The 2nd Model Civil War Maynard Patent Cavalry Carbine

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of about The 2nd Model Civil War Maynard Patent Cavalry Carbine by Massachusetts Arms Company

Hey you guys this is rafael greetings From tennessee i hope you’re all doing Well I know those coven numbers seem to be Going up i hope that everybody’s safe Out there i’ve lost Yet another friend a couple days ago Great guy been been my friend since i Was selling relics out of my Car trunk in college i would drive Around from people that i knew that Collected and Uh would sell stuff out of the trunk and Everything i had in my collection fit In the trunk of the car he’s been there He just couldn’t quite beat the symptoms And The things associated with covet hope You’re resting easy rodney You were always a good friend to me and I love you And i’m thankful i got to tell him that Before he went Uh told him years ago because he’s been Good to me Today we’re going to talk about one of The simplest design And most effective guns from the civil War There was a cat named edward maynard and He’s a big name In civil war gun manufacturing not just Because of the weapons that he made But he also designed a lot of things

And he’s the guy you’ve heard me talk About him before if you’ve watched many Of these videos He’s the guy that designed the paper Roll To try to replace the percussion caps And it fed up through a mechanical System Kind of like the old cap guns that we Used to have when we were little And if you’re one of those teeny boppers Go out and look up Antique cap gun and you can see what That is And on that note i had a friend of mine In a customer call the other day and he Ordered something And he said my son’s 12 years old and he Said he thinks your videos are cool Because you make history interesting and That just meant the world to me Because we need those young people to Appreciate their history so many Young kids have no earthly idea that What happened in history and who they Were We were at dinner last night and we were Talking about amazing Americans and I was embarrassed my daughter didn’t Know who jesse owens was And i told her who jesse owens was and What he did and how he Uh made hitler embarrassed because

He realized that their supermen weren’t Superman They were just men and uh But anyway so that made me feel good When that That guy said that young man was Watching the video so if you’re watching Hey and i appreciate it i won’t mention Any names but i appreciate you Young man and i hope that you grow to Have an amazing Love of history the back to the gun Edward maynard Uh he made actually the the primer tape Roll For the guns that they started using Early on they used them in the model 1855 and it was It was a good thing on paper but as you Can imagine If that paper roll was going through and It got wet or mislined Or the spring broke you’re screwed so It was a neat thing he made a lot of Money off of it selling it to the Government but it didn’t work out too Well So he goes and he makes the carbines And the carbine short gun Most of the time associated with cavalry Uh The first model that he made used that Paper use the paper time roll And they’re very distinctive they will

Also have a patch box on the stock This is the second model this is the Classic civil war version that you Expect to see Known as the second model easily Distinguished because No door to put the paper roll In no compartment on the stock no patch Box So simple stock and that’s one thing i Love about these guns he didn’t waste Anything on these guns They’re just a barrel a block a stock And a butt plate that’s it which is Great As far as cost it’s great as far as Uh manufacturing the soldiers didn’t Like them because The if you notice that four stock it did Not have Uh or the front of the gun the barrel Did not have a force stock So as you can imagine if you were firing That a lot that barrel would get hot And also when you break these down You drop the lever barrel goes up Like this you put the cartridge in This is the cartridge it’s a 50 caliber Um metallic cartridge still used a Percussion cap So you put the cartridge in And as you can imagine that cap Might not be easy to get out once it’s Fired so

You’ve got a hot barrel a cartridge You’re trying to get out of it And you got some southerners shooting at You that Doesn’t go for a great combination Sometimes But the guns are nice and simple that’s Why They made 20 202 of them Made them from 1863 to 1865. there is a Version out there you need to keep an Eye on though It will be stamped right here you’ll Have your serial number And the later issues of them will have Model of 1865 and if it has that 1865 on It It won’t bring as much so keep your eye Out For that one this one uh has Just a real pretty look you see these a Lot of times in very good condition Because some of them went to army Surplus after the war Heard me talk about bannerman’s multiple Times a lot of these went to bannerman’s Uh but the they’re intended for cavalry Use on the back of the stock you’ve got This That’s the saddle bar and ring that Clipped on to The shoulder sling for the cavalryman so He wouldn’t lose it with people shooting At him and he’s bouncing on horseback

This one is complete it’s got the 20 Inch barrel Barrel has the standards front sight The back sight is just a nice simple Small flip Up sight and those get knocked off Fairly easily Good to see that one’s still there as Far as Uh they did sell some of these as Civilian guns And they did do a lot of variations on Them because if the There was a flaw in it that wouldn’t let The government take it Maynard didn’t waste it he ended up uh He did some sporting barrels On them he did some beautiful case sets You’ll see those sometimes They were actually made in chicopee Massachusetts Actually chicopee falls massachusetts by The Massachusetts arms company big famous Company There made a lot of quality weapons this One Being one of their larger productions we Know that this one went to the Government because it has Some inspectors initials let’s talk About those for a minute if you notice The barrel as well as The stock near the frame have this

Stamping that’s gws and it’s cartouche And a stamp to let you know that it was Approved for military service the gws Stands for george w sherman he inspected A lot of these And there’s also another inspector on The stock you’ll notice there’s a jm And that’s for james mills And he was another inspector for the Government and so you know by those Markings that this is one of them that Went to the government They were a popular weapon had several Of them over the years and Some of them will actually have soldiers Names so we know This is a gun that went into service This one’s pretty As of right now it’s available on i hope you go on there And check it out I’ve also got some other guns on there Some other goods i got I got 100 guns on there i hope you check Them out i hope you order them all and i Will start over again Uh i hope you guys are all doing well Again um I’m sorry i haven’t been able to do as Many of these lately This month’s been kind of crazy my Youngest daughter turned 16 today my oldest daughter Is getting married saturday and we’ve

Got thanksgiving so that i’ve had my Distractions i hope that you guys are All doing well We’ve got a lot of sick people out there I i Pray for them every day i hope that Everybody is Is gonna survive this uh I was trying to think of something Sometimes even i ran out of things to Say and at the end of these i try to say Something that’s encouraging I try to i i had something happen the Other day it’s like That’s what it is and that’s what i Meant to tell somebody It’s one of the hardest things in the World for me to do It’s very very hard when people Do an act of kindness for me or people Give me a compliment i i don’t I i don’t know the appropriate way to Respond to it And so i’ve tried to train myself in the Last few years To just shut up and say thank you and It’s very hard if you notice The uh carved wood u.s Uh piece that looks like a belt buckle Fella sent it to me and I i i’m thankful But the hardest thing for me is to just Shut up and say thank you Because i am so thankful and i want to

Tell ellie all I’m thankful because so many people have Shared these videos so many people have Told me that they’ll get together with The family and watch them and that means A Lot to me because uh i’m very fortunate To get to what do what i do Uh i hope that you all are safe i hope You’re all healthy i hope when you get a Chance you Are that positive spark i hope you’re Kind to people I hope you tell the people that are Important to you That you care about them and that you Appreciate them rodney passed the other Day And uh i got to tell him It was a year or two ago and i got to Tell him though I appreciate all you’ve ever done for me And there’s so many people We should thank uh and then we should be That person that helps other people Because he did And i hope you guys are well i’ll shut Up And get on i’m gonna try to get a few More videos on In the next few days bear with me um I love you guys i’ll catch you next time

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