Sig P365XL: The Do Everything Carry

If my informal polling is accurate Sig P365 appears is the best selling concealed carry gun in the US. For good reason: lightweight, xlnt magazine capacity, great trigger, very accurate, reliable, superb ergos and sights. Enter the XL version, a surprising addition to the lineup.
Here we have a longer barrel, longer sight radius, a bit different trigger, and substantially higher rounds capacity. All this for nominal increase in weight.
A surprising POU emerges where people will use the XL as their all around defensive pistol choice; both for CCW and for home defense. Like all guns it has a few quirks which are covered but overall you’ll see the P365XL to be another top seller for Sig and sets another standard for subcompact nines to aspire to.

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I’m guilty I look back in the 1970s and Think they were more awesome than they Really were do you do that yeah I do When I really think about it honestly There are a lot of sucky parts to the 1970s some good ones too definitely I Have talked about them but there were Some suckiness to it For instance the technology was lame Last time I checked there were no Apple Watches running around in the 1970s nope Didn’t have that technology didn’t have These cool pistols reliable accurate Tiny small compact lightweight no only a Few choices and then you had this right Here you pull your car up and we’ll shut It off and it would keep running for About three minutes Insert cough oh it’s good it’s good Nope one more you guys remember that old Timers in TMP I know you do it was Called D saline we had to put up with That a lot in the 70s all the time we Had this piece a crap Oldsmobile that my Mom had it did it all the time didn’t Matter what gas we put in it it would Always diesel when you shut it off I was Like dude did you put high-test in this Yep still D sold yeah here’s a Mach one Pretty cool car junkyard find was the Name of this series 1:64 scale coated in Track dust dirt now it’s up for sale Mach 1 cool car really cool model great Table top decoration lame sound effects

Sorry for that you know what to expect You clicked on another nutnfancy Tabletop review you know it’s going to Be marginally acceptable content Unfortunately I’m gonna say that lately Just joking around having fun with Myself yeah not great sound effects but Hopefully hopefully Great information and some entertainment Yeah I like to make my entertainment I Like to make my information stand the Test of time through all controversies Through all comings and goings on the Internet I just tried to discover truth about a Piece in this case a pistol and I throw It out there melded with my opinion of Course and I just do the best I can and I tried to do just that with this gun Right here the sick p3 65 reviewed mm I Guess about two years ago something like That and yet it was a glowing review I Loved it as soon as I shot it I loved it And I recognized it was an outstanding Design that it would own the compact Carry world I said that in the tabletop Review I even used a phrase I know kind Of cringy game-changer with a sake P 365 And you know what I do it all over again The gun is that great it is that Fabulous but when I posted the review Q The controversy apparently that was a Dissenting opinion from other gun tubers I don’t watch your product I don’t know

What the hell they’re doing and I like It that way yeah I quit watching other Gun tubers I don’t know ten years ago I Just do my thing Do my testing use my awesome crew Members we come up with our own opinions Our own data and everything pointed to This gun being amazing the 365 but on Came to hate oh my goodness nutnfancy Are you on SIG’s payroll like what the Hell is he even talking about have you Not watched the channel probably not no Hey nothin fancy six quality control Sucks how dare you review that Positively hey sig is like kel-tec and On and on the comments went and I stuck By review it’s like thanks for your Opinion doesn’t mean much our data Stands my opinion definitely stands a Review def He stands I will change the thing I said About the 365 back then or now okay and Oh by the way I even followed that Review up with an infield shooting Session of this exact gun hundreds and Hundreds of rounds shot with white and Crew Wyatt from gun he’s a great American gun store helped me shoot it And what do you know we didn’t have a Single stoppage every body on the Mountain loved it once again Quality design excellence proven fast Forward to present day I went to five Gun stores within the last two months

Last two months and by the way I am Filming this during the pandemic it’s in Full swing right now and we have the Ensuing economic whatever it is Catastrophe coming our way I keep producing videos but even during This time I’d asked the guys hey what’s Your best selling concealed carry pistol Right now Twenty twenty you know what they said That’s right the Diamondback db9 how did You know oh I’m just kidding Of course they said the 365 sorry I’m Gonna gloat a little bit here just a Little bit because I got so much flack For it I told you so there I got that out of my System I feel so much better yeah I knew It’s going to own the market yes I had a Couple quality issues to begin with Firing-pin issues I understand all that I address all that I told you sig will Quickly rectify the problem this gun Design is outstanding it’s going to Emerge as a top seller in the market is What I said and lo and behold here we Are a top actually from those five gun Stores maybe it’s different where you Live Five gun stores the top seller the most Popular carry pistol in America judging From that data albeit a small section P 365 boom there you go so yeah I just try To be truthful try to throw down good

Information with entertainment albeit Lame I do that there you go Stands the test of time and here We are with an update video not really a Full-blown gun review because I did it With this one on the larger version of The 365 the P 365 XL ladies and Gentlemen golf clap whoa I heard from a TMP patreon member hey not when you got To review the 365 of Excel you know what I told him it was so awesome and so well Timed I said dude all our shooting is Complete I love the handgun I have a lot of Positive things to say I’m gonna Tabletop it tonight that’s right and I Am tabletop in it to night update review P 365 XL here we go Nutnfancy style first question I have For you why would you choose a P 365 XL Over a p3 65 I will get to some Competitive options later in the video But we’re just going to concentrate Between these two variations for now What advantage does this hold over that One if any nutnfancy well let me Backtrack a little bit here and tell you That I’m not a huge fan of the 43 X the Glock 43 X yes competitor but I don’t Really like a short stubby slide and an Elongated grip same could be said for The 19 X I’ve been very consistent in That opinion and that’s all it is is an Opinion I don’t dig it now but when you

Tell me I’m gonna get a longer slide out Of it I’m gonna get a longer sight Radius out of it I will get a lengthened Grip and more rounds out of it and Basically a well proportioned pistol With the advantages of longer sight Radius maybe it’s a big maybe slightly More velocity with 0.7 inches difference Maybe not I’m on board with that I like Long slide guns I’ve said that in TMP For ever ppq long slide Glock 34 block 17 L dude I like 5 inch barrel versions Of all types of combat pistols I’ve Always said that for the very reasons I’m say Right now and let’s look at the Differences by the way so you have a Regular P 365 three inch barrel and then You have a 365 XL 3.7 inch barrel again Velocity probably the same depending on Your loads but today’s 9 mil defensive Loads I’m not talking FM JS or range Loads they have such advanced powders in Them they burn quick they’re designed For barrel lengths like these I don’t Think you’re gonna see a lot of velocity Difference I’m not going with that what I’m going with is what I said bigger Site radius 5 point 6 inches and this One is four point eight five inches on a Regular 365 now in the big scheme of Things is that a huge deal I mean is That something that’s like oh my gosh Longer site radius it really depends on

You and what you like if I’m going for Maximum concealability which I generally Do in L pack low probability for armed Conflict my daily carry choice guys and This is totally legitimate is regular P 365 but if I want to expand my Philosophy of use slightly to maybe L I’m sorry H pack go watch those videos I Have a whole EDC update on it that I Posted a couple months ago high Probability for armed conflict maybe I Would take a longer site radius Something I can shoot more accurately Maybe I can shoot at longer ranges with It oh and by the way it is red dot ready So that plate right there you can take Off you can put on a Romeo zero a shield There are different plates that it comes With and you can outfit this with your Favorite red dot the ones that are Compatible with the plates wish I had One on I don’t if that’s your jam dude It’s got you covered and then you have a Gun that can easily shoot accurately 225 Yards can you do it with open sights Sure you can can you do it very Accurately do you want the honest answer Good the answer is No Judging by guys I see shoot at the range Even attempting to shoot standing Unsupported at 25 yards they apps Lutely suck they are lucky to hit a pie Plate and I’m just being honest with you I’ve been doing this gig so long go look

At all the videos I got almost 2000 Videos posted freaking a man i watch Guys and I’m not I’m not faulting them I’m just saying it’s hard unsupported Their groups are like this off the table I mean it’s like a 20 inch circle some I Mean there are some guys that can hammer It I ain’t saying there there aren’t but Generally it’s difficult you put a red Dot on there those same shooters if They’re doing good trigger pulls have Good stability good breath control they Might be like this so it does have an Advantage I’ve always said that for my Carry pistol low probability for armed Conflict I’m not expecting to make shots I want absolute lightweight I want Trimness I want all the things in rule Of law i I do believe in carrying a gun But I want it to be lightweight s-awc Compliant as I always say in that case I Take this one without a red dot but I’m What I’m doing is making a case for the Excel if you’re considering both guns Like I said red dot capable that Increases your range and your hit Probability more more aptly said not Really range but your ability to hit at That range that would be a good reason To go with a 365 XL with only a slight Amount of weight gain I mean this is Only twenty twenty point four ounces With the flush fitting magazine if you Put in the fifteen round the blocky

Fifteen round baseplate adds a little Bit more weight yeah and I know this Baseplate is not awesome it’s kind of Blocky kind of goofy but guess what the Aftermarket is going to step in and they Will cure this I’ll put this one in if I Remember before that video ends so You’re only getting a little bit extra Weight longer sight radius and red dot Capability that’s one reason also you Just might like shooting the 365 XL Better than the regular one I’ll tell You what guys Ergonomically speaking this thing is Trick it feels really good it kind of Has in my opinion better point ability So it just points better is it the Longer barrel I don’t know oh by the way It’s not just me saying it again it was White and company his crew helped me Shoot this and they said the same thing I mean we were shooting the hellcat then Then we would shoot the 365 and Everybody like Josh was up there Shooting it they’re like dude this thing Is slack it’s just awesome and by the Way these are guys with a lot of Shooting experience they’ve shot a lot Of different platforms so they’re not Noobs is that the end all take on the 365 XL no nothing I’m saying is it’s Just a data point but it’s an honest Data point and I think you can probably Run but I do other differences of the

365 XL still has the same dust cover the Same accessory rail is it perfect no I’d Rather just have a standard pick rail There here’s the sights by the way x-ray Freeze tritium inserts lime-green Outlines actually like them I wish they Were serrated back here though that Would be perfect kind of like the high Knee straight eights are see how it’s Smooth right there whatever minor Criticism you’ll probably run a red dot Anyhow so it won’t matter let’s compare Them against a regular 365 what do you Know there’s no serrations I’m talking About yeah I might like these just a Little bit better just because of that Right there But it’s not a deal-breaker for me by Any means now Ergonomically speaking trigger is pretty Similar but you may notice a very Distinct difference what is that correct Rounded blade squared blade which one Would I prefer again I have to ask do You want the honest truth you do yes we Want the honest truth nothing okay I Prefer this one I’m not a big fan of Flat blades anymore I think there are a Trend item I just think they’re kind of Dumb at this point I know they increase Your reach to the trigger for one right So if you have small hands you got to Bring that index finger more forward for It and end of things I don’t like about

It that’s really the main reason I just think they’re kind of trendy but I do like this one as far as it pulls It’s really lightweight its crisp it has A really short reset just like this one And I just measured this I won’t do it On camera for length reasons four and a Half pounds actually I’ve got a four Pound 4 ounce pull on the 365 XL an Outstanding trigger yes I do wish it had That blade and yes I can probably swap That blade in or get an aftermarket and Cure it I don’t know if I feel that Strongly about it to be honest I really Don’t I mean if I bought a 365 XL I just Run it like this I got large-size hands so for me trigger Reach is not a problem you can do it all Day ergonomically though the magazine Release is the same which is to say it’s Pretty excellent slight releases the Same takedown is the same there is a Difference between the two Springs This one has a compound recoil spring The regular 365 this one has a single Captured spring the XL if you care a big Benefit to a lot of shooters and I did Mention this before in its proportions Longer slide longer grip is you will Have 0.6 inches more of grasping surface With a flush magazine in the XL is that A big deal yeah it is for most shooters It is a huge deal and I hear about this All the time now in this observation I’m

Trying to represent what I have heard From my viewers for so many years here And that is they have a harder time Holding an abbreviated grip whether it’s A 365 whether it’s a Glock 43 Competitive option coming on table right Now so you have basically a two finger Hold like this some people don’t like That they want to have somewhere for This pinkie to go myself I can deal with It I don’t really I don’t really care Unless it’s something really high Recoiling but generally the form factor Won’t match that caliber in other words I’m not gonna be shooting like a 44 Magnum with a grip this short I I gently I won’t do that Nor will you but on this one longer grip Let’s see where It matches on my hands large sized Gloves I do have a place for the pinkie And that’s with this freaking 12 round Mag in right flush fitting 12-round Magazine more rounds by the way I did Mention that twelve plus one ten plus One and that’s with the flush fitting Magazine on the XL let’s put in the 15 Rounder oh all types of real estate at The expense of concealability And again this is pretty blocky I think They will either do a Gen 2 of this Improve it or the aftermarket will solve The looks of this myself do I absolutely Hate how this looks I don’t know it does

Look kind of ridiculous and it kind of Gets back to what I was saying about the 43 X really long grip now it looks kind Of like a 43 X it just depends on what You’re doing if you’re using it as a Spare magazine which I recommend who Cares right because you are carrying it With this flush magazine then you have a 15 round or ready to pop in that’s kind Of cool that makes a lot of system sense As I talked about but first cool look at This dudes ton of grasping area even for You guys that have big meaty hands You’ll really like the 365 XL whether You’re talking about this grip or Especially with the extended magazine in Place okay so that might be another Reason why you would go with XL bigger Grip but you like everything else like Everything else it’s slimness it’s only 0.88 inches in width at the slide 1.05 And overall at the controls and point 9 9 with at the slide release so that’s a Really narrow pistol high carry ability As i’ve always said the width is a very Important dimension I know it’s not the Only one that gets it right there’s a Lot of great guns some of which I’ve Shown you already the Glock 43 for Instance and a couple more than may make An appearance here before we end nice Grip Awesome traction you absolutely do not Have to do anything to the grip of the

365 series Cesme its total perfection You can’t swap that magazine release to This side If you want but the other controls stay On this side lefties same as before nice Big old extractor nice trigger guard Ample room I wish it was flat and not Slanted right here I think I kind of Ranted about that lightly in the Original review undercut trigger guard Looking into the magwell Standard and that’s pretty much features Of the 365 XL I’ve covered the main Differences How about shoot ability how did it shoot Nutnfancy Well I’ll tell you this honestly I used An ammunition that I found out later That was pretty crappy in a lot of Handguns and it was from Winchester It was a 115 grain flat nosed round and It had all types of problems and a wide Variety of guns and this was one of them I was surprised because I hadn’t really Seen that before I didn’t think a flat Basis bullet would do that much I Thought would be pretty reliable but This 365 had a problem with it and so it Jammed quite a bit with that particular Load at the time I was blaming the gun And I was like oh crap what’s going on With this thing I clicked around on the interweb guys Were saying yeah there is a break-in

Period for the XL after that it’s gonna Straighten up and fly right so I was Like ok fast forward I went out multiple Outings with the same ammunition and Jammed in other guns and I was like oh Ok it’s a weird load some other guns Have problems with it albeit the Glock Did not I’ll throw that in there It didn’t just being honest again but it Was a weird load after I shot it a lot More on more outings 365 and by the way With white and company we shot it a Buttload so we didn’t have any stoppages At all so I would just give it a thumbs Up for reliability there you go I think It’s fantastic I think is every bit as Reliable as your original 365 and even Maybe more accurate albeit this target From the crew really doesn’t represent It too well Because they kind of suck sorry they do This is joshed ampere he’s uh at 9 yards Doing ok That’s ok Here’s why it doing okay doing okay now It’s at nine yards this isn’t seven Yards and they’re standing out in the Mountains I’m not going to say it’s easy This is the best group and he got a Thumbs up this is why it you might ask Where’s your paper nothing well I was Post-surgery okay my shoulder was Totally jacked so I was shooting and you Will see in the video well a lot

Left-handed or if I was shooting with my Right hand I was wincing in pain so it Wasn’t great that’s why I don’t have Paper but if we were to remember how Accurate the 365 was and maybe I find an Image a Target or something I roll it in It’ll be like that maybe even a little Bit better more site radius really Awesome trigger flat-blade Notwithstanding I would say the accuracy Will will be absolutely superb better Than the other options I’ll show you Mmm I’ll just say just as good I mean The other guns I’m going to show you I Can’t say anything bad about them I mean In in big terms I can’t they’re just Fantastic so hack great to shoot fun to Shoot comfortable Quick follow-up shots quick reset on the Trigger I guess I’ll show you that Safety check right there and yes it is Advantageous to shoot to reset on your 365 if you’re so inclined and that would Mitigate this far forward trigger thing That I mentioned earlier so if you just Keep it here to reset is it that much oh Sorry I screwed that up is it that Further forward not really not really so Take it for what it’s worth I still Prefer a curved surface on my trigger I’ll stick with that portion accuracy Excellent reliability excellent value I Would say is good this is a more Expensive carry pistol they don’t give

Cigs away but here’s the thing dudes Again I went to those stores and there Was a guy buying a 365 right there I Didn’t hear him complaining about the Price and that’s generally what I see When guys buy top-end stuff especially a Life-saving tool like this in rule of Law without rule of law mmm I don’t really care complain about the Price too much but if money’s tight I do Have some options for you I do I Absolutely love that excel I really do I Would I buy one oh my gosh without Hesitation without hesitation is it Perfect mmm I mentioned a couple quirks With it I guess another one is you know This magazine cannot fit into an excel I’m talking about a 365 Mac won’t fit Into an Excel of course due to grip Height right and I’ll demonstrate However how a 365 Excel mag will fit Into a 365 but not the other way around Makes sense right of course of course There you go Locks back so one way compatibility is My point One way compatibility to be expected Obviously different grip Heights There you go couple quirks competitive Options what would you recommend not in Fancy if I hate Zig to this day they did Such and such I hate their guts I’ll Never buy another sig what could you Recommend there are guys like that by

The way I’m not one of them and no I’m Not on their payroll I’ve never got a Dime from sync or any special favors of Any kind all good team peers know this How about the Hellcat from Springfield Armory this gun is outstanding yeah and I asked those same stores Howard the Hellcats Ellen they go ok not great Which really surprises me because I Think the price point is better than Then these guns is less expensive it’s Accurate its reliable it’s got a great Trigger It’s got great sight has good magazine Capacity I mean why would the Hellcat Not be just you know super super popular Who knows the only negative thing I can Say against the Hellcat is that it’s Kind of snappy and shooting much more so Than the 365 that has a very low bore Axis man this thing is just really clean How it recoils your mileage may vary but For us we’re like wow this thing just Can shoot so fast Hellcat still excellent and by the way It was shot the same day as this one so These guns are being shot side-by-side Everybody preferred this one I’m just Saying they did and I don’t think we Shot the regular 365 that day but the Hellcat is a great gun I want you to Keep it on your list I think they did a Great job with it it should be more Popular than it is it is a competitive

Option not on the table also recommended Is a Mossberg mc1 that thing is not Selling I think it too should be selling Better than it is is it to the level of A 365 or Hellcat and really that Reliability mm not from what I saw go Out and watch my review I mean I’m in The desert I’m talking about it and yeah I did have some stoppages I address Those very honestly of course we get to The Glock 43 series this is a standard 43 in that very cool gray I just love The 43 I mean in my L pack system like My messenger bag this is a gun that’s in There right now but in other systems Like today I went on a run dude I was Carrying this Glock 43 not this exact One a black one this is a wife’s I love The 43 outstanding and you can put you Know the base plates on there get an Extra round if you go with a Glock 48 You can go the shield arms sp1 five mags Not SP but s1 five mags they’re like 40 Bucks and then you have a 15 plus one And a Glock 48 that’s an option and I’m Gonna address this because guys may ask They go well between a 365 XL and a Glock 48 which one would you recommend My answer is you can’t go wrong with Either one I love the Glock 48 I love it it’s Basically a single stack lock 19 here’s A regular 19 Gen 4 I don’t need a single Stack you know Glock 19 I said that in

The infield review but I understand in Some limited states I should say Restricted states it makes perfect sense But it was accurate it was fast it was Everything we love about Glocks I’m Talking about the Glock 48 maybe you Throw the 43 X in there as well The only thing I would say is I really Center this dimension so if I’m not Mistaken the Glock 48 this is a 19 I Know that but it has the same length of Dimension I’m talking like site radius And all that it’s just thinner so if you Were to go between this and a 365 XL in Terms of maximum compactness I still Think the 365 XL wins but barely the Site radius on a Glock 48 is 6 inches It’s 7.3 inches and overall length has The same slide width it’s 0.87 inch this Is 0.88 basically the same and then it’s About the same weight 21 ounces has a Slightly longer barrel just like you’re Seeing with this 19 4.2 inches okay so Either one would be a smart choice I can Be very happy with that and I’m talking If you get the shield arms and a 15 Round mags which I went to check tonight And they are in stock so if you have a Glock 48 those are like mandatory Equipment just get the shield arms as Many as you think you need you have a Very slim basically Glock 19 which one Would I absolutely choose between a Glock 48 which the shield mag and the

365 XL man I it’s a really hard call it Really is I’m really not gonna take an Opinion on that because I love both guns I really do they are neck and neck and Neck it just depends I think the trigger On the XL might be just a little bit Better if you care this is really smooth And fast but so does a black 48 who Knows let me show you this gun by way of Size comparison it’s kind of cool coming Back from tactical doodle having stolen It from me we see again the old-school Walther pp s oh my gosh we haven’t seen This on camera for like 10 years this is The original one we bought and reviewed He’s got the slide filled as he often Does I think he’s gonna make a video on That by the way so watch T DS channel I Think he’s gonna do content patreon guys In our live feed on Sunday we’re totally Getting after him like dude get it going I was like just I’ve been tell him that Forever so hopefully he follows through But here’s the old peepee Let’s compare it against a 365 Excel oh Look at that dude and remember when the PPS came out I was talking about how Compact it was at least in terms of Width I don’t know if I raved about its Overall form factor I said it looks Fatter than it really is like really Broad and tall but look it out clean and Trim the 365 is against it really cool I Did briefly mention philosophy of use I

Have been concentrating on concealed Carry for the P 365 XL Glocks included Another interesting philosophy of use And I may have mentioned this in another Tabletop is that this gun could actually Actually replace a full-sized handgun And a lot of people’s minds and mark my Words there will be people doing this They will not get a Glock 17 they will Not get an XT em they won’t get out and Get a cz or whatever flavor then we’ll Get a full-sized pelham or handgun of Any kind they’ll either go with a P 365 XL or a Glock 48 with shield conversions And maybe something else comes out in The future and here’s a reason because This can do almost everything a Full-size pistol can do actually it can The only criticism you could say is it Does not have the ultimate rounds Capacity like 17 19 20 rounds but damn Son this thing right here with the Extended magazine your 16 plus I’m sorry 15 plus 1 that should be enough remember The old browning hi-power was what 13 Plus 1 yeah so dude my oh my how have we Changed in terms of firepower 12 plus 1 In the standard Mac flush fitter I think For most people that is plenty of Firepower and then it would be a great Home defense gun You do have an accessory rail albeit it Does have some limitations but it’s Accurate reliable and then you can carry

It if you need to so you can actually Buy like a pair of 365 xl’s and you’d be Covered on all fronts and a lot of People’s minds to include without Rule-of-law they’re like Oh H Pat cool I’m gonna start carrying these mags Maybe I need to shoot longer I’ll just Go and throw on my Romeo red dot sight They just depends and Maybe the 365 like I do day today is a Better choice for you but I’ve talked Very honestly about its advantages and Its form factor but with a very very Slight increase in weight and you guys Know how I feel about weight that’s been The mantra here at TMP forever lighten Everything please manufacturers started To respond but dude a gun that can shoot Under two inches at 25 yards tritium Sights great trigger perfect grip Reliable what’s not to like There you go thanks again to gun ease The great American Vince door where’s my Son I hear it is cheesy sign for the Loaner which by the way I will probably Buy I’m probably going to buy this from Them so I have it in inventory as a cast Member it really is I don’t know a Standard setter but thanks to Wyatt for Helping me shoot for Josh helping me Shoot thanks to TMP patreon members for Making this gun review possible Seriously I get zero money from YouTube For this review absolutely demonetised

The only reason I’m doing it is because It TMP patreon members that’s what I’m Using now but TMP donors please join Support the work by the ammo by the gas By the food maybe put a couple bucks in My wallet for all the work TMP patient members thank you very much They will get this video first as they Should and then later on it will break On the main channel there you go Marginally acceptable content this has Been a P 365 concealed carry pistol Update not fancy project stay safe During the pandemic and by all means Remain God Oh Mikey Bachchan Tempe do

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