The 1864 Dated Model 1861 Civil War Rifle by E. Robinson

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of about The 1864 Dated Model 1861 Civil War Rifle by E. Robinson

Hey you guys this is rafael from Glad to be with you again today i hope You’re all doing well Today we’re going to talk about uh The us model 1861 springfield rifle But we’re going to talk about one of the Contractor made ones During the civil war it’s estimated that They made a little over 1 million 1861 military rifles Sixty five thousand one hundred and Twenty nine of those were made at the Springfield armory In springfield massachusetts they needed A lot more So what did the government do they had Contracts With small firms to produce the other Uh three-quarters of a million of them One of those contractors was edward Robinson In new york this one’s an e robinson It’s marked on a lock plate like this And there’s two versions Of the marking the early ones just have A straight line e robinson And the 1864 and 1865 dated ones Will have the e robinson in an art in an Art arch in an arc it goes like that Over the top of it So this one is dated in 1864 on the lock Plate They had multiple contracts actually

With the government Robinson did to make these guns the First one was for 12 000 guns They supplied those they got 20 bucks a Piece By making those the whole gun front to Back 20 bucks which was a lot of money in 1863 They only made guns from 1863 to 1865. The later contracts when other people Were making them They only got 18 so the first ones they Got more money 18 on the rest of them they actually had A Contract to make 47 000 of them but by The end of the war they only got 30 000 Of them made So it’s one there were other makers Smaller contractors that made more Numbers robinson made a really good gun Though They are all patterned on the 1861 Springfield There’s a few things that you look for On a 61 springfield This is the gun that replaced the model 1855 The 1855 had what We’ve talked about on other guns the Maynard tape primer roll Instead of using a regular percussion Cap work kind of like a cap gun

Go back and look at a couple of those if You would like to know more about that And these were to replace that because They realized that wasn’t a great system Mr maynard got a lot of money off of it But it didn’t help In the overall scheme of things so the Lock plate on these they get rid of the Maynard Door uh you can tell a 61 springfield Because Of this see that little screw it’s a Screw to clean out The build up it’s called a clean out Screw They have those on the 1861 they get rid Of that in 1863 There’ll be a bolster with an eagle There for the model 63. Barrel 40 inches long fires a Miniball or a monae ball named after the Frenchman that designed it monet Uh a 58 caliber that’s the standard size Since the model 1855 that was instituted By jefferson davis who was secretary of War at the time He standardized the the sizes To 58 caliber it’s important for these Guns people like The lock plate date to match the barrel Bait this one does They like to be able to see that because A lot of times when these guns are fired And fired and fired and fired

There’s what’s called burnout the powder And the flash Will make the breach of the gun wear out And it will also make it pity and they Call that burnout When you have burnout you can’t read the Markings A lot of times and the date is the first To go because it’s right there by The nipple which is uh where the spark Starts to fire the gun This one you can see really clearly and People like being able to have Uh the dates visible and have them Matching If the barrel’s been replaced a lot of Times it’ll have a 63 barrel 64 lock and people like them to match 40 inch barrel uh three barrel bands Holding the barrel onto the stock Stock’s made of walnut like we’ve talked About wall it’s a wooded choice for Uh almost all the guns of the time Period They have a rear sight on these Uh is a stationary front sight in the Rear sight Usually has two leaves uh just the Pieces that flip Up so you can target it better the At the base of the barrel there’s Usually or there should be A letter v and a letter p and usually an Eagle head

And that’s for viewed and proofed and That’s where The barrel was approved for military Service by the government inspector You flip the stock over and you see this This is the cartouche mark that shows That the government inspector approved The wood Because they inspected all this because There was in the early days there was a Lot of crap that they tried to pass off On them And so the department that Inspected all these was called the Ordinance department and They are the cats that made sure what Was going through Was a good enough quality to be durable Enough for war There is a book that goes into good Detail on these Because there are a lot of variations And there’s a lot of neat information It’s the uh a matter of fact i happen to Have it It’s the us model 1861 springfield rifle Musket And it’s written by daniel hartzler Larry yantz and james Whisker good book i think it’s out of Print but You can still find some copies it goes Into some detail On each of the manufacturers because

There were a lot of manufacturers making That many guns It’s a good book to have i always tell You A book it might cost you a hundred Dollars but with something like this If you buy a couple of guns that’s fifty Dollars a piece to be sure what you’re Getting Is what you think you’re getting you Don’t go wrong If you’re gonna be in the hobby spend The money on the books I know a lot of people they won’t buy a Book they want to borrow yours And it’s just not the same if you can Get a book that’s going to help you It’s well worth it i’ve got a wall full Of them Because i realize i will never be able To remember all this stuff but i know The book to go to to learn it When i need it so get a good library Uh i have a few books that don’t sell a Lot of books but there’s a lot of good Sellers out there you can go to north South trader magazine Those guys sell a lot of books There’s there’s a lot of good book Dealers out there a lot of them so Check them out there’s some on the link Site on the website Go on shiloh the 1861 i’ve got several Of the makers right now because i like

The variation And i’ve got a lot of friends that they Want one of each of the makers And most of them are easy to find There’s a few that are very very tough Uh but there’s several on there check Them out This one is available as of the time of This video matching dates Original rear sight both the sling Swivels underneath Pretty wood uh it’s used It’s not a mint one but it’s an awful Good one so Going to check those Out check a lot of Other stuff out and use the checkout to Order things I hope that all of you are doing well i Am thankful for all of the people That um yesterday would have been Laurie’s 52nd birthday And uh Even though i’m very happy now i still Miss her and I thought about all the people that Are missing somebody and there’s nothing To matter with missing somebody It’s there’s something wrong with you if Somebody meant a world to you And they’re gone and you don’t miss them Uh but If if you’re missing somebody uh i know I have met a lot of people since she

Passed that have lost a spouse And it’s it’s a craziest thing because When you marry somebody You picture growing old with them and You realize that that won’t happen But i do think that the positive thing That came out Of losing her was that i’m more thankful For uh When you get out of that mindset of it’s The worst thing in the world It makes you more thankful for what you Do have it makes you thankful that You get up every day and it makes you Thankful that you have those loved ones Around you And i hope none of you ever have to go Through The loss of a spouse um because It’s it’s something you can’t explain And it’s a fraternity uh that i hope you Never join Uh but the point of my rambling today Is that i hope that you appreciate those Around you i hope That you don’t have to go through Something like that to see that you got Family that love you I got a text yesterday morning from my Brother And he said you okay and Two simple words It meant the world because i know i’m Loved i am very fortunate

I’m very fortunate for my brother my mom And dad my my daughters Uh my grandson my lady friend catherine I am so lucky uh Appreciate what you’ve got don’t Don’t take it for granted uh and let Those that Know let those that you know care about You know that you love them back The last words you hear out of my mouth Or i love you i’m okay with that I love you and i’ll catch you next time

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