The 1864 Model Civil War Joslyn Cavalry Carbine

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of about The 1864 Model Civil War Joslyn Cavalry Carbine

Hey you guys this is rafael from man i hope you having The best day you have ever had in your Whole life Down here in tennessee it is hotter than The third layer of hades but we’re still Making it through it and everything’s Good I am so thankful to get to be with you Guys today i’m sorry i hadn’t done as Many of these lately we’ve had two shows And two weekends We did the uh steve sylvia my buddy at North south trader Uh and miss nancy hi miss nancy we did Their show At uh outside of richmond wonderful show New facilities great place felt safe When i walked in Wasn’t like the old joint uh and we also Did the one in chattanooga with butcher Anita holcomb Friends at american digger magazine Great folks great show So thankful to be there uh next year When they roll around be sure you make It to both of those because they’re Worth the drive But with that said i wasn’t able to do As many of these because it’s A long drive getting back getting Everything unpacked All the stuff that you guys have ordered While i was gone getting that out and

Like i’ve told you before It’s just me here so i unpack i pack i Ship i do everything i’m the uh and i’m A one row mule if i try to do More than one thing at a time it just Don’t happen So i’m thankful to be with you guys Today we’re going to talk about a really Neat gun Uh from the civil war one that the Uh union cavalryman if you couldn’t have A spencer that shot those seven Rounds in uh consecutive you wanted one Of these You wanted one of the good well-built Carbines that was made up north This one was made in stonington Connecticut yep stonington connecticut I love that word i’ve never been there Yet but one of these days i’m going to Make it we’re going to check it out It was made under the patent that was Held by b.f Joslin j-o-s-l-y-n And joslin developed a breech-loading Cavalry carbine meaning that you didn’t Load through the muzzle like the early Guns of The time frame it loaded through the Breach and [Music] What you did cut back the hammer like This This is called a latch and what that

Does once you put the cartridge in this Closes down Seals it off and this uh is very Distinctive on a joslin because it’s Huge and bulky it’s an odd kind of Design But these later models there’s two Models this is the 64. It worked a lot better than the early One the early one just had a simple Latch that goes over This one actually has a knob like this That you pull out Raise it up and allows you to load that Cartridge in like this Most of the guns of the day they loved Putting their name where you could see It from a mile away Joslin because this was his design he Put his stamp On the back of the latch itself looks Like this It’s got his name and the patent dates On it it says bf joslin’s patent October 8 1861 and july 24th 1862 stamps it right on the back of it And while we’re talking about stamps There’s two stamps on these that you Let me take that back there’s three of These that you really want to see You want to see the serial number in two Places They will stamp it on the top of the Latch like this

And they will also stamp it on the tang Which is the piece that holds the barrel Onto the stock Like this this one’s matching eleven Thousand three hundred and ninety three How many of them do they make all Together they made about sixteen Thousand Five hundred of them the majority of Them are this second model Later production how do you tell them Right off the bat The later ones have the knob that we Were talking about As well as on the lock plate it’ll have This it’ll have the Joslin mark and 1864 date So you look for those another way you Can tell the Uh model 64 from the 62 Right off the bat just like that the Early ones are brass mounted These are iron mounted meaning they have A iron butt plate Iron trigger guard and iron barrel band Single barrel band on these So this one full length barrel 22 inches fires a rimfire cartridge Fires basically a spencer cartridge That’s 52 caliber They uh were quick to load you didn’t Have to use a ram rod you didn’t have to Use anything Just open that latch load that bullet

Load load that cartridge and then you’re Ready for business Um most of these that you see Didn’t let the hammer down most of these That you see Are broken mismatched numbers because That latch wasn’t a great design And they wore out quick so a lot of Times those numbers have been Uh are mismatched because they replaced It this one’s got the right ones Stocks really pretty opposite of the Stock You have this stamp it is the cartouche Like we’ve talked about where it was Approved by military service Why is it important on these because the Second Model they made 12 500 of 8 000 of them were bought by the Government this stamp lets us know that It’s one of the 8 000 that was bought by The us government For uh use by the soldiers A lot of regiments were issued these Guns Of the ones that we know we know the 4th And 9th indiana The 19th new york there were also Smaller regiments from tennessee Pennsylvania west virginia wisconsin Um several others that were issued these Guns Actually hunted a camp one time with a

Metal detector I think it was outside of winchester and We dug Uh some parts to some of these so it’s Kind of neat uh They did get issued they did get used uh But I digress of those 12 500 of this model 4 500 of them were sold Privately because uh if you couldn’t get That government contract a lot of the Pretty neat unique guns were sold by Some of the famous retailers there’s a Really cool catalog that was issued in 18 Issued that was sold out of in 1864 by Schuyler hartling graham in new york City And in that catalog he’s offering these Guns And they’re so distinctive you know from A mile away But he sold 45 or he sold some of them Because he sold some of the 4 500 that Were privately Sold during the war so it does make a Difference when you see that cartouche That way you know this one is a military It had a chance to go to those guys from Indiana tennessee uh new york It has the shot of being issued to those Guys This one boy it’s pretty from front to Back top to bottom side to side

And right now you can go to you can see it you can See its cousins Man i bought a truckload of stuff i am Broke as a wedge but i sure got some Nice relics coming your way I still got some stuff from the matt Woodburn collection uh i’ve still got A lot of stuff i got a bunch of guns a Bunch of swords uh you better be Watching that site closely because it’s Gonna have some cool Stuff on in the next little bit i hope That you guys are well Uh i’ve had a a big Uh i made a big decision a couple days Ago That uh i’ll tell you more about later On I’m not going to be returning to Antiques roadshow Right now i did it for 20 years this Would have been my 20 Well i did it for 19 years this would Have been my 20th year Uh i just didn’t feel like it was the Right fit for me anymore but i want to Say thank you for all you guys that took The time to watch Antics roadshow and say the nice Comments over the years It’s been a wonderful part of my life it Has been a tremendous thing I have made some of the best friends

I’ve ever had in my life because of that Show And i’ve it it has been A wonderful time in my life uh And i just want you guys to know that i Appreciate it This gives me more of a platform of Being me I can say my opinions i can share with You My opinions and that’s what they are Opinions I can share with you the history as i Know it i Can share it with out editors without Uh being bound By other people’s thoughts So i am thankful that youtube has come Along i’m thankful that you guys take The time to watch these videos please Share them because Uh this is my outlet from now on until Something Breaks loose so i hope you share these i Hope you enjoy them if you’ve got Something that you want to see go on the Shallow Look around the website if there’s Something there and you’re like man i’d Like to know more about that Email me text me or text me email me Uh hell send up smoke signals and if i Can get it and i Can tell you a little bit more about it

And make it interesting for you i’ll do It because This is i enjoy this i get to share with You My passion my love of civil war history And i’m not getting rid of history i am Going to share it with you guys As long as there’s breath in these lungs And i can do it I love you guys and i’ll catch you next Time

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