Springfield Armory Made U.S. Model 1816 Musket Made in 1838

Informational Video by Rafael Eledge Discussing the Springfield Armory Made U.S. Model 1816 Musket Made in 1838

Hey you guys this is Raphael from Shaolin relics calm I hope you’re all Healthy hope you’re having a good day And I was beginning to whatever we were Gonna get one of these done today Because thankfully you guys have kept me Busy shipping out shipments all morning I really want to thank you for your Continued support in business and Watching these videos and sharing these Videos and all your kind comments Because I am so appreciative for each One of you I hope you know that I saw Something funny and a friend of mine Linda Dyer just sent me a little picture And it said I wonder if my mama’s Offered to slap me in the next year Still stands some of us have felt that Way this year but hey we’re all here It’s gonna be alright and things are Going to get better we’re going to talk About something that I enjoy today it is Collecting Civil War stuff and we’re Going to talk about one of the mainstays Of a Civil War collection the Civil War In the early days was fought with Outdated and obsolete weapons a lot they Were using what they had but that was in The Arsenal’s when the war broke out Because they had sent people to Europe To buy things to bring over to equip the Soldiers quickly but a lot of it hadn’t Made it yet so they gave them what they Had and what they had was the old almost

Empty guns that were heavy cumbersome This is one of those guns that they Fought the early days of the war with This is the u.s. model 1816 musket and They have a special place in history Because this is the largest production U.s. long arm that had a flintlock Design in history the government bought Hundreds of thousands of them this one Was made in Springfield which was the Most famous of all Arsenal’s and with This model they made three hundred and Twenty-five thousand of them Springfield so they were cranking amount This one would have actually been Originally made in 1838 it’s a model 1816 but they made them up afterwards And they made them this one in 1838 There were several companies that made This model Springfield and Harpers Ferry Were the most famous and most popular With collectors most of the time this One as you see here has the Springfield Makers mark on the lock plate behind the Hammer and it also has a production date Of 1838 in front of the hammer we have a Couple of things we have the Union Eagle Which is also accompanied by the US Stamping and above that you see the Little brass piece that sticks out there That is where it originally had a Flintlock mechanism they took these guns In and before the war and some in the Early days of the war because flintlock

Was way obsolete and they switched it to Percussion meaning that instead of using The Flint you actually had a what they Call a nipple or a cone you’ll hear it Called both ways when you [ __ ] the gun Back the cone and this is actually Referred to as a Belgian style cone in Barrel conversion they instead of Replacing the whole breech of the barrel They filled in the hole where the Flint Spark entered and ignited the cartridge And added what was known as a cone or Commonly referred to as a nipple they Also on the barrel will have the Inspector marks where the barrel was Originally viewed and proved you’ll see A lot of times you’ll see an eagle stamp And you’ll also see a VMP for viewed Improved and that way they know that it Was good enough to keep in military Service if you remember from the earlier Videos we talked about a tang Barrel and that’s the piece that plugs The end of the back of the barrel and it Also attaches the back of the barrel to The stock and the stocks just the wood Piece This one’s walnut that the barrel sets In this one has the matching and correct 1838 date and that’s important because People like to know that it’s the barrel That went with v-loc and a lot of times When they converted them they didn’t Really care they you’ll see mixed dates

On those but it is nice to have have Them matching the barrel on these is 42 Inches long it measures a bullet on the Inside of 69 caliber and like we talked About before that’s 0.69 100 inch or 69 Caliber smoothbore later on they when They did some conversions on some of These they did rifle the barrels but not Many of them and those will bring a Little bit of a premium the gun fires a Simple round musket ball a 69 caliber Round musket ball and you think with all The rifles that they had during the Civil War surely they didn’t use Mini-album several years ago I was Fortunate enough to get to do an Archaeological dig on Shiloh with metal Detectors the Park Service was going to Put in a rest area by the Indian mounds On Shiloh National Battlefield if you Hadn’t been to Shiloh you need to go it Is absolutely one of the most beautiful Places in all of creation sits right on The Tennessee River they it was pretty Enough that centuries ago the Indians Knew it was pretty enough to live there There are Indian mounds Shiloh means Place of peace in Hebrew and it’s kind Of ironic that such a beautiful peaceful Place was the site of such carnage April 6th and 7th 1862 it was some of the Fierce fighting the world had ever seen The there was a letter one time that I Read from a soldier from Gettysburg

He’s writing home and he’s telling them How horrible Gettysburg was and he said But mom at least I wasn’t scared as I Was at Shiloh and that says a lot from Somebody that saw Gettysburg but back to My story sorry I took a tangent I’m Known to do that from time to time but Let’s go back to the other cage and I Was taken we were metal detecting on the Park there and we started digging 69 Caliber musket balls and it was so cool Because you could actually line up where Those soldiers were and they were Sitting there and they were firing and It was a Union position these guys up North had them the Confederate some of Them we’re still fighting with Flintlocks and shotguns so you could Line up those musket balls and they did It on a satellite map and you could see That the line of soldiers and you could Just imagine them shooting across the Field and it was also cool because just A few steps behind that line of musket Balls there was a line of pistol bullets Where the officers were instructing Their men it was so cool putting all That together and seeing it on a map so Thank you for the Park Service letting Us do that there’s a lot of history that Can be brought to life by a military and It’s not always somebody just trying to Break in and steal something they let us Do an amazing project that learned a lot

I learned a lot we were about ready to Get to break for lunch and we were Walking back to the truck and I get this Sound and it goes boom and it’s just Blaring loud and once the park rangers It wasn’t very happy that we were there He said it’s probably a beer can lost During the Civilian Conservation Corps And dug up that beer can and it turned Out to be an eagle breastplate and it Was the only plate that we found all day And an eagle breast plate goes on the Soldier’s cartridge box so it was Probably on one of those shoulders of The guys that was firing this musket and The one you see here is an English plate Just so you’ll know what I’m talking About but I found it and I found it Right there it’s about that far from the Road and it was such a rush to see that Roll out Shilo now back to this gun that we Started off three tangents ago these are The model 1816 you want to see the Matching dates you want to see the Barrel be full-length they cut a lot of These down for use of shotguns after the War actually Sears & Roebuck sold a Version of this that was trimmed down to A shotgun and it will mention around Turn-of-the-century antique military gun Turned in to shotgun so you don’t want To see them altered that way this is the The style that you like to see and

They’re a great thing to collect because Compared to a lot of the muskets and Rifles from the time these are very Affordable a nice whole musket Everything there is gonna start around Six or seven hundred dollars and usually Top out in the twelve to fifteen hundred Dollar range so it’s a lot of gun for That kind of money this one is very Pretty it’s complete the action as you Saw still works and it’s available on Shiloh relics calm I’ve got a lot of Other muskets in there there’s I try to Get something in all price ranges Because I like it all and there have Been days where I couldn’t collect the Expensive stuff and I still love them Every bit as much the musket balls that Go in them are a few dollars a piece you Can buy those and someday add the musket To go with it and I sell all of that Because I understand all levels of Collecting because I’ve been a collector Of all levels if I can help you guys With this gun or any other let me know Got it set up where you can go in and Order everything online and if you sign Up on our website as a visitor or Customer it will also allow you to get The emails that I send out every so Often I’ll send one out with 20 or 28 Different items that I’ve either picked Up or as a special collection and you’ll Get some extra information

Those you can do that on the website Which is Shiloh relics comm I would like To say one second I’m so proud of the Church that I attend I go to Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Savannah Tennessee and the our pastor Helen Hamilton she’s a wonderful lady she Gives up her self to anybody that needs Help In any way and she has helped with a lot Of other help a lot of wonderful people I don’t have a chance to name them all They’ve started the table and the table Is a thing where if you don’t have money To eat you come in and you’ll get fed And you can pay for it either with money Or you can pay for it with your time and They have helped a lot of people and They actually we have a ship that cooks And it is absolutely wonderful food but Since Savannah Tennessee it’s called the Table and there’s something that they Say that every time I think about it it Makes me feel special they say everybody Is welcome at the table and these are Wonderful people doing wonderful things And it is actually separate from my Church but Helen our pastor is the one That is the driving force behind it and I’m thankful for the table everybody Deserves a spot at the table everybody Should be welcome at the table and I Hope you know that when you get a chance To show somebody that kindness that you

Take it because we’re never guaranteed Tomorrow and I’m thankful for today I’m Thankful for you guys I hope that y’all Have a wonderful day and I hope you Remember that you’re loved catch you Next time


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