The 1st Pattern Edward Linder Patent Cavalry Carbine

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of About The 1st Pattern Edward Linder Patent Cavalry Carbine

Hey you guys this is rapey L illidge From shallow in Savannah Tennessee I hope you’re all doing well This is the last one of these for the Year of Our Lord 2022 and man it’s been A hell of a ride this year but we’re Still standing I hope you guys are doing Well I want to say thank you uh to start Off uh for you guys watching these and For sharing them for liking subscribing Uh we’re at basically 2 000 subscribers Right now and I’m very proud of that Because when this started I didn’t know If I’d get one much less uh to 2 000. So Today we’re going to talk about Something that’s special it’s a civil War Cavalry carbine that was thought up By a fellow named Edward Linder and on March 29th 1859 uh Mr Linder got himself A patent and he got himself a patent for An interesting gun uh they Are a little different than any of the Others that you’ll encounter uh during The Civil War he got the bright idea That This this mechanism he said well we’re Going to make a lever that you lift up Uh move it 180 degrees over and when you Do that It’s going to release The back of the the barrel is going to Pop up like that ain’t that crazy uh and You’ve got to make that where it will Seal off enough to not explode on you

And it’s got to line up correctly and Mr Linder had a had a good idea but uh he Didn’t do a lot of them he did 892 of These in in a couple of uh contracts on This version it’s known as the type one They did two types the first one is 892 Of them it’s a lot tougher to find than The second type These guns are are interesting they’re Completely unmarked except for up on the Top of that piece itself and it’s marked Edward linder’s patent March 29 1859. And this one you can read it this one’s A really pretty one Um only 892 of them made and that’s not Many when you think of the Springfields That they made over a million of so it’s A tough to find a little gun where were They made I’m glad you asked they were Made in Manchester New Hampshire and They believed that they were all made at The amascag manufacturing company and we Don’t know that for sure but that’s what It’s believed as of now and that’s a Good thing about this those guys that do Research are amazing they find out new Stuff all the time and hopefully someday We will know for sure so it’s a cool gun They have a 20 inch barrel fire a 58 Caliber their percussion meaning that They use a percussion cap to spark the Powder inside the barrel this one’s Fully functional it closes Basically just the same way in reverse

You spin that around And then boom you’re there This one’s all complete uh the little Knob on them are missing a lot of the Times this one’s original uh it it Unscrews so it’s easily to get easy to Get lost but it has the original rear Sight like this it has a saddle ring bar On the back side neat little gun there Uh definitely one that will stand out in Your carbine collection this one’s Available as of the time of this video It’s got full length barrel nice Markings action works well one piece Walnut Woodstock they built a very nice Gun it’s kind of a Crazy Design but they Did build a good gun and this one is Pretty if you go onto the website I’ve Got some really cool things that I’m Going to be putting on in the next few Weeks Of saving them for the first of the year Because man they’re gonna be some cool Things I’m gonna put on there they’re Gonna be muskets and swords and uniforms And everything you can imagine in the Next month month and a half of uh going Out and I bought a couple of really big Collections and gonna be adding some Stuff I hope you guys look around the Site there’s several things on there Maybe you’ll find something Uh we are at the end of 2022 it has been Probably one of the roughest uh years of

My life I’ve lost a lot of people that Mean meant the world to me I lost my dad This year uh but I’m not sad in overall Because I got to have him 82 years and I Can choose to be sad or I can choose to Look at it like that’s a lot longer than Most folks get to be with them but I Miss you Dad I love you uh I lost a Couple of very influential people in my Life that helped me get started and I uh Wouldn’t be right if I didn’t mention Them Frank DeVito up in Virginia Frank was uh was Kind to me when I first got into the Business and one thing I learned some of The guys didn’t like new people in the Business and some people welcomed you With open arms and Frank was that he was A former president of the northern Virginia Relic Hunters Association and Somebody that I was very proud to call a Friend I miss you Frank hope you’re Doing well uh And a law school in Maddox my buddy out In uh Post Falls Idaho And I told this story before but uh I was sitting in the office one day when I had my shop beside Shiloh Battlefield And this guy comes in a little Unassuming guy and he walks up and he Says I had a cannon Barrel laying on the Floor and he says I’d like to trade you For your kid and I thought this old

Man’s lost his mind and I said okay you Just get your stuff together and we will Work out a trade and and he says I got It in a van I thought this cat has lost His ever loving mind and we get done oh We go out there and he opens up and That’s all he did he traveled around the Country and he did shows and he bought Collections and he took them from A to B And uh helped a lot of people along the Way and I’m one of them but by the time We were done I owed him to Cannon Maryland I borrowed fourteen thousand Dollars so it was a lifelong friendship And lost him uh this year but I say These uh those examples of dad Frank and Glenn Because I want you to realize that uh Being The people that are around you a lot of Them you won’t realize how much they Mean to you until they’re gone so I hope You guys up if you care about somebody Let them know let them know what they Have meant to you let them know what They still mean to you uh because life’s Short and I want you guys to know that I Am very thankful for my life I’m very Thankful for my friends I’m very Thankful for my family and I appreciate Each and every one of you guys that Watch these videos uh and go and Subscribe uh I’d love to go over 2000 Before the end of the year and I hope

You guys are well I hope you have the Best year ever next year because you Deserve it I love you guys

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