The .31 Caliber Civil War Revolver Patented by C.S. Pettengill

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of About The .31 Caliber Civil War Revolver Patented by C.S. Pettengill

Hey you guys and good morning from Tennessee it is a beautiful day out There i am so thankful to get to be with You guys again today we’re going to be Talking about a neat little gun crazy Design One that uh was made right before the Civil war and It’s a little different than most anyone You will ever encounter Uh hope you guys are doing well thank You again for sharing all these videos We have had a lot of new subscribers new Watchers and folks when they call in an Order that have said i enjoy those Videos and that means a lot to me i Really appreciate you sharing them today We’re going to talk about the gun that Was made in willowdale new york by the Rogers and spencer company It was made for the fellow that had the Patent on the gun his name was c.s Pettingill p-e-t-t-e-n-g-i-l-l His guns are one of the most Bizarre Designs for the time It had to have been like a spaceship When people were used to the standard Single shotguns and the cult revolvers And Petting girl comes out with this cat They must have thought that guy has lost His mind But it was actually a head of the game

He designed a gun that was made it’s Called a hammerless because the hammer Is actually internal instead of an External hammer He made these guns he patented in 1856 And They made three different sizes of these Guns they made 31 caliber 34 caliber and 44 caliber They’re very distinctive because like i Said there’s no hammer on the gun Nothing to [ __ ] back it’s a pure double Action design meaning that when you pull The trigger internally it [ __ ] the Hammer and fires the hammer with the Same motion double action Most of the guns of the day like the Colt you cocked it back then pull the Trigger single action this one did it All for you Which was great except The there’s a lot going on inside that Little frame the frame looks like this It’s a big frame because it’s got all The stuff going on inside of it That breaks very easily so most of the Time when you see one of these the Mechanics doesn’t work exactly right a Lot of trouble with the timing on them So when you see one that still rotates And still uh functions it’s it’s a good Thing but there is one drawback with it Being an internal hammer there is no way To check the action unless you pull the

Trigger and i never recommend it because You run a chance of breaking that Internal mechanism or you run a chance Of Damaging the nipples that fire the gun But if you’re going to be sure all of The cylinders are empty that there are No percussion caps on those nipples Because we do not want anyone to ever Get hurt with a piece of history So This one is the small version it’s the 31 caliber they only made and there’s Not exact records it’s not like a colts You can call it colt and a lot of them They can tell you the day they were made And where they were shipped not like That with these we have a ballpark it’s Estimated that they made 425 of these 31 Calibers that’s not many they only made 425 they made three different types of Them uh most of them will be iron frame Like this one They did make a brass frame brass frame Is a lot tougher to find a lot more Expensive gun when you do find it But they only made 425 they say they Made 300 of this third type like this Uh which still isn’t many and the serial Numbers for some reason there are Overlaps in serial numbers so it’s Probable that they Re started each serial number on the Three different types uh that’s probable

As for Uh The gun itself they will these will be Marked two different places there’ll be Marxist pending year up on top of the Frame like this And underneath the frame on the third Type they add this marking It says uh raymond and robitile I guess i said that right we don’t have That name a lot down here on tennessee Uh but it’s 1858 Another improvement that they did on Them because you gotta remember a lot of These guns they’re just learning as they Go so they do those little improvements And when they get an improvement it Works i better get a patent on that so The gun itself Um Full-length barrel little baby bead side Up on the front of it If you were close enough you were using This one you were naming it a whole hell Of a lot it’s got the original two-piece Walnut wood grips real pretty grips they Used nice wood on these i’ve never seen One of these where they didn’t have a Nice quality wood Uh as for these guns this one they never Purchased it by the government now the Big frame the 44 caliber gun same gun Just looks like it’s on steroids was Actually purchased by the government so

They tried them they didn’t like them And But they did try them and they did use Some of them Uh You can go on the you Can see this gun from every angle oh i Forgot this one is really cool of that 300 this one is serial number 19. So Uh couldn’t remember that but serial Number 19. so it’s very low in the Production of that third series So go on to look at This one i’ve been putting up pieces as Quick as humanly possible i’ve been Trying to do some of these videos and Get ahead It had been working well but that’s a Good thing because you guys are keeping Me very busy i’m so thankful for each One of you guys i hope that you all are Well Uh I went Uh to A Someone that’s very important to me had A friend that passed and i went the Other went to the funeral with him the Other day and i’ve never heard the Guy that preached the sermon uh for the Funeral But

He was a very optimistic guy he was Talking about how How cool the guy was that had passed Away and he said something and it’s rung In my ear since i heard it and i’m going To say it today and i hope it rings in Your ears He said it’s hard to come to a funeral And not be sad he said But this guy had been sick for quite a While and he said he’s not hurting Anymore and he says Today We’re not gonna look down we’re gonna Look up We’re not gonna look back we’re gonna Look forward And Man that’s pretty strong If you can keep that in mind anytime That things ain’t going in particular The way you want We ain’t looking down we’re looking up We looking back we’re looking forward And that’s where you’re gonna get that’s Where you’re gonna go and you can’t Dwell on the past cause if it does it’ll Eat you up and i don’t want that for None of you guys i hope you all all have A good day i hope you look up i hope you Don’t look down i hope you look forward And don’t look back Wish you the best remember tell those That you love them that you love them

Because if a last word you hear out of My mouth or i love you i’m okay with That love you guys i’ll catch you next Time

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