S&W M&P Mod 2: Gun Got Right [Full Review]

I was not expecting to be impressed with the make over on the M&P. After it pretty much looks the same as the original M&P Series, reviewed in TNP in 2009. But if you shoot the S&W M&P40/9 ”M2.0” and you too may become a believer. First Smith and Wesson fixed the trigger. While the M&P trigger was never awful it always felt disconnected and its unpredictable break often led to errant shots. I sold my own Gen 1 M&Ps because of this. This Mod 2 trigger breaks crisper and it seems easier to shoot the pistol well with it. Secondly the gun is stronger. S&W puts in a full SS sub-frame into the M&P M2.0, eliminating frame and accessory rail flex. This does add some weight; most won’t care. A POU discussion on SAWC achievements of competitors is included in the vid. Third the laser stippled grip is perfection; gobs of traction on a previously slick handgrip. In FDE coloration the gun looks cools too. More is shown and discussed in the desert and indoor range shooting of our M&P40 M2.0 testbed. We still like the power of good ole .40 S&W. In the end intangibles and intangible of the M2.0 add up to a much improved M&P experience. Highly recommended by TNP.

Add: Safety lever can be easily removed and holes capped!

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