as the number two army but It’s not it’s a lot tougher to find they Made Tens of thousands of those smith and Wessons this is one that was made in Worcester massachusetts by e.a prescott P-r-e-s-c-o-t-t And They look very similar just upon a Glance but there’s several very distinct Differences between a smith and wesson

And a prescott as far as the Construction of the gun itself fired the Same cartridge it fired a 32 caliber rim Fire The smith and wesson cartridge and They made these guns from 1861 to about 1863. You don’t see them after them which I couldn’t find a lot of information on Them it’s one That there’s just not a lot out there And being that they stopped in 63 they Probably stopped because smith and Wesson Owned the patent on the drill through Cylinder that was developed by roland White R-o-l-l-i-n white And smith and wesson bought it and they Didn’t let other people use it and That’s why a lot of these Cartridge revolvers shut down the Manufacturing because unless they were Getting paid they would not let you make A gun using their patent But this gun Very distinctive because first time you Look at it you look and you’re like wow That’s a brass frame Smith and wesson had an iron frame The brass on this just jumps out it’s Got that real thick kind of honey Looking patina To the brass love that flavor that is a

Beautiful flavor The barrel when it left the factory Would have been blued uh it’s got a Octagonal ribbed barrel Meaning there’s a rib along the top to Reinforce it make it stronger They show up generally in five and three Quarter inch barrels there is a little Variation they note in there uh all of Them i’ve ever had were this barrel Length on the side they’ll have the ea Prescott and worcester mass Production location they’ll also have The patent date in on october 2nd 1860 year of our lord Uh ea prescott got a patent for this Revolver And he made them uh For that 61 to 63 time frame this one Has the original brass site on the front It also has one of the Distinct characteristics between this And a smith and wesson when you notice Meth and wesson has a lever on the Bottom of the frame that you push it Breaks in half almost like it’s Completely coming apart these are a Solid frame which meant that you had to Pull out the loading lever Uh or the Cylinder pin take the cylinder out load It so it would have been slower to load Than a smith wesson They did have them on that but you

Didn’t get the smith and wesson after You opened it several times It would get worn and not line up as Perfectly so Pros and cons Like we’ve talked about several times During the civil war they were trying New things some of it worked some of it Didn’t but they were trying and working On these new designs uh all of those Patent and improvements During the civil war is just amazing These guns Show up with a two-piece grip a panel on Each side they’ll be made out of walnut Or rosewood which were the two most Popular Materials to make Gun grips out of you also see a lot of Other variations but they’re not as Common you’ll see you’ve got to perch Your grips and ivory grips and mother of Pearl grips and sometimes you’ll see oak Grips but these show up rosewood and Walnut The mechanics on this one work it’s got That pretty flavor like we’re talking About it’s a lot rarer they say that They only made a few hundred because There aren’t exact production records on It like you have with a colt something Along that line they did make these in Two sizes this is the large size this is A 32 caliber they did make a 22 caliber

Very distinctive but the same gun like You shrunk it down like you put in the Dishwasher or the clothes dryer and Shrink it down Uh you can go onto And you can check out this gun got Several others going to be getting a Collection in hopefully that will have Quite a few other pistols y’all guys Have been buying a fool out of stuff uh Here lately and i am so thankful uh and My banker said to tell you he’s thankful Too i appreciate you uh so go on there Check it out the uh I we went to lunch yesterday And It was uh Four of us and one of the young guys uh That was with us He he I wave i wave at everybody i try to i Try to wave everybody and speak to Everybody and and he said Who is that guy and i said i have no Idea i don’t know who that is he said Well you wave daddy And i said well i’ll do that for two Reasons one i i want to be a positive in Somebody’s life and two It puts people at ease because people Ain’t expecting it if you wave at Somebody and just say hi you ain’t hurt Nothing in the world all you’ve done is Take a chance on making them feel a

Little bit better so Uh and i told him i said i’ve made a lot Of friends just by saying hi that i Never would have met any other way and If you and i’ve always thought if i run Into you in more than one place we Evidently think somewhat alike and i’m Just going to say hi to you so Your your homework for today is to go to buy at least 10 or 12 pistols And when you get done buying those Pistols go to town and just wave at Somebody and say hi Because uh You robin williams said uh everybody i I’m paraphrasing but uh i’ve listened to A lot of the things that he said he said A lot that gave us insights to him while He was alive Uh he said everybody is fighting a Struggle that you You have no idea about so be kind That’s pretty simple but that’s wrong so Be kind to people say hi to them don’t Cost a dime might make their life better And i know it’ll make your life better Because you’ll feel better about Yourself hope you guys are well hope You’re doing well go on the shallow check out this pistol and a Lot of others i appreciate you thank you So much love y’all

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