The 1843 Hall Carbine by Simeon North of Middletown, Connecticut

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge of About The U.S. Model 1843 Hall Carbine by Simeon North of Middletown, Connecticut

Good morning you guys this is Raphael Elliott from Shiloh in Savannah Tennessee I appreciate you Taking time to be here today uh we’re Going to talk about a pretty pretty Pretty weapon from the Civil War uh These guns have always been one of my Favorite because they’re such a weird Design if you’ve watched many of these Videos you’ve probably seen uh one that I’ve done a couple on the hall pattern Rifles and because they’re so neat J.H Hall was one of the guys that really Changed America you don’t hear much About him but he really really changed America why did he do that I’ll tell you Uh he did that because he uh is one of The people that got it right on Interchangeable parts on Firearms before Then pretty much everything was hand Fitted and then he came out with that Model 1819 and it was interchangeable Parts and you could put them in there And they would would work and it was Easy to repair and they were they were a Weird looking gun for the time but they Really worked well and so they made them Uh for 40 something years that’s how long they Made these guns because they were Dependable and they were neat guns and Uh during the Civil War they were still Using some of them this one is one of The short barrel carbines it’s like this

Uh you’ll often hear it referred to as The side liver Hall we’ll get to that in A minute but it’s the officially known As the US model 1843 Hall North carving And most of the early Pieces were made in Harpers Ferry this Model though was made in Middletown Connecticut and it was made by these Simeon North Company it’s marked on top Of the block uh the breech lot there and It’ll also have the production date you Still see the production date clearly on This one they made ten thousand five Hundred of them from 1844 to 1853. And they’re very interesting because When they came out they were smoothbore On the 21 inch barrel they’re smoothbore Fire a 52 caliber round ball instead of A rifle bullet so at the outbreak of the War they decide they’re going to switch Some of these over to Rifle they bore Them out to 58 caliber and end up The denim General Fremont approved it And made a lot of money off of it he got In trouble because he bought them for Basically nothing spent a little bit on Fixing them and charged them full price When he approved them to buy to be Bought back so but this one is cool Because it’s in the original condition And it’s a beautiful gun this one is Top-notch nine on a one to ten is Probably an eight and a half or a nine And I don’t rate pretty much anything a

10. but it’s a beautiful gun and they Call these the side liver haul because On the side of the block they have this What does that do question it raises and Lowers the block Like this for firing or you can load it And fire it the earlier models have a Just basically a latch on the bottom of It that you push back and it does the Same thing but these they call a side Lever haul because they put it on the Side The other side has this great big long Saddle ring bar because they were Designed for Cavalry use and during the Civil War they saw a good bit of service Mostly out west where they were getting Those second class weapons now you see Them used by a Cavalry from Illinois Missouri Kansas Arkansas uh Iowa to Iowa As well and some of the guys from New York got stuck with some of them because Evidently they weren’t very well like But I digress this one is beautiful has A lot of the case color just the Finish From the factory has the bright blue on The side lever it also has a good bit of The brown that was on the barrel they Used multiple finishing techniques on These guns and this one has really Pretty inspector stamps on the breach of The barrel it has a Gwh for George W Hamlin he was the Inspector that approved the barrel on

The stock itself it’s got these Cartouches that are beautifully clear The wood is gorgeous this one was one That I slipped up on and was able to get And I’m like man that is a beautiful Beautiful good and one thing about these Guns when you see these in this kind of Condition a lot of times the mechanics On them won’t work and it’s like why What a gun that is that beautiful and Not work I’ll tell you the uh they had Grease on them and if the gun isn’t used And it just sits there for 150 years That grease will cake up this one was That way when I got it and I’m like I Know what that is so uh my gunsmith that Is amazing took it apart and soaked it In now it fully functional nothing was Broken on the inside of it it was just Caked up with that grease it wouldn’t Work there’s your trigger the trade for The day I hope you guys are well you can Go to Shiloh relics as of the time of This video uh this gun is for sale it’s On the web website under carbines Got a lot of stuff on there right now I Bought a couple huge collections got a Couple more coming in And I hope you guys are doing well uh I Had so many people reach out over the Last little bit because my dad was sick And uh he uh fought really hard and I Didn’t reply to a lot of you guys Because I just man it’s hard to admit

When a person that you love Is leaving and I lost my dad on September 7th uh very thankful for all Of those Uh people that cared and called and Texted and I apologize for not getting Back with all of you but hey hey uh It was not an easy thing but he is not Hurting uh my bad was probably one of The biggest influences on my life and uh I’m just glad he’s not hurting anymore He told me before he died and he looked At me and he said Son I know where I’m going And uh I think as John Prine says he got there Awful quick I love you Pop uh faithful For everything that you ever did for me Uh I would The role of a of a parent is A lot of times got to just show you uh Show you who you want to be but they Show you who you don’t want to be my dad Was always a Um person that showed me kindness and he Showed me fairness and he showed me uh Honesty and I’m very thankful for him uh So if you have your parents he’ll get it There uh Because you Uh I trade every Relic in the world To say hey Pops how are you I hope you Guys are well uh thank you for watching

These and thank you for everything I’m Very grateful for my life hope you have A great day

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