Slocum Rimfire Revolver

The Slocum revolver, designed by Frank Slocum and manufactured by the Brooklyn Arms Company, was one of the more successful workarounds for Rollin White’s patent on the bored-through cylinder. The most significant advantage of Slocum’s design was its use of standard .32 rimfire cartridges, unlike most other workarounds which used proprietary ammunition. Slocum did this by using a very clever chamber sleeve idea, in which the chambers are actually separate removable pieces that fit in the cylinder.

Hi guys thanks for tuning in to another Video episode on Forgotten weapons calm Imean I’m here today at the Rock Island Auction house taking a look at some of The guns that they have for sale coming Up in their June of 2015 regional Auction I found this one now from back There this probably looks like your Typical old style little dinky revolver However this is a really interesting one Because this is probably one of the most Effective of the rollin white work Around weird revolvers so I’ve gone Through this backstory in some of the Other videos so I’ll be brief about it This time Basically a guy named Roland white Patented the concept of drilling a Cylinder clear through from one side to The other and this turned out to be a Crucial operation that you needed in Order to manufacture a cartridge Revolver but Roland white had a patent On it and Smith & Wesson had purchased Exclusive license to use that patent so Smith & Wesson could make cartridge Revolvers very easily and anyone else Who wanted to do it had to come up with Some kind of goofy workarounds to figure Out how to do it without drilling clear Through a cylinder well Frank Slocum Designed this revolver which was Manufactured by the Brooklyn firearms

Company and he did he came up with a Really creative way to do this and his Revolver used standard rimfire Ammunition Many of these workarounds required their Own kind of goofy proprietary cartridges Lip fires and cup fires and you name it Well Slocum’s revolver standard ammo Good stuff so why don’t I bring the Camera back here enough talk about this Let’s take a look at what makes this Cool and how it works all right so from A basic technical standpoint what we Have here is a five-shot revolver it’s Chambered for standard 32 caliber Rimfire cartridges has three and a half Inch barrel brass frame pretty basic However like I said what makes it Unusual is the mechanism for loading and Unloading all right so to load this I’m Going to do is put the hammer at half [ __ ] I’m going to make sure that this Little latch is upward then and that the Cylinder will rotate freely when we’re At half [ __ ] then I’m going to line up a Chamber with the ejector rod here which You’ll notice is a fixed ejector rod You’ll see why that works in just a Moment once it’s lined up I can grab the serrated surface here and Just push the entire chamber forward the Cylinder is actually five hollowed out Spaces for five independent cylindrical Chambers that fit inside it so you can

Now see how the ejector rod works what Happens I push this forward I drop a Cartridge in there and then I close the Chamber on it once the cartridge has Been fired once we have an empty case in There when I push this forward that Ejector rod is going to force the Cartridge case out of this cylindrical Chamber leaves it sitting there and then I can just dump it out like that close It move on to the next one etc Just like that so you know this is kind Of a kludge of a system for for making Make me had coming up with a way that You can make a cartridge firing gun Without actually drilling all the way Through the cylinder however one of the Cool things about Slocum and the Brooklyn firearms company is that they Had a really good mind from marketing so They took this revolver you know and What any rational person would look at And go wow that that’s kind of a goofy Workaround they came up with a number of Reasons why what they would tell you is This is actually far superior to a Standard revolver like Smith & Wesson it Might be making so a couple of so one One that doesn’t actually have anything To do with this unique system is that They have safety notches right there There’s a safety notch in between each Pair of chambers and what that allows You to do is put the gun at full [ __ ]

And then I can drop the hammer and I can Lock the hammer into that safety notch So it’s it’s between cylinders and the Gun is safe to carry fully loaded that’s Something that the percussion cap and Ball Colt revolvers were not safe to do At the time number two this is kind of Interesting They Slocum claimed that this gun was Particularly easy to load in the dark so If if you know someone broke into your House and you needed to shoot them and Manipulate the revolver because Everything was tactile you had these Serrations on the cylinder he claimed This was easier to use in the dark than A cap and ball revolvers and that’s That’s probably true now it wouldn’t be Easier to use than in most other Cartridge guns because you do have to The tricky bit is you have to line up The cylinder with each with that ejector Rod in order to operate it like this Number three he mentioned you could Reese’s alee restrike a cartridge so if You had a rimfire cartridge that didn’t Fire the first time you dropped the Hammer on it you could open this up and You could turn the cartridge a little Bit and then close it and try it a Second time and hit a different place on The rim Obviously the fact that it didn’t Require any specialized ammunition was a

Very real boon to this particular piece It had the strength of a solid frame Which is legitimate but you know a Number of other guns did at the time as Well and lastly one of the more Interesting ones he came up with the Reasons why you would want this instead Of any other gun is that you couldn’t Have a case head jam against the frame So you know board through cylinder you Did run the chance that if if you had an Overpressure round or something just Wasn’t working right and you had a lot Of pressure going backwards the case Could move backwards and the case heads Stick against the back of the frame of The gun and that would lock lock up the Cylinder prevent you from firing Anything else well in this because the Cylinder and the chambers are kind of Independent parts no matter what happens Here you don’t have to worry about Something filling up this gap between The cylinder and the frame so that’s a Legitimate claim some of these claims Are or legit and real and some of them Are kind of exemplary of marketing in Action you might say so why don’t I go Ahead and pull the cylinder out I can Show you how this looks disassembled This screw here is the cylinder stop pin Or the axis retaining pin take that Screw out now the whole the ejector rod And cylinder access assembly comes it

Out and we can drop the cylinder out so Now you can see that each of these Chambers is a completely independent Piece so it retains pressure because It’s it’s a full cylinder and you’ve got These notches in the back of the Cylinder where the hammer can come Through to hit the rim of the cartridge But they have not infringe draal and Whites patent because that hole does not Go all the way through the cylinder see There’s a hole inside the center of each Chamber right there that was so that you Could actually lubricate and oil the Center access pin without having to take The gun apart because when it’s Assembled like this I can open that up I can drop some oil in there and Lubricate that center pin with the gun Still fully assembled whether or not you Know how big of an issue that is whether It’s really all that helpful is can Anyone’s guess but once again that That’s a marketing thing of let’s come Up with an advantage and then convince People that the advantage is actually Important and relevant thanks for Watching guys I hope you enjoyed the Video I really liked looking at at all Just the very creative solutions that The raw and white patent forced gun Inventors to come up with during this Time period so if you’d like to add this To your own personal collection maybe

Find yourself some old 32 rimfire ammo And try shooting it if you’re so Inclined it will be coming up for Auction here at Rock Island at the end Of June so if you take a look at the Link in the description text below that Will take you to rock island’s catalog Page you can check out their pictures Their description and well everything is At your fingertips to create an account There and place a bid online see if you Can win this and make it yours thanks For watching

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